Memphis: GM Racing preview


TEAM: #46 Morgan-Dollar Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado

Do you find Memphis to be a fairly difficult race track? "Memphis can be difficult for drivers who are not familiar with the track. It takes a lot of braking getting into the corners, but then your truck must rotate just right in the middle of the corner to get the forward bite coming off. That can be a hard set up for a driver to relay to his crew chief."

Is Memphis one of the toughest tracks? "It's not a tough track in my opinion. We go there with high hopes that we will run well. Our team has been fortunate over the past three years to have some good finishes, so if we don't finish in the top five, its going to be a great disappointment to us. We hope that everyone else thinks its a tough track, but this is the site of Morgan-Dollar Motorsports first win and now that the forty-six team is having some success at some of the other venues, we look to continue to have a good run at Memphis."

Everyone who has won there has won or finished very high in the point standings. How does this track figure into the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Championship? "As we all know, every track scores the same championship points and they all count the same. However, I guess the best way to describe how Memphis Motorsports Park plays into the championship is that it is a short track. Most if not all the champions in the Craftsman Truck Series came up racing on short tracks. The series typically has a third or more races on short tracks. If you can't perform on a short track, you probably don't have a shot at the championship."


TEAM: #16 IWX Motorsports Chevy Trucks Silverado

On Memphis Motorsports Park: "I really like the Memphis track. You have to lift there and that puts the driver strongly in the equation. I know it is considered to be one of the more difficult tracks to drive on our NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series circuit but I have had a pole and a win there and the IWX Racing Chevy Trucks Silverado team has had great finishes there as well so I feel like we have what it takes to put a good race weekend together. Our short track program has been right where it needs to be this year so I am really looking forward to this weekend's race.

On steady climb in the standings: "It is too early to think about points and a championship. We need to focus on one race at a time and apply what we are learning to improve each race. With the technology we have gained from GM Racing and working with the other top-Silverado teams in the program, we have available every race more information than there has ever been for Truck teams not affiliated with a Cup program. GM Racing has provided us with specialist in shocks and aerodynamics as well equipment to help us further fine-tune our setups. This weekend in Memphis, the aero part isn't nearly as important as the handling characteristics of the Truck. There has been so much new technology and advances for us, we need to carefully analyze how to apply the information to our team and Truck and go one race at a time. Top-five finishes and wins will come from taking advantage of all these components. Points come with being consistent week after week.


TEAM: #6 Kevin Harvick, Inc. GM Goodwrench Silverado

On racing at Memphis Motorsports Park: "Memphis is a neat little race track. I like short tracks that put the driver back in the seat. At Memphis you have to get up on the wheel. You get up on the wheel at other tracks, too, but at Memphis you get more driver into the equation than at many tracks. You see a little bit more "rubbin' racin'" at a track like Memphis; you know, side by side, one driver racing against another even at the back of the pack."

TEAM: #15 Billy Ballew Motorsports Silverado

On racing at Memphis Motorsports Park: 'I'm excited about heading to Memphis. When I ran here in the Busch Series I was in the top 4 all day, involved in an accident and still came back to finish 11th. Short tracks are my specialty and we need to capitalize on that. The Chevy's I've been running have been great and the DEI power under the hood has kept us one of the fastest trucks out there. The team and I need to overcome the bad luck we had last week and go for the win. The Billy Ballew Motorsports Chevy Silverado is more than capable of being out front. We just need a little bit of luck on our side."


TEAM: #88 ThorSport Racing Menards Silverado

On racing at Memphis Motorsports Park, where he clinched his first USAC Championship - the Silver Crown title - in 2000..."That was a big moment for me, my family and the race team. I guess Memphis will always be special to us because of that. I probably thought more about it when we ran the Silver Crown car there in May than I am this week. The truck deal is a whole different thing and we're still a rookie here trying to make a name for ourselves."

On returning to a short track for the first time since finishing fifth at Mansfield..."We've struggled a little on the speedways since Mansfield, so it will be good to get back to a short track. Things are a little more even on the short tracks. Aero's not as big a deal. Handling's the key. There's no reason we can't go to Memphis and run up front like we did at Mansfield."


TEAM: #72 WAM, Inc. Silverado

NOTE: Teri MacDonald will make her second NCTS start at Memphis. This is where she made her very first start back in 2002, and the first time in NASCAR History a brother and sister competed together - against each other in the modern era of NASCAR. The team is still putting together sponsorship for the weekend, but Teri will have a large logo on the back of her truck. WAM is a newly formed NASCAR Charity.

On returning to Memphis Motorsports Park: "I am really looking forward to going back to Memphis. One goal is to get a better finish than 29th. The other concern is the heat. I remember it being really hot there, so I have been working out extra hard these past few days to get conditioned. It would be great if we could get a cold front come through for the weekend and the temperatures be in the high 60's."

TEAM: #98 Scott Racing Silverado

On Memphis being first NCTS event for the team in 2004: "We are looking forward to making our first NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series start of 2004 this coming weekend at Memphis Motorsports Park. I feel real confident that our teams efforts along with our new crew chief Eddie Sharp are going to have a real successful weekend. We are going to a track that I have previously raced in my All-Pro series car just over a year ago. Memphis is a wonderful facility and should make for great racing within the truck series. Scott Racing will be arriving in Memphis on Thursday morning to display our tuck at MCR Safety wear one of many sponsors that have helped to make this all possible."

TEAM: #02 Team Copazone Silverado

On racing at Memphis Motorsports Park: "We're looking forward to returning to Memphis with the Team COPAXONE Chevy Silverado. Memphis is the first track we ever raced in this series, and is a great track. We had to park the truck after a couple spins last year, but we're looking for a strong run this year. Our program is improving each week, and we're looking for that big breakout race where it all comes together. We had a strong truck at Texas, and thought that might have been our week, but perhaps this second time around in Memphis will be what we need."

TEAM: #08 PhoneCo Silverado

On finishing 18th in Texas and heading into Memphis: "We were hoping for a much higher finish for Texas but early overheating really took us out of the race. The last three weeks have been an improvement but we really need to step up our program. We are working hard to make Memphis a good run and would really like to achieve a top 10 finish. The team is really working hard and I am really trying to climb up on the wheel to improve our finishes."


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