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Carl Edwards, driver of the No. 99 Ford, picked up his third career NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series victory tonight at Nashville Superspeedway in the Federated Auto Parts 200, leading the final 48 laps of the 150-lap event. Edwards also recorded his...

Carl Edwards, driver of the No. 99 Ford, picked up his third career NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series victory tonight at Nashville Superspeedway in the Federated Auto Parts 200, leading the final 48 laps of the 150-lap event. Edwards also recorded his second consecutive truck series victory and has captured three of the past five races.

Edwards qualified his Ford in the sixth position, but an engine change following Thursday's first practice session forced him to the rear of the 33-truck field for the start of the race. The move for the lead came in Turn 3 as Edwards powered by Ted Musgrave on the inside groove of the 1.33-mile speedway. Edwards captured Ford's fifth win in 2003 and increased Roush Racing's all-time truck series victories to 32, the most in series history.

CARL EDWARDS-99-Roush Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 1st)

DOES YOUR THIRD WIN MEAN THAT YOU HAVE ARRIVED? "I don't know what it means. I think it shows that Roush Racing, Doug Richert and all of the guys in this team have really given us 100 percent. Jon Wood and I have had great trucks. The teams have worked together seamlessly. It's unbelievable. I can't believe it.

TALK ABOUT THE CHEMISTRY ON THIS TEAM? "Let me tell you, Doug Richert is not only one smart crew chief, but he is a heck of a man, and I am truly grateful to have him as a friend. The Good Lord has blessed all of us. This is an unbelievable team that we've got. You can see why I do back flips and not burn outs; I couldn't even get it down pit road I'm so excited.

IS THE PHONE RINGING AT ROUSH RACING FROM SPONSORS? "You'll have to ask John Miller and the guys at the Roush marketing office. Geoff Smith takes really good care of us. They want to come up with a marketing partner that will be with us for a while that we benefit from and they can benefit from us. Right now I just have to thank Ford and Craftsman, Federated Auto Parts, and thank all of the people that support our sport and shop at the places that sponsors these things; that's what keeps us going."

DOUG RICHERT, Crew Chief-99-Roush Racing Ford F-150

YOU'VE WORKED WITH A LOT OF RACE-WINNING DRIVERS IN THE PAST, BUT WHERE DOES CARL EDWARDS RANK? "I don't know, but he has an awesome talent and I'm just glad to be part of it with this Roush Racing group. We have a complete package here. All of the guys in the motor room work day-in and day-out and give us great power, and as you can see, we get good gas mileage. The race car preparation is the best in the garage area. We just can't beat it here. Carl is doing a good job and the crew is, too."

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Town & Country Ford/Circle Bar Ford F-150 (Finished 3rd)

"I guess I'll go home and play my own guitar. Sixteen years I've been trying to win of these guitars. I'll be back next year to Nashville Superspeedway and win one. Town and Country Ford, a local Ford dealer, sponsored us this weekend and I appreciate their help. The Circle Bar Ford started 11th and we worked our way up in the top five. We had a little penalty in the pits, but this team never gives. We just needed clean air and that was about the best we could get."

DID YOU THINK YOU COULD OVERCOME THE PENALTY IN THE PITS? "I wish we hadn't had that little penalty there in the pits. It was a close call. The longer we can Ray Stonkus healthy, he's going to give me a good truck to drive. We should have finished second or won last week at IRP, and here we are third with Robert Yates power. It was a good run for us. I've been trying to win one of those guitars for 16 years. I think I started out trying to race at Nashville, but anyway, we'll come back for 17 next year. I'm going to get one of them before I quit, but if I don't I'm not disappointed because I can play my own."

JON WOOD-50-Bob Graham for President Ford F-150 (Finished 7th)

YOU LOST A FEW SPOTS ON THE FINAL RESTART. WHAT HAPPENED? "Pressley made it three-wide and I was on the outside and got rooted up the track into all of the loose stuff. I'm sure it cost us a third-place finish because we were about that good. You'll have that, though. It was a shame that what happened had to happen when it did. Had I done that 10 laps into the race it would have been one thing, but 25 to go it was kind of frustrating."

TERRY COOK-29-Power Stroke Diesel/Oil Mate Ford F-150 (Finished 14th)

YOU HAD TO PIT WITH LESS THAN 10 LAPS TO GO IN THE RACE, FORCING YOU TO GIVE UP NINTH PLACE. WHAT HAPPENED? "We had a right-front tire go flat with about 15 laps to go. The right-front started going down. We were going to try to run it out and stay on the lead lap there, but it got so bad that we were going to cut it down all the way and stick it in the fence and we didn't need to do that. We brought it in and sure enough it was down on the wheel when we got it in the pits. We just struggled along. We definitely didn't have anything to race with. I don't know when we're going to get them, but we will get them at some point. One of these days we'll get a truck that can race up front. We're just struggling right now. Again, I don't know what to say. I can't tell you what we're doing wrong, and if I knew what we were doing wrong we'd fix it. We're going to turn it around and eventually we'll get back when we can race in the top five, but right now we're just struggling to finish on the lead lap. We thought that we had another lead-lap top-10 coming today, and we couldn't even do that."

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