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Nashville, Tenn. - Two Dodge rookie candidates are the talk of qualifying today at Nashville Speedway USA as Jamie McMurray in the ...

Nashville, Tenn. - Two Dodge rookie candidates are the talk of qualifying today at Nashville Speedway USA as Jamie McMurray in the #41 TKO Dodge takes his second pole position in only three starts in the truck and Scott Riggs in the #86 RC Cola Dodge takes the third starting position for the best starting position of his career. McMurray set a new track record with a time of 19.299 seconds at 111.177 mph. This race marks McMurray's third start in the truck with his first pole coming at the Michigan Speedway just a couple of weeks ago. Riggs posted his best career starting position running a time of 19.353 seconds at 110.867 mph. Riggs' previous top qualifying effort was fifth at Kentucky Speedway and Martinsville Speedway earlier this season.

Jamie McMurray, driver, #41 TKO Motorsports Dodge, starting first:
"I just don't know what to say, I certainly didn't expect to be in this position again in such a short number of weeks, but I'm just thrilled for this team and for Dodge. We have been working on the race setup all day and the truck has consistently gotten better and better. In the last practice session, I was getting a really good bite off the corners so I felt like we would be able to qualify in the top ten, but I never dreamed that we would be good enough to get the pole. The crew has just worked so hard because this was the same truck that we ran at IRP last week and the team had to put a whole new body on it to have it ready for this race. I'm just speechless right now because I was just shooting for another top ten starting position and then to run in the top ten throughout the race tomorrow. And to be on the pole again is just overwhelming, I just want to kiss anything that I can find right now. It's hard to even begin to explain how much this means to me, I just want to back it up with a strong run tomorrow. But I'm just ecstatic right now and I feel like I'm on top of the world."

Scott Riggs, driver, #86 RC Cola Dodge, starting third:
"Although this is the best starting position that I've had in my career and I'm awfully proud of that, I just feel like I threw away the pole on the last lap of my qualifying run and that upsets me. I just drove the truck too deep into turn three on my last lap and had to save the truck. That cost me a couple tenths otherwise there might have been an all-Dodge front row. I'm just thrilled for Jamie and that Dodge team for getting another pole and I think you will see two Dodges at the front during the race tomorrow. I just hope that I can finish even better than I'm starting."

Randy Tolsma, driver, #25 Citgo Supergard Motor Oil Dodge, starting seventh:
"We picked up a little bit from where we practiced in the Citgo Supergard Dodge and that is all that you can really ever ask when you qualify. The guys worked really hard all day to give me a good truck and whenever we start this close to the front, we're always good."

Steve Grissom, driver, #43 Dodge By Petty, starting 14th:
"We're pretty happy with that lap and I'm pretty comfortable with the truck for the race. This is a good track for me and I know that this team has been good at this track in the past so I feel like we are moving in a good direction for the setup on the truck."

Dennis Setzer, driver, #1 Mopar Dodge, starting 17th:
"That lap was just about the same as we have been in practice the whole day. We tried out two sets of sticker tires and ran about the same lap each time so this was where we expected to be after qualifying. But the Mopar Dodge is real comfortable and I think we will just have to work our way to the front tomorrow so I can defend my win from last year."

Joe Ruttman, driver, #18 Dana Dodge, starting 20th:
"There is just something in the truck that we have not found yet to make the handling better on the truck. These guys have torn this truck apart and still haven't found what the problem is, but they will keep looking and I'm sure that we'll get it solved in time for the race tomorrow."

Mark Petty, driver, #44 Dodge By Petty, starting 22nd:
"The truck was fast and the driver just needs to work on getting faster. The first time that I ran at this race track was this morning in practice so I'm pretty excited about my qualifying lap and making my second ever truck race. The truck is really good, so now it's up to the driver to show how strong it really is."

Carlos Contreras, driver, #12 Hot Wheels Dodge, starting 35th:
" We have been struggling all day with the setup in the Hot Wheels Dodge and I think we've found something that has made us a little faster, but still not fast enough. I think the setup that we have in the truck right now is more comfortable for the race rather than for qualifying. It is real important for me to finish the race in the top ten rather than to worry about where we qualify. Right now I just need a good finish."

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