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Michigan Preview: "I enjoy racing at Michigan International Speedway. I finished 12th last year in my first visit to the track. It reminds me of California and we had a pretty good run going there at the beginning of the year before we got caught...

Michigan Preview: "I enjoy racing at Michigan International Speedway. I finished 12th last year in my first visit to the track. It reminds me of California and we had a pretty good run going there at the beginning of the year before we got caught up in a wreck. What I like most about Michigan is you can run wide open and you it has so many grooves. It is a wide track. You can run 3 or 4 wide all day long if you wanted to. The draft comes in effect similar to Daytona and Talladega. You want to be able to run the opposite line of the guy in front of you. If he is running the high line then you want to go to the bottom. That is how you pass people here. The trucks carry a lot of momentum in the corners and you gain as much speed there as you do running down the straightaways. We have awesome engines with Joey Arrington so I am excited about going to Michigan. We will be in Dodge's back yard so hopefully a BHR Dodge will pull into victory lane."

The Wreck: "The wreck last week at Texas Motor Speedway was the hardest hit of my life. I hope I never have to hit any harder than I did Friday night. I still have not seen television footage of the wreck, but I saw the aftermaths of the truck and I am not sure I want to see the replay. I remember racing with Bobby (Hamilton) and Robert Huffman. We went in turn four three-wide and it wasn't long before we were wrecking. I remember spinning and hitting the grass. I picked up speed when I hit the grass and headed straight for the wall. The photographers behind the wall started running and I thought to myself "this is going to hurt". I hit the inside wall hard and it threw me back across the track. I do not remember hitting the outside wall, but I am told I did. The last thing I remember before getting out of the truck is it was on fire. I could smell it burning and knew I had to get out fast. The infield care center workers were great. I had to go to the hospital for a concussion and they ran some other test, but everything was okay. When I woke up the next morning I felt like I had been ran over by a monster truck. I have never hurt in so many places at one time. I went back to the doctor on Tuesday and everything still looked good. I didn't want to have to sit this week out, but I would have done what NASCAR asked me to do. I am glad I will be racing."

Going to School: "As soon as I got home from Dover I was on another flight headed to school. I went to school to learn about how to stay focused in certain situations or when things arise you don't expect. It was a two-day workshop Bobby Hamilton suggested I attend. It was more like a one-on-one session than being in a classroom. It was interesting to learn how much your mind controls how you react to something. In racing so much of being a good racecar driver is your ability to stay focused on the track and how well you react to specific situations during a race. The smallest things can really get you off track. For example, if you were great in practice and then at the beginning of the race you are not handling well it can really make you think something is wrong. In reality it just may be the weather or a set of tires. I was able to learn how to stay focused when things are not going so great more than I did on just being a focused driver. I don't want to give any of my secrets away; it was a great learning experience."


* Montgomery is racing Angel this weekend at Michigan.

* Montgomery raced the same truck in Atlanta (26th), Martinsville (30th) and Dover (18th) this season.

* The Tennessee native will be making his second NCTS start at Michigan on Saturday. He competed in last years' NCTS event and finished 15th. Tech Talk With Kip McCord: "I get asked a lot of times why we put 'duct tape' on the front of the truck. The tape is not the kind of 'duct tape' you would by at your local hardware store. It is a form of 'duct tape' and is available in a variety of colors to match the many paint schemes. In racing we call it 'Mile-in-Hour' tape because it sticks at amazing speeds. The reason we tape up the front grill area is to control the water temperature and to create less drag, which in return creates more down force. Downforce is important at a track like Michigan. It is extremely important in race trim because it affects the handling of the truck. You can pull one piece of tape off and allow air to enter at a different angle and the handling can change immediately. In qualifying, we will pretty much tape it all up because by creating less drag we will get more speed. Tape seems like a small thing when you thing about it, but it makes a big difference on the track."


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