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RICK CRAWFORD-14-Craftsman Tools Ford F-150 (Qualified 14th) "ARE YOU STILL TRYING TO GET A HANDLE ON THIS TRACK? "We didn't run that good last year and we didn't run good the year before or the year before that, and I don't understand why.

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Craftsman Tools Ford F-150 (Qualified 14th)

"ARE YOU STILL TRYING TO GET A HANDLE ON THIS TRACK? "We didn't run that good last year and we didn't run good the year before or the year before that, and I don't understand why. Last year we came here and we tried to overrun the corner and the truck wouldn't take it. We came back this year and we're a little different, but the chassis won't take it. We've got to find the balance on what it's looking for."

WITH THIS RACE MARKING THE MIDPOINT OF THE SEASON, IS THERE A SENSE ON URGENCY FIND YOUR STRIDE FOR THE SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR? "The stride is not to have to work the team so hard. The Circle Bar race team has been working really hard, especially this weekend on the Craftsman Tools Ford with this being the Sears 200. That is what's beat down a strong race team. Ray Stonkus (crew chief) over there has his hat on today because it's hot up here in Michigan and I hope it's his thinking hat because we need to think this thing out and get the balance on the truck and we'll be up front tomorrow."

HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO HAVE A GOOD-HANDLING TRUCK IN THE DRAFT FOR TOMORROW'S RACE? "That's a big part of it, and that all has to deal with the balance of the truck. We know we'll have a good truck in the draft, so we need to get it driving good by itself so we can pull out of line and make a pass on our own."

JON WOOD-50-Bob Graham for President Ford F-150 (Qualified 7th)

"We struggled here all morning long and to bounce back and run the speed we did, I'm pretty pleased with that. We've just got to work on finding a little bit more and see if we can fine-tune our stuff for the race. We usually have a pretty good speedway package, and we struggled last week, and we don't need to this week."

IS THERE SOMETHING DIFFERENT ABOUT THIS PLACE COMPARED TO CALIFORNIA SPEEDWAY, A TRACK SIMILAR IN CONFIGURATION? "This track is like Charlotte where the surface is real temperamental. One minute you can be real good and the next you'll be getting lapped on a long green-flag run. I'm hoping we can hit the right setup. We were pretty decent last year but we made some bad calls in the pits, so we came here this year with pretty much the same setup as last year and it seems decent."

CAN YOU OVERCOME HANDLING PROBLEMS WITH GOOD TRUCK IN THE DRAFT? "You can overcome a lot here with the draft. I know that having Carl as a teammate is a big plus at the superspeedways because you know you'll always have a partner to draft with and we run well together."

DO YOU FEEL EXTRA PRESSURE TO RUN WELL ON THE SUPERSPEEDWAYS, GIVEN THAT ROUSH'S TWO TRUCK WINS HAVE COME ON 1.5-MILE TRACKS? "It's not so much even the superspeedways, but we've been so fast every week that it's more or less expected of us. And when we're not fast people start to ask questions, but this is the same team that we've had all year. It's the same components, we're just starting to get everything together and do better."

TERRY COOK-29-Power Stroke Diesel/Oil Mate Ford F-150 (Qualified 9th)

"A top-10 qualifying effort, we'll take it. The truck did not drive well at all. It was probably the worst that it was all day long. We haven't fought a loose condition all day long, and the thing was fighting a loose condition from the middle off. It was just kinda working off of the front end. I'm not sure what the problem was, but we were a lot better than that earlier today. I don't think the track temps were anything because they were the same track temps that we had when we were running earlier today. We'll take what they give us; it's just a starting spot. We're more expected about the race and feel that we have a really good race truck."

IS THE TRACK SURFACE MORE TEMPERAMENTAL THAN CALIFORNIA? "It is, there's no doubt about it. This place is very temperamental where California doesn't seem to change that much as the day goes on. I don't know if it's because of the color of the track - it's a very light, whitish gray - or if it's just the Michigan sun beating down on it, but it seems as though we chase it all day long for whatever reason. Typical at Michigan, the longer you run the tighter you get, so we really tried to free it up for qualifying, and unfortunately we got it way too free and we didn't get a very good lap in."

CARL EDWARDS-99-Roush Racing Ford F-150 (Qualified 4th)

"That was a little better than we expected to run. We've been too loose in qualifying. We haven't spent much time in qualifying trim in the last few races as far as our practice sessions are concerned. This week we were pretty good right off the bat in race trim so Doug Richert (crew chief) said, 'let's go straight to qualifying trim' and that paid off there. Hopefully if nothing changes we'll be as good in race trim as we were at the beginning of the practice."

HOWA IMPORTANT DO YOU THINK THE DRAFT WILL BE HERE? "Having not raced here before, I can't really say for sure, but I watched the tape of the race from last year and from what I could tell from practice, I think it's going to be a cross between a Daytona and a Kansas. The draft there is really big down the straightaways and you'll see a lot of good racing in the corners."

WITH YOUR SUCCESS AT THE SUPERSPEEDWAYS, DO YOU FEEL ADDED PRESSURE THIS WEEKEND? "I don't think there's any added pressure. I don't feel much pressure from anywhere, expect from myself. Obviously, Jon (Wood) and I want to win all of these races for Roush and for Ford. Just the fact that we've been running good at these places, it helps me. It helps with my confidence and we're taking the same setup to a lot of these places. I think all around, running better is helping us from a confidence aspect."


"We were pretty good right off the bat in race trim, so I'm looking forward to the race a lot more than I was to qualify. I almost held it wide open all the way around there. If I would have, I think we would only could have picked up a tenth. The Roush Racing Ford ran real well, obviously. We didn't expect to be in fourth, so we're pretty happy with that and I think the racing is going to be awesome."

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