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Post-race Quotes - Biffle Wins From Pole at Milwaukee Roush Racing's Greg Biffle won his third race of the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series today at Milwaukee. The Vancouver, Washington driver took the victory from the pole. Greg fell out of the...

Post-race Quotes - Biffle Wins From Pole at Milwaukee

Roush Racing's Greg Biffle won his third race of the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series today at Milwaukee. The Vancouver, Washington driver took the victory from the pole. Greg fell out of the lead when miscommunication between his crew and NASCAR put him back out on the track out of the top-five with 60 laps remaining in the race. He regained the lead with less than 20 laps to go. Four of the top-five finishers were driving F-150s. They were Rick Crawford, who had stayed up front all day leading over a quarter of the laps, third; Mike Wallace, who came from almost a lap down to finish fourth; and Mike Bliss, who had run out of fuel just prior to his first pit stop, fifth.

Greg Biffle, #50 W.W. Grainger Racing Ford F-150: (finished first) "Every time we show up we've got awesome trucks. The Grainger F-150, I'll tell you it was Ford's day. Rick Crawford had a great run. We had a great run. I'll tell you, these Fords are going. I just want to thank Grainger and say hi to everyone back home that couldn't make this race. It was an awesome win." THIS IS YOUR THIRD WIN THIS YEAR. WHAT HAS MADE THE DIFFERENCE? "I think it is the trucks they are giving me, and the experience I'm gaining week-to-week. I came right out of late model stock car racing right into these trucks. Everybody wishes they could do that. It's a fairy tail story. These guys give me great equipment, and we are communicating good." WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WHEN THE TRUCK FELL OFF THE JACK? "I thought, oh well a little something happened there. It was just a mis-communication. Those things are going to happen. We're getting better every week. Randy Goss thought I over shot the pits because the inspector counting the guys. He (Goss) thought they were saying, move back, move back, so they let the jack down, pushed me back, jacked me up again, and then got the hose under the tire. It was just a tough stop for the guys, but I was able to make it up on the racetrack. They give me great trucks. I'll tell you these Ford trucks are just dominant." DID YOU HAVE TO COMPOSE YOURSELF AND TELL YOURSELF THERE WAS STILL TIME TO GET TO THE FRONT WITH 63 LAPS TO GO? "I didn't think there was time to catch them. It's been so tough to pass out here today, and I'd get just a little aero tight behind the guys. We were so tight in the center of the corner, but my Ford was able to cut under them in the middle, and I'd get me a run off. That made all the difference in the world. I can't say enough. I think we've got a championship team. All we've got to do is finish in front of that 24 truck, and lead laps, get bonus points. The driver screwed up at the Glen last week. We should have been in front of him, should have led a lap. I went off in the sandpit. We had a little mishap on the pit stop today, but we were able to make it up and bring the Grainger Ford to victory lane."

Rick Crawford, #14 Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford F-150: (finished third) "This truck was awesome all day. Sprague got around us, and then we got back on him, but then he fish tailed a little bit, and we lost our momentum. After the difficult season we've had, it's a credit to the Circle Bar Motel & RV Park race team. I was doing all I could. The truck did it's, and what's under the hood - the Robert Yates did a heck of a job with the engine. And Bill Pink and John Goodwin does a heck of a job helping me, and I appreciate that." THIS TEAM SEEMS TO BE MOVING AHEAD. WHAT HAS MADE THE DIFFERENCE? "We've organized our crew. We've got our shop crew now that really gets things done, and our immediate crew really knows what things are all about at the racetrack. Robert Yates has picked up his engine program with John Goodwin on board with us and Bill Pink. I've just got to hand it to all the Circle Bar guys. With Tom Mitchell being the owner, God is looking out for us, we'll be up front more often."

Mike Wallace, #2 Team ASE Ford F-150: (finished fourth) "The guys did a really good job. The driver raced his butt off when he was about ready to get a lap down there. And we were able to race hard enough to stay on the lead lap, and then the caution came out. We weren't really right all day, but we were just good enough to get a top-four finish out of it. And along with that the Team ASE, Ford, Wagner, Snap-On, UltraWheels, all the guys did a great job. I can't be any happier right now.

Mike Bliss, #99 Exide Batteries Ford F-150: (finished fifth) "The first session we ran out of fuel on the back straight away. The truck was too tight, too loose. We never did get the right handle on it. We never could get track position. But it's good. It's a top-five for this 99 Exide team. I'll take it. We had started way back, and we didn't know what we had for them today. We just played around with tire pressure all day."

Ron Barfield, #55 Icehouse Beer Ford F-150: (finished 11th) "We were right there in contention, but it got real tight there at the last. We started out a little bit tight, but it seemed like the racetrack got a little bit tighter. But the Icehouse Beer guys did a heck of a job in the pits, and got us some spots. I'm just tickled to death with them. When we came to Milwaukee, I wanted a top ten finish, but we'll take 11th, and we'll go on to Nashville next week, and maybe we can get a win there." IT APPEARS THE TEAM IS STARTING TO GET BACK TOGETHER. WHAT HAS HAPPENED? "It seems to be right now getting back on track. We kind of got in a lull there for a while. We got sidelined. And I don't know why we got sidelined there. We've done a lot of changing. It just seems like it's starting to gel. If we can just get it a little bit better we can start to win some races."

Tim Steele, #21 HS Die & Engineering Ford F-150: (finished 14th in his first race back after suffering injuries in an accident at I-70) "It wasn't the finish we wanted, but you're never satisfied unless you win if you're a racer. But it felt good to be back in the truck, and I'm looking forward to being back for the rest of the year. We ran all day and made adjustments. I wish the truck was, we started with it to where it was when we finished, and we would have had a lot better finish. We adjusted on it all day, and with the no cautions, it didn't help our situation as far as getting the thing adjusted. It was after the caution we finally were able to do some of the adjusting that we wanted. We ran consistently about four tenths to a half second faster after we made the adjustments. We're back, and we'll get back into the swing of things. And if we can keep getting better finishes, that's all we can ask for."

Kevin Harvick, #98 Porter-Cable Power Tools Ford F-150: (finished 17th) "We've struggled this weekend, and made a few road hazards we probably didn't need to have. We didn't get a good run in practice and really get a good long race set-up so we threw something at it this morning. It worked good in the first part of the race. But for some reason on un-matched tires it just went loose. The Porter-Cable Ford finished the race. That's the only plus of the weekend. We'll have to regroup and take a different approach in Nashville."

Bob Brevak, owner for Kevin Cywinski, #31 Auto Trim Design/Best Buy Ford F-150: (finished 18th) "I think it was just ill-handling, and it was just a workout. We couldn't move up. We kind of ran where we qualified. All day long we just couldn't move up from the spot. I haven't been able to talk to him, so I don't know what the problem was. It's just warm out." IT APPEARED DURING PARTS OF THE RACE YOU COULD RUN WITH THE REST OF THE FIELD. "On that long green run we'd just lose a little bit each lap, each lap, and they just ran us down."

POST-RACE PRESS CONFERENCE QUOTES Biffle: "We went to Summerfest last night and had a great time. It's always fun coming up here racing. It's a fairly smooth racetrack. It takes a lot of patience, and you've really got to race on the edge all the time. You've really got to be on top of the wheel constantly. My head's sore from being all tensed up from holding the brake pedal just right going into every lap. When we unloaded the truck here I thought we were in huge trouble. The truck was just terrible. I don't know if the tires were so hard they just weren't heating up fast enough. I thought we were in for just trying to get a top-ten finish, and then later in the practice we got going real good and got more comfortable with the racetrack. I can't say enough for the guys. They did such a good job. On the last pit stop we had a little mis-communication. The crew chief thought we were out of the box. He saw the inspector pointing backwards. He was counting the number of crewmembers across the wall. We're only allowed six. They thought he was saying push him back, push him back. So they let me down and pushed me back. Lost huge track position. It worked out. They gave me a good enough truck that I was able to make it up on the racetrack."

MORE IMPORTANLY IS WHERE YOU ARE IN THE POINTS RIGHT NOW - SECOND. "It's great. I think we've got a championship team. It was bad for the team that I made some mistakes at the beginning of the year on adjusting the truck on two strong tracks we had at Homestead and Phoenix. We got 11th place at both tracks. Then last week I got off in the sandpit. We would have led a lap and probably finished in front of Sprague last week and gotten bonus points. We're just trying to catch that 24 truck. We can't do it if he finishes second every week. Obviously winning is the best we can do. I know he's up 111 points. We're just going to try to good the whole year and post top-fives, and hope the 24 finishes back in 10th or something and doesn't have a good race and we can get that gap closed up."

DID IT SURPRISE YOU THAT THE TRUCK HANDLED SO WELL AT THE END? "Yeah, I really was surprised because I knew when we put tires on it, it was going to get tight and we were already down as low as we could go on the tire pressure on the right front tire. So we couldn't go any lower or it would loosen the truck the truck up. I knew I was going to have to be pretty free, you know to get the truck really good to cut underneath them guys. It's a little scary driving the truck like that for 200 laps. You've got to be real fragile with it getting down in the corner. You could tell the 24 and the 14 and the 2, all those guys were pretty medium tight to snug. That's the way a driver likes to drive a truck. They were moving up in the center of the corner, and I was able to sneak my nose up underneath them. I had an aero push, and I ran into the wall with about 14 laps to go coming up behind Sprague over there coming off two. It caught me off guard. I didn't think I was that high, and I hit the wall pretty good. I thought I was all done. I'm sure it bent the wheel, and I thought it probably knocked the toe out. It came back, and I was afraid it was going to cut a tire down. You cut a tire down here and you're going to crash like Earnhardt Junior did in practice. But I felt it out for a few laps and hung back, and then went back after them again. I must not have knocked the toe out or anything because it was a great truck still, and I was able to get by those guys."

WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE 14? "I don't know that anything happened. Was there contact?" THE 14 GOT A LITTLE LOOSE AND WENT THREE WIDE TRYING TO GET BY SPRAGUE. "That was kind of out of my sight. The 14 got underneath coming up off the corner and ran into my left rear quarter panel or something. I remember that because he pushed on me or something and got me out of shape, and I was kind of wiggling around. It must have cut the momentum down on the 14 because he had to check out of the throttle. It gave me the opportunity to get up beside him. I was in front of the 14 truck at that point, and I think he got into my left rear quarter panel a little bit. I'd have to look back at the tape to tell you for sure. I'm sure it wasn't intentional. It was just racing. I don't know exactly what happened."

HOW DISAPPOINTED WERE YOU WHEN IT STARTED TO SPRINKLE THERE? "Very disappointed. I'll tell you Randy Goss is a heck of a crew chief. I've disagreed with him I don't know how many times, just mentally and said well I hope we'll be all right and just go with the flow. And when it started to rain, that's when the caution came out. He said we're coming for rights, or we're coming for lefts, whichever tires it was. I think it was lefts. And I thought, wow what if it rains out. And Max (Jones - spotter) brought that to our attention. He said if they stop the race we're gonna be -- and he said, we can't gamble like that. We're gonna be sitting ducks if it doesn't keep raining. And he said to come in anyway. And I was kind of disheartened because I thought it was going to rain. This big storm was coming and coming and coming but it never rained. I thought it was just going to down pour. He made the right decision and said we were just going to have to live with it. We came and everybody else did. The 2 and 3 stayed out and gambled. I'm glad we didn't. It would have cost us huge."

WHY DIDN'T YOU PULL AWAY AT THE START OF THE RACE? "I was so tight at the start of the race I couldn't stay ahead of the 25. And then he wanted me to let him lead a lap to get five bonus points so when he came down underneath me coming down the front straight away I kind of lifted, and said okay I'll let you go but you've got to give it back. One of them kind of things. He was going, and I couldn't catch him. It took me a while, and I got out some rear brake in the truck because it was tight. And then trying to get it a little bit loose to try to get the right rear tire up so it would equalize the pressure. I had to kind of drive it weird today. I was just working with the truck. I was able to make it tight or loose by the way I drove it and the line I drove around the racetrack, which really surprised me. I think I learned a lot today."

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