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Circle Bar shows Patriotic support in Martinsville. Martinsville, VA -- When Rick Crawford hits the half-mile Martinsville Speedway this weekend, he will show his support for America's Military forces by driving the ...

Circle Bar shows Patriotic support in Martinsville.

Martinsville, VA -- When Rick Crawford hits the half-mile Martinsville Speedway this weekend, he will show his support for America's Military forces by driving the #14 Circle Bar Motel and RV Park Stars and Stripes Ford F-150. The team will proudly display the Stars and Stripes on the sides of the truck and show their support further by displaying America's symbol of freedom on the deck-lid in the form of a Bald Eagle.

"We're honored to show our pride and support for all our service men and women throughout the world," said Crawford. "Without the hardwork and dedication of all our armed forces, we would not have the opportunity to race each weekend. They protect our freedoms everyday and this is only a small way to show our appreciation."

Crawford's Thoughts

Racing at the Martinsville Oval

"It's a half mile all-turn road course. You have to hit your marks at every corner, you have to be smooth and you have to have a good handling truck with a lot of forward bite. We haven't raced their since they changed the concrete configurations in the corners so it will be new to all the truck guys, I think that's the way I look at it, you have a curb on the inside of the race track so I look at as a half mile road course."

On Racing with Darrell Waltrip

"I think it's a great idea, I wish more of the veteran drivers that have left our sport or went into other forms of commentary or advertising, whatever that enjoyed the sport of racing would come back and just like Darrell did he joined the senior tour. I look at the truck series like that sometimes, we have Winston Cup drivers that want to rebuild their careers or restart or rejump their careers that come back and run the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and then you have drivers are just wanting to race and have some fun. You can come into this series and fun racing and some of the best racing in the country is in this series."

On winning an All-Pro event at the Martinsville Speedway in 1995

"We had a Robert Yates engine in the car that would take if from one corner to the next. It was an Unbelievable race in the Circle Bar Motel and RV Park Ford Thunderbird. Winston Cup guys were on their side of the fence, All-Pro guys on the other and when I finished that race the Winston Cup guys were hanging on the fence watching the end because we were beating and banging to the finish, but when we got to the straightaways those Robert Yates motors took me to the other end."

On the 2003 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Season

"We got out of Daytona with the best finish possible and a great race and a lot of momentum. I believe we should of run a little bit better at Darlington, we had a good race we wanted to keep our truck in one piece and send it to the wind tunnel with no scratches on it, that's essentially a victory at Darlington when you come out of their without something tore up. I believe we were two or three spots better than what we finished and the same goes for Mesa Marin. We had a tough race all day, we raced to the end we came up with a sixth place finish, but I still believe we were two or three spots better than we actually finished. We have to stop that, we got to be finishing were we should finish, we need to finish strong in all the races and we have to get back into victory lane. Daytona spoiled me, I'm used to it, I'm hungry for it and I want to put the Circle Bar Ford back in victory lane, quickly."

On the Competition in the series

"Consistency always pays big dividends, consistently finishing good is better than that. Competition is a little different this year, teams are aware of that, even though your consistently finishing you can't let good finishes when you should have had them slip away from you. Because it going to be hard to regain points once you lost them. This is going to be the year of once you lose points their not going to be easier to get as they have been in years past. Teams are stronger this year than they've ever been and there's more strong teams. NASCAR has a lot of parity in the series, so racings going to be tough, so it's going to be easy to beat yourself."

On racing at certain venues in the series

"I look forward to racing no matter where the venues at. There are some tracks that I would rather be finished early on with, not in a day, but go ahead get them done with than other tracks because I enjoy racing more say at Charlotte, Texas, Dover where you can race all day long and you might lead there and have a good finish. Someplace like Darlington or Bristol, or somewhere where anything can happen and anything can take you out, your highly concentrated, highly on the edge and it might not be necessarily your cause that cost you a good finish, could be someone else, a mechanical failure, because the track was treacherous. I never look forward to going to another race until I'm finished with that particular event. I do look at our schedule and say I'm ready to race and enjoy racing at each and every venue."


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