Michigan: Kyle Busch, Gaughan post race interview

KYLE BUSCH, NO. 51 FLANDERS BEEF PATTIES SILVERADO - FINISHED 2ND: "It was a solid effort and a great race. It was a lot of fun up there racing Travis (Kvapil, race winner). Just sorry we couldn't finish it up there at the end with a win. We ...


"It was a solid effort and a great race. It was a lot of fun up there racing Travis (Kvapil, race winner). Just sorry we couldn't finish it up there at the end with a win. We fought hard all day long with battling a loose truck. Just could never get it to tighten up. We made some pretty significant adjustments and it would only touch it really for about five or 10 laps then we would start getting really really loose again where those guys could run with us. They made their trucks a little bit better. Mark (Martin) was the class of the field obviously. He was gone; nobody was going to touch that thing. Thankfully we could make a race out of it there after his motor gave up."


"I started getting a little bit higher and a little bit higher there at the end because it was tightening up my truck just a little bit, not a lot. Any time you give the guy on the inside a little bit more room; he has more room to control his truck. He (Kvapil) was pretty loose there on the bottom too and fighting it down there. I was running down there to force him lower for while. I was getting too loose down there where I couldn't control my truck. I had to move up a little bit and that gave him more room and made him a little bit faster."


"I don't know about them but I was racing hard. That was all I had, that was it. I was just that loose, I couldn't keep them from getting underneath me. There at the beginning I was racing side-by-side with Mike Skinner for a few laps, towards the middle of the race, I got the lead and Mark (Martin) came back by us and we were battling for second and third. Then his motor broke and the top-two, Kvapil and Skinner, at the time were pretty good and I was just making laps, waiting for our final pit stop and I didn't want to hurt it. Because we had good pit stops all day, we were able to come out of the pits second, and was able to jump Skinner on that restart and get to his outside. I held off everyone till that white flag lap."



"My South Point Chevrolet boys have had to persevere through a lot lately. Perseverance is probably the keyword of our race team, so many bad things have been happening to us that had absolutely nothing to do with us. We came here just hoping for a good run. I said in my press release that I didn't care about winning this dang thing; I just wanted to finish in one piece so I didn't have to give my Dad another bill for fixing this thing.

"I ran right back up in the high groove where I like to. Bryan Berry (crew chief) and the guys did a great job on pit road during our two stops. One the first stop we gained one position on a four-tire with three adjustments and fuel. My guys are fantastic over the wall. In the end I just got a little too tight. The second stop we took two tires only and we tightened it up a little bit. My Silverado got a little tight out of turn two; I was running in second place when we were all battling there at the end for the win. I got real tight when I sucked up coming out of two and had to do a big lift. Great race car drivers can do great things and Ted Musgrave and Mike Skinner and everybody got by me without creaming me coming out of turn two. That is the difference when you run in the top-five versus when you run in the back 20 in the Craftsman Truck Series. Those guys would have creamed me where the guys up front don't, they are fantastic drivers. In the end, I passed them all back. It was pretty fun to go by them all on the outside and keep running. Skinner was on the bottom and he and I talked afterwards and I told him it was fun to race with great race car drivers when you know you are in the place you are supposed to be and I think our South Point team is that caliber of a team. It was a great day for us."


"Go back to before Charlotte, except Kansas because that is the one race we tried to go coil bind and because I have a great crew chief in Bryan Berry, we got 11th in the race, other than that, we had a great truck and lost an engine early so we never got to show it. We have had good runs on the big tracks, even at Daytona we had a great truck. I think the biggest thing is all the engineering support. NASCAR has hurt the NCTS by making us follow a Nextel Cup rule, of no testing. The NCTS is first is about testing young drivers and when we can't go to a race track and test, it hurts us. Then the next thing, if you at all the people who have won for the exception of Dennis Setzer who didn't stop at Mansfield, everyone else has either had Toyota engineering or a Nextel Cup engineered team. Travis (Kvapil) is with Roush Racing, it is Nextel Cup engineering. Thanks to Chevrolet, I borrow a $1.8 million dollar pull-down rig and I get to work on it all week. I can't afford a $1.8 million dollar pull-down rig as a Craftsman Truck team so I have to go to a Cup team to borrow it. Roush has one, KHI has one with RCR, Toyota has one of their own. All the big Nextel Cup affiliated teams have them, without going to the race track, which was the advantage for us years ago. Now all this engineering stuff Chevrolet has given us is starting to pay off. We have had great trucks every week, just have had bad luck. Texas, we were fantastic, went from 30th to 6th on the outside and then a wrong yellow came out. Our intermediate track program is great, all of our stuff is great, Mansfield ninth, we just haven't had a chance to get the 500 lb gorilla off the back and show it.

"We can beat the Cup affiliated teams with Chevrolet's help, yes, because of what Chevy has been giving us. Unfortunately my favorite truck, Lone Star, I am going to retire it, was what we had at Texas and T.J. Bell stupidly wrecked me. It actually damaged it beyond repair. It was the oldest truck in our shop, No. 1 and I am putting it in the museum. This truck here today is No. 10 and it has been to the wind tunnel three times. We have other trucks that have been there more than that. Chevrolet is making us that competitive, fortunately. The fact also that Bryan and I have a lot of friends in Nextel Cup. J.D. and Joe Gibbs at Joe Gibbs Racing are very good friends of ours and because of Chevrolet, they give us access to that rig. Because of that we are going to be able to beat them, but it sure would be nice to go back to put me back on the race track, give me a set of Goodyears and lets go test."


"It feels fantastic after the last three weeks. Mansfield, going first. Dover going out on lap one and the thing that happened at Texas. So on one hand, it feels fantastic, on the other hand, it infuriates me because we had a Chevrolet Silverado good enough to win this race today and the driver didn't do it. I miss timed it and made one bad move that cost me that space. I am never going to be happy finishing third, but at the same time, man it feels good, let's do two in a row, where are we next week, Milwaukee. I won there once eons ago, so lets at least do two top-fives in a row."

-credit: gm racing

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