Memphis: Ford teams race notes

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Truck Corral Ford F-150 (Finished 11th) WAS THIS THE HOTTEST YOU'VE BEEN IN A TRUCK? "No. I remember the road course a long time ago in Topeka. That's when you walked through the pits and your shoes melted off of...

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Truck Corral Ford F-150 (Finished 11th)

WAS THIS THE HOTTEST YOU'VE BEEN IN A TRUCK? "No. I remember the road course a long time ago in Topeka. That's when you walked through the pits and your shoes melted off of your feet. That was the hottest. Tonight was your typical short-track racing. We were prepared for the heat and made it OK. We had a decent truck. We didn't finish where I thought it would run, but we led some laps and if we could have had somebody else stay out with me and not get some new shoes it wouldn't have made us a sitting duck out there. It's not a bad finish. We're rebuilding this year."

ARE YOU HAPPY THIS WAS A NIGHT RACE, AND HOW WAS THE LIGHTING? "'It was fine. It was like a typical short track night. NASCAR and Memphis Motorsports Park did a nice job. It would have been a mistake to run this race this afternoon. It was a neat deal and we had a lot more fans at night than we did during day. It was a good call by NASCAR and Memphis."

TODD KLUEVER-50-World Financial Group Ford F-150 (Finished 10th)

WHAT HAPPENED ON THE FINAL LAP BETWEEN YOU AND THE NO. 30 TRUCK? "Unintentionally I got into Todd (Bodine) there on the last lap. I was inside him four times and every time he chopped me, and Jack Roush doesn't pay me to come here and be courteous. He pays me to come here and be competitive and go for wins."

HOW WAS THE LIGHTING TONIGHT? "It was really cool out there. The lights did great, and I can't imagine if we would have had to race at two or three o'clock today, how hot it would have been. Night racing is always good. Now if we can get them to let us practice the night before instead of doing these one-day shows, that would be awesome."

HOW WAS THE HEAT IN THE TRUCK TONIGHT? "It wasn't so bad in practice. It wasn't so bad for the first 150 laps, and it's not that it's so hot out there, it's just really stale. It's really humid and sticky. I've got to thank my guys because they put a bunch of extra hoses in the truck this week and kept me cool. We should have finished a lot better than 10th, but I'll take that from being two laps down."

TALK ABOUT PITTING UNDER GREEN AND LOSING TWO LAPS. "It's one of those deals where we were trying to keep our track position and we thought for sure we were going to have a caution there that was going to play in our favor and we didn't get it. I can't blame Mike (Beam, crew chief), he made the right call. Unfortunately it bit us, but we had a strong enough truck that we were able to drive through there and finish 10th."

TERRY COOK-10-Ford Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l F-150 (Finished 15th)

"I would say this ranks as the hottest I've ever been in a race since Topeka in 1998. This race and Topeka in 1998 are the side-by-side frontrunners for heat. It was just hot out there, and the problem is when you're on a little three-quarter mile track like this you just don't get the airflow in the vehicle because you're not running the speeds you run at the superspeedways. You don't generate any airflow, and it was just hot out there today."

HOW WAS THE LIGHTING ON THE TRACK TONIGHT? "They did a great job. There were no issues at all with the lighting. The Ford Power Stroke Diesel truck was good tonight early and we freed it up on the one pit stop and I probably should have just settled down and waited. The last stop, it was the last stop for tires and we weren't coming back, and we wanted to make an adjustment to take it to the end and we freed it up a little too much and we got into Bobby Hamilton there and I spun. That was 100 percent my fault and I probably should be been more patient then. Fortunately we did a 360 and didn't hit anything and came in and had to put tires on it, and we didn't have any tires left and struggled the rest of the race on old tires. The deal here at Memphis is that the competition is so tough that track position is the key. We had it working for us, and it was my fault tonight and I'll make it up to them."

RICKY CRAVEN-99-Superchips Ford F-150 (Finished 27th)

have no idea.  It was just completely out of control getting into that
corner (turn one).  I thought the left-front tire went down, but I don't
know.  You'll have to look at the video to figure that one out."

ARE YOU OK? "I'm fine. It was hot in the truck tonight and that was a pretty hard hit, and it knocked the wind out of me, but other than that I'm fine."

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