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Report from Motorsport News International NASCAR Public Relations Sears DieHard 200 Quotebook MILWAUKEE, Wis. (July 4, 1997) The following are quotes from competitors after Busch Pole Award Qualifying for Saturday's Sears DieHard 200 NASCAR...

Report from Motorsport News International

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Sears DieHard 200 Quotebook

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (July 4, 1997) The following are quotes from competitors after Busch Pole Award Qualifying for Saturday's Sears DieHard 200 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race at The Milwaukee Mile:

JACK SPRAGUE No. 24 Quaker State Chevrolet

"(Fourth Busch Pole Award of the season and a track record.) It was a good lap. The Quaker State Chevrolet is great and the guys did the job as they always do but we just haven't found the set-up yet. We're tight, still tight in the middle of the turns."

RICH BICKLE No. 17 Sears DieHard Chevrolet

"On the first lap I was a little tight going into turn one, so I knew I was going to have to count on my second lap to set my position. The second lap was a pretty good one, though we weren't quite as fast as in practice. There's a lot of good reasons for me to do well here: It's my home state, it's the Sears Automotive Motorsports Weekend and we'll have a lot of Sears people up here watching the race. I like this track and I'd like to add my name to the record book with a victory."

MIKE WALLACE No. 52 Purolator PureOne Chevrolet

"The guys at Ken Schrader Racing really did a great job. The race trucks are really race cars and they feel a little different, but they are fun to drive. I mean, it's not like there's light years difference from a Busch car or anything.. You can get in here and run good and it shows. I mean, here we're sitting next to Mark Green in a truck and he runs a Busch car and runs well there. Good equipment and good people are what makes the difference. If you get good people and good equipment behind you and decent equipment you'll run in anything."

RON HORNADAY No. 16 NAPA Brakes Chevrolet

"It wasn't what we wanted but we'll take that. We planned on being a little loose and it tightened up. We taped it up for qualifying and put a little extra air pressure in the right front and we shouldn't have done that. It didn't come through the middle as good as we needed it to. This truck was built since last Monday with a new body and everything. We got it out of the paint shop Sunday night and they put that thing together from Monday to Wednesday and put it on the hauler to come to Milwaukee."

KENNY IRWIN JR. No. 98 Raybestos/Ford Credit Ford

"It was two spectacular laps, and neither of them was any good. The first lap, first turn I drove it in there farther than I'd drove it all day. Obviously it wouldn't stick. And then on the second lap I just about lost it coming off of turn four. I think we're just making too much power and busting the wheels loose. I thought I was going to hit it (the wall coming off four). I feel like both laps I screwed up on each end. Just one of those deals."

RICK CRAWFORD No. 14 Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford

"I've been here before. We held the track record here in a little T-Bird (Late Model car). We were good off the hauler. It's a credit to the team. I just ran it for two laps today."

BRYAN REFFNER No. 66 Carlin Burners & Controls Ford

"There are a lot of fast trucks out there. It (the rain) was running up the windshield so you know it's getting wet. But we've got a long ways to go on our set-up. It's far from perfect."

MARK GREEN No. 37 Red Man Chevrolet

"We slowed up quite a bit from practice... That set of tires made it not work right or something. The thing wanted to scoot around on me. I'm not really sure why but it wasn't what we wanted."

TONY RAINES No. 19 Pennzoil Dodge

"I didn't over-drive the truck, which is easy to do here. I'm not real pleased with my qualifying run, but I don't think I could've run much faster. The truck set-up is good but it could be improved before the race."

JIMMY HENSLEY No. 43 Cummins Engine Company Dodge

"This is obviously not where I expected to qualify, but we'll be OK for tomorrow. We may change a few things, but not much. We'll have to wait and see what we're going to do. Tomorrow we'll go out and try to run wide open all race long."

MIKE BLISS No. 2 Team ASE Ford

"(Took only one lap.) The second lap was junk. I slid out of the groove, and it wasn't worth running. It would have been a 35-second lap."

TAMMY JO KIRK No. 7 Lovable Ford

"I think we were just a little bit tight. I don't know. We thought we were okay, but we were tight coming off the corner. I guess it was a decent run, but it wasn't what we wanted. We are better than that."

BORIS SAID No. 44 Federated Auto Parts Ford

"(Qualified with a brand new engine after his engine blew in morning practice.) It wasn't so bad after not running hardly any laps. Maybe I could have gone faster, but I need more time on the track. I don't really know what I'm doing out there yet."

MICHAEL DOKKEN No. 18 Dana Dodge

"I didn't drive the truck hard enough. I was too relaxed. During the (one hour) rain delay I let myself get too relaxed. We have a good set-up, so I'll be a lot faster after 100 laps. Then I'll start picking them off. I've got a lot of passing to do."

BOB KESELOWSKI No. 29 Mopar Dodge

"Our qualifying was not what we anticipated. We were faster in practice today. On lap 2 I got on the gas too soon into the turn. We went out in the last practice on a long run to see what we can do in the race tomorrow."

TONY ROPER No. 31 Concor Tool & Machine Ford

"It was a terrible lap. We didn't have new tires to put on for practice. We put new tires on (for qualifying) and it pushed terribly bad. I couldn't even get back on the throttle it was so bad. It's been bad since we got here, and we can't seem to find what the problem is. We're going to throw something completely different at it, and try it. That's all we can do."

JERRY GLANVILLE No. 81 Fricker's Ford

"I come out of three and was covered with rain and I hit the gas and it slid. If I could have got on it and stayed on the gas I think we would have had a qualifying time like we did in Phoenix. We're used to running a 2,800-pound car, so this feels like a big old bus all of a sudden. At least once a week we race a 2,800 pound car, so there is a big difference."

ERIC NORRIS No. 02 Wolverine Vinyl Siding Ford

"I'm just trying to get used to the track. We made some adjustments, and I don't know if they were for the best. That's OK. Now we can go from the back and work our way to the front tomorrow."

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