Morgan tests kill siwtch during Chicago race

Cicero, Illinois - Rob Morgan driver of the ...

Cicero, Illinois - Rob Morgan driver of the #46 Acxiom/AbiliTec Ford F-150 was not the first driver to take the checkered flag on Saturday during the Craftsman 175, but he is the first active driver in NASCAR to use the newly mandated throttle cut off switch in active competition.

On lap 124 of the Craftsman 175, Morgan drove down the long front straightaway of the Chicago Motor Speedway. When he went to brake for turn one, his throttle stuck, prohibiting him from dropping the necessary speed to enter the corner. After attempting to loosen the throttle Morgan reached down and cut the motor with the mandated throttle switch cutting power to the motor.

"The throttle cut off switch really did the job that it was intended to do," said Morgan. "I was running down the front stretch going into turn one when the throttle stuck. They told me to put my toe under the pedal and try and get it free, that didn't work so I pushed the button on the steering wheel and cut the motor."

NASCAR mandated the throttle switches after the Winston Cup race at the New Hampshire International Speedway. NASCAR took steps to further reduce the risk of throttle sticking by placing throttle stops on all competitors carburetors and placing cut off switches on driver's steering wheels within easy reach of a driver's thumb.

"NASCAR took the initiative to make these safety suggestions and after experiencing a stuck throttle during the race I commend them for it. The button is in an awkward position on the wheel and you have to watch to make sure you don't trip it while driving. But the button worked flawlessly and helped me scrub a tremendous amount of speed going into the turn."

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