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RICK CRAWFORD-14-Craftsman Tools Ford F-150 (Finished 12th) "That's about all we had. The Craftsman F-150 race team did a good job. We made up what we lost on the track in the pits. I think if we could have come in for one more set of...

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Craftsman Tools Ford F-150 (Finished 12th)

"That's about all we had. The Craftsman F-150 race team did a good job. We made up what we lost on the track in the pits. I think if we could have come in for one more set of stickers, we could have showed them something. Once we knocked the top off of the tires, we didn't have enough gear in it, so it wouldn't come off the corners. It was hard to pass when that happens. We planned to be in the draft all day, but we turned out to be by ourselves a lot. When you're by yourself, you can't do anything without any gear."

TALK ABOUT YOUR SEASON UP TO THE MIDPOINT. "We've got to find something out here. I don't think that Ray Stonkus (crew chief) or Rick Crawford has forgot how to race. We've got Robert Yates' power under the hood, and that's getting us down the straightaway. We've just got to get around this corner and get back in this championship."

JON WOOD-50-Bob Graham for President Ford F-150 (Finished 6th)

DID YOU LOSE THE HANDLING OF THE TRUCK AT THE END OF THE RACE? "We were going to be fine and I think I got together with the guys we were racing there a little bit at the end. Someone got up into me getting into me coming off of Turn 2, and I don't know if I crunched the fender in or what, but it got terrible after that. We were contenders all day long. This is all we really set out to do -- just run up front like we've been doing. This is all we've got to do - just keep finishing the way that we're doing and we'll be in the hunt for the points at the end of the year."

WITH THIS MARKING THE MIDPOINT OF THE SEASON, HAVE YOU EXCEEDED YOUR EXPECTATIONS? "We struggled a lot here and to come away with the way we did, we're pleased."

TERRY COOK-29-Power Stroke Diesel/Oil Mate Ford F-150 (Finished 9th)

"We made it to the top five and I thought we had a truck to stay up there. We made the right adjustments the first stop and I was crying on the radio for a yellow to make a stop, and sure enough we got our caution and came and made adjustments. We made everything right, but we probably just went a little too far, and on the long run it was just way too tight. We came in and pitted again under green and freed the truck up, but we just freed it up too much. The problem that we had today, we were teeter tottering on where the truck needed to be. At first it was too loose and then we made adjustments and made it good for a short run, and then it got too tight on the long run, and then we freed it back up and it was way too free. Loose in and through the center, and you can't get back in the gas and everybody's just driving away from you, and we struggled again today."

DID THE CLOUD COVER AT THE END OF THE RACE AFFECT THE HANDLING ON THE TRUCK? "It was a situation where I was shocked we started the race as bad as we did, being so loose. Fortunately we were able to make adjustments, but the problem was when we made the adjustments both times we went too far. We just struggled a little bit."

CARL EDWARDS-99-Roush Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 5th)

"That's all it had. I don't know if the folks at home saw that, but we were loose, bad loose. I just went over and talked to Chad Chaffin. That was so much fun racing with him and Jason Leffler there at the end. I just have to thank Jack Rosh, Ford, and Sears for sponsoring the race. It's just great to be here in the Craftsman Truck Series, and to get a top-five here my first time here, we're pretty happy."

YOU LED LAPS EARLY IN THE RACE. HOW IMPORTANT WAS IT TO BE IN CLEAN AIR? "At the beginning it was really important for us. It made the truck run a lot better. We're going so fast here and people move around so much. I'm just learning, it is all new to me, all of this air moving around, so there at the end we needed the air to keep it tight."

DID YOU GO IN THE WRONG DIRECTION WITH ADJUSTMENTS AT THE END OF THE RACE? "We put stickers on for the first time at the end and I called for some adjustments to make it looser and that was definitely not the right way to go. I've got to thank Doug Richert and the guys for listening to me, but they shouldn't have." YOU RACED CHAD CHAFFIN HARD AT THE END. "We made some contact, but it was just racing. I wanted third place so bad and I thought I could hold him off, so I tried everything I could. He raced us clean, and I enjoy racing with him."


TALK ABOUT YOUR RACE TODAY. YOU LED LAPS AND RAN UP FRONT ALL DAY AT A RACE TRACK THAT YOU HAVE NEVER RACED AT PREVIOUSLY. "It was a lot of fun. Doug Richert (crew chief), Roush Racing, everybody gave me a really good truck at the beginning. I commenced to screw that up by asking them to loosen it up, and on the last run, it was bad loose. That's all we could do. I think we came home fifth. A top-five is great for us. Our first time here, we assumed the Dodges would really dominate and I think you saw a little bit of that, but we held our own and that was a lot of fun."

DID THE FACT THAT ROUSH HAS SO MUCH EXPERIENCE AT THIS TRACK HELP YOU THIS WEEKEND? "Yeah. We went and toured Roush Industries over in Livonia when we came here on Thursday. Leading those laps felt really good because I knew there were a lot of Roush folks up in stands, a lot of Michigan people that really pull for us and all of Roush Racing. To lead those laps really felt good. I wish we would have led them at the end."


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