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Looking For a Mistake Free Run Huntersville, N.C. (June 14, 2005) -- Two weeks in a row the GM Goodwrench team has had solid finishes of fourth and sixth and has continued to make a solid gain in the championship points race. However, the team...

Looking For a Mistake Free Run

Huntersville, N.C. (June 14, 2005) -- Two weeks in a row the GM Goodwrench team has had solid finishes of fourth and sixth and has continued to make a solid gain in the championship points race. However, the team is upset with the outcome in the previous two races. They feel as though they have shot themselves in the foot, missing out on great opportunities to celebrate in victory lane.

"We can get out front," said Hornaday. "That is not the problem. We just have to figure out how not to make costly mistakes that are keeping us from being able to win. We are happy with where we are as far as the championship race, but there is no doubt we could be even better. The past two weeks we have shown what we are capable of, we now have to hit on all cylinders if we want to get back to victory lane."

Crew chief Wally Rogers understands what it takes to win a championship. He knows that mistakes can keep that from happening if they are not fixed. "It takes an entire team to win a championship," proclaimed the easy natured Rogers. "The driver has to perform, the guys going over the wall have to perform and even the guys at the shop have to perform. It is my job to make sure everyone does their job effectively and right now that is not happening. A lot of teams would be happy with two back-to-back top-10 finishes, but we are not in this for top-10s. We are out there to win each and every week. We are committed to that goal and we have got to get our act together if we want to get that done. With that said, I am proud that we could make mistakes and still be only 66 points out of the lead. That speaks volumes about what this team is made of."

Points of Interest...

* Off the Hauler...Team GM Goodwrench will take chassis No. 004 to Michigan International Speedway this weekend. 004 has run three times this season already, with two top 10's and a win at Atlanta Motor Speedway in March.

* Track Stat... This will be Hornaday's second start at Michigan in a truck. In 1999 he started in the 10th position and finished ninth.

* NCTS Points...After nine races in the 2005 season, Hornaday sits fourth in points, with one win, three top-fives and four top-10 finishes. Hornaday now sits 66 markers out of first.

* Start time...Saturday afternoon's Paramount Health Insurance 200 is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. EDT. TV coverage of the 200-lap event on SPEED Channel begins at 3:00 pm., with live radio coverage also beginning at 3:00 p.m. EDT on your local MRN Radio affiliate and on XM Satellite Radio -- channel 144. Remember times and dates of the race may change so check your local listings.

No. 6 GM Goodwrench Driver Ron Hornaday on Michigan International Speedway...

How do you feel about Michigan?

"This is a race I want to win on behalf of Chevrolet. I've been a loyal Chevy man for nearly my entire career. I started my NASCAR Truck Series career in a Chevrolet Silverado, and then drove a Monte Carlo in 2000. In 2001, I made sure I contacted the folks at Chevrolet before I made the decision to race the Pontiac Grand Prix for A.J. (Foyt). I did the same before driving the Dodge for BAM Racing. I wanted Chevy to know where my loyalty lies. As a racer you can't rule out anything, but I do my best to support those that supported me and Chevrolet is the best I've ever been associated with. I also want to win on behalf of the trophy! Lindy and I have always said, we don't race for the money, we race for the souvenirs, which is what we call trophies."

Two weeks in a row mistakes have kept you out of victory lane.

"Like I always say, you win as a team and loose as a team. Right now we have got to move on. The best cure for those mistakes is to get back out on the track and prove to ourselves that we can get the job done. This is a confident bunch of guys and I have great respect for what they do."

Can you win in Michigan?

"I would like to think that we can win at any race track at any time, so yes we can win in Michigan. Each week Wally has a truck prepared for me that can go to victory lane. This week should be no exception. This is a place that everyone who races for Chevrolet wants to win so the competition should be tough between the team Chevy guys. We are taking the truck that we won with in Atlanta so I know that I already like what I will be driving. To win in Michigan you need horsepower and handling; we can do that."


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