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'You're only as good as your next race' Brandon Whitt and the ...

'You're only as good as your next race'

Brandon Whitt and the #38 McMillin Homes/Cure Autism Now Toyota Tundra team head to the Milwaukee (Wisc.) Mile, for Friday's Toyota Tundra Milwaukee 200; the 11th race in the 2005 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series season.

Whitt, 22, is a native of El Cajon, Calif., driving his second full season in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Known for his penchant of being fast and loving speed, Whitt is considered one of the top up-and-coming young drivers in stock car racing. His truck his owned by Red Horse Racing, which consists of general manager Marty Gaunt, a winning veteran leader of motorsports teams; Jeff Hammond, a NASCAR Nextel Cup championship crew chief now serving as an analyst for FOX Sports; and Tom DeLoach, a former Mobil Corp. executive who, with Hammond, owns and operates PIT Instruction and Training LLC, the number one pit crew training center in the world.

The Cure Autism Now Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and funding autism research and accelerating the pace of scientific progress toward effective treatments and a cure. The organization is the largest private funder of biological research in autism, providing more than $20 million in grants since its inception in 1995.

The thoughts of McMillin Homes/Cure Autism Now Toyota Tundra driver Brandon Whitt heading into Milwaukee:

"This McMillin Homes/Cure Autism Now Toyota team is excited about getting to Milwaukee and getting ready for the Toyota Tundra 200. We were pretty good at the Milwaukee Mile last year and are looking forward to improving on that, as we've done most everywhere else we've run this season. Everywhere we've gone this year, the team has gotten better from the time before. I enjoy coming to the Milwaukee Mile. The track is right in the middle of the city, in the middle of the fairgrounds, and that's pretty neat. I also eat a ton of cheese, which is another reason I love coming to Milwaukee.

"Turns one and two at Milwaukee are pretty unique. It feels like one is a very slight turn, and you're off the gas for a good bit because turn two is as sharp as Wisconsin cheddar. It almost feels like there's two, very distinct turns in one and two alone. That's different from most places where, though it lists four turns, it's usually one gradual turn at the end of each straightaway. Most times the turns are identical, but that's not the case at Milwaukee. Turns one and two, for lack of a better term, are just plain 'funky.' But, three and four are more of what you're expecting. They are gentler, more gradual turns.

"Last year we came up here, had never seen the track before, except in film, and qualified 15th. We were running real well and had a chance at a top ten, but made a mistake in the pits. We managed to come back and score a top-15 finish, but had I not made the mistake in the pits (pitted outside box), we probably would have scored a top 10. But, we were fast, and that gives the team confidence; knowing that the last time we ran there we had a good truck, I know it gives me confidence, as well as the rest of the team.

"Ever since we came into the Craftsman Truck Series, we've been extremely fast on one-mile tracks. We were going to be real good at Dover earlier this month until some drivers got impatient right in front of us on lap number one. That was frustrating, but nothing we could really do. This team is resilient if nothing else. We've been stung several times this season with nothing else other than rotten luck. But, every single time, this team picks it up and we move forward. Our mantra has been, you're only as good as your next race and there's nothing you can do about the one you just ran.

"Nothing would mean more to this team than going out and scoring a top five at Milwaukee in the Toyota Tundra 200. It would also be a nice way of saying thanks to Toyota who has obviously made a difference in our program. We've been fast virtually everywhere we've been this season and a lot of that has to do with the Toyota power we have under the hood. That top five and 'thank you' is well within our grasp this weekend at the Milwaukee Mile."


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