Michigan: GM teams race quotes

Jack Sprague, No. 16 Chevy Trucks Silverado (Started 9th, Finished 27th): With nine laps remaining, the Chevy Trucks Silverado suffered engine failure while running eighth. "I don't know what to say, we can't shake our bad luck. Our Chevy...

Jack Sprague, No. 16 Chevy Trucks Silverado (Started 9th, Finished 27th):

With nine laps remaining, the Chevy Trucks Silverado suffered engine failure while running eighth.

"I don't know what to say, we can't shake our bad luck. Our Chevy Trucks Silverado wasn't the best truck, but we weren't bad either. We were headed for a top-10 finish which isn't how we want to run but considering the bad luck we have had, it would have been something good to build from. The crew kept working on it making improvements each stop so we could stay up there near the front pack. That is two races in a row that we have had a DNF with less than 10 to go. It is just really disappointing. I know it blew up bad cause there was all kinds of fluid coming out the exhaust. Just a really disappointing day, that is about all I can say. I feel bad for all the people from Chevrolet and GM Racing that were here at the track today. We really wanted to get a great finish in our Chevy Trucks Silverado for them."

Dennis Setzer, No. 46 Chevrolet Silverado (Started 1ST Finished 10th):

Setzer maintains the series points lead by 33 points. "We had a pretty good Silverado today and looked like we could get a top-five or maybe even a top-three but we got a little out of position on that last restart with just six or seven to go and got shuffle back to 10th. Just a really bad day for our Silverado team. I feel bad we didn't get a better finish for Chevrolet and Silverado here at their home track"

David Starr, No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado (Started 11th, Finished 21st):

"Just really loose all day, I just couldn't drive all day, I would drive into the corners and it would just snap loose. McCarty and the guys tried to fix it all day; we just couldn't fix it to where we needed it. At the end I tried to run the high side to get some momentum, but it was just tight off the corners in. Just wasn't a good day for us, we tried, we just missed it all together. We gave it everything we had and just couldn't get it today. I was hoping to give the GM Racing and Chevrolet Silverado folks that we here to support us a better finish but we just didn't get it done."

J.J. Yeley, No. 47 Acxiom Silverado (Started 34th Finished 13th):

"A long, long day, I made a mistake on the initial start, but the crew kept digging on my Acxiom Chevrolet Silverado really fast through the corners. Just came up a little too short, we didn't need the caution to last quite so long. Just disappointed, I think we could have finished top-5 if everything would have went our way."

Matt Crafton, No. 6 GM Goodwrench Silverado (Started 4th, Finished 12th ):

"Our GM Goodwrench Silverado was strong all day long and then it just got tight there at there at the end. I think we over adjusted it a little and we got just a little bit too free. At the beginning we were a little bit too free but I think we should have left the truck alone. We tightened up the GM Goodwrench Silverado a bit and then it just got over tight and we just could never get it back. We had a real good day in the pits but we didn't have the best day at the end of the race for all of the Chevrolet, GM Racing and GM Goodwrench people who came to support us. We will just go back and regroup and go after it next week."

Shane Hmiel, No. 15 Earl Small's Harley-Davidson Silverado (Started 20th, Finished 8th):

"We had an awesome truck that was capable of winning. We need to work on our pit stops. We lost a lugnut and had to come back down pit road and lost a lot of ground. We restarted 24th and made it up to eighth within 20 or so laps. How can you beat that? I really wanted it to be our day to take our Silverado to victory lane for Billy Ballew and Earl Small's Harley Davidson. We will be back at IRP in a brand new Silverado at the Friday night show. IRP is my favorite track so we are planning for a great weekend in our #15 Silverado."

Kelly Sutton. No. 02 Team Copaxone Silverado (Started 30th Finished 25th):

"After the day we had, we're happy to bring in another top-25 finish. We moved from 30th up to 24th, and of all things, the window net comes down and starts flapping in my face down the front stretch. We had to come in under green, and went a lap down; that really hurt. My truck was faster than a bunch of the trucks in front of us,and we were praying for a yellow. Then, the left front goes flat, and I'm spinning and trying to hold it out of the wall. The crew did a great job to change tires and pull away some sheet metal, but we just couldn't gain those laps back. We clearly had a top-20 or better truck today, but we'll take the top-25, and move on to IRP next week."


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