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ON QUALIFYING ATTEMPT: "Going out third in the order, actually we went second, we didn't know if we could put down a lap that would hold. You just don't know if the clouds were going to blow in and cool it down enough for guys later in the order to beat us. We have been quick right off the truck today. The Chevy Trucks Silverado is good. I was just a little loose out of two but she stuck good and we were able to hang on to get the pole.

ON HOW NERVE RACKING IS IT TO HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL 40 OTHER TRUCKS QUALIFIED: :"We were pretty happy with the lap so even if we had ended up second or third, it gives us a good starting spot for the race and that is important here. I was worried about the 99 (Carl Edwards) , the 1 (Ted Musgrave) and the 4 (Bobby Hamilton). When the sun stayed out and it stayed hot, I felt a little better as they went through the order.

ON THE HEAT: "It is definitely hot and it does affect the handling of the truck because the track is going to get slicker the hotter it is. During qualifying you through the best setup you can to get one good lap even if you have to hold your breath. For the race, you build a little adjustability in it so if the clouds come over and the track cools down, you can make an adjustment that helps keep you where you need to be.

ON MEMPHIS MOTORSPORTS PARK: "I love this track. It is one of my absolute favorite tracks on our schedule. I have always qualified pretty well here and ran well unless we had some kind of problem or got in a wreck. It is a great track for the fans because they can see virtually the entire track and see all the action. We could race here twice a year and I wouldn't mind at all.

ON YOUR CHANCES IN TOMORROWS RACE: "Starting near the front here is important and maintaining track position all day is critical. I think we have a really good truck and I think this Chevy Trucks Silverado is capable of winning. But there is always that luck thing so we will just do everything as right as we can. The guys have really been practicing their pit stops so we should be excellent on pit road. Picking the right pit stall here is critical but I know Dave (Fuge, team manager) and Chris (Showalter, crew chief) will get us where we need to be. The guys will get me in and out of pitroad. I have the easy part, I get to drive the truck."


ON QUALIFYING ATTEMPT: "We are about where we were in practice, we were hoping to pick up a little bit, but it seems like the track lost a little bit of grip. We got a little sideways on the second lap, unfortunate for us. It will be important to start towards the front, to get a good pit stall, the guys have been doing a great job on pit road, but we just need to get them a good spot to work out of. "


ON QUALIFYING ATTEMPT: "I am disappointed with it. We couldn't get it through one and two. First lap I overdrove the corner a little bit, we were a little tight in the center. The second lap I was loose off of two. It wasn't what we were looking for. We thought we could run in the 22.80s. Which would have picked us up from practice to qualifying but we didn't. I probably could have done a little bit better than we had. This Chevrolet Silverado was good in practice, and we have another happy hour coming with a little bit more work to do. We will just shake it off and work on the race."

ON EFFORT DURING MORNING PRACTICE: "We worked both on race and qualifying stuff this morning. We will be ok. We have happy hour to make it better."


ON QUALIFYING ATTEMPT: "I just gave a little too much, with just little mistakes." I like short tracks like Memphis; it puts the driver back in the seat. Were as at speedways it is aerodynamics, short tracks bringing the importance back to the driver. We practiced well this morning, and I guess my qualifying effort was OK."


ON QUALIFYING ATTEMPT: "We made a few adjustments before qualifying, and just missed the set-up. The Team COPAXONE 0x00e8evy is better than that, but we'll take the start on a provisional and get to work for the race set up. Happy hour will let us experiment so we can bring home a strong finish for Team COPAXONE 0x086ed Chevy tomorrow afternoon"


ON QUALIFYING ATTEMPT: "We'll have a top ten qualifying run for sure. The truck did well out there in practice we were running some fast laps but we never got out in time during practice to do a mock qualifying run. The Spondivits Restaurants - Alpharetta Self Storage Chevy Silverado plans to be up front this whole weekend. I have to thank Andy Camp & Larry Thacker for coming on board with us this weekend. We plan a good run for them, we almost had it last week. It won't be long."

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