Martinsville II: Winning team interview

TIMOTHY PETERS, No. 1 Strutmasters Toyota Tundra, Red Horse Racing Finishing Position: 1st How does it feel to get your first truck series victory at your home track? "Words can't describe what I'm going through right now. These two guys up...

TIMOTHY PETERS, No. 1 Strutmasters Toyota Tundra, Red Horse Racing Finishing Position: 1st

How does it feel to get your first truck series victory at your home track?

"Words can't describe what I'm going through right now. These two guys up here -- Tom DeLoach (team owner) for believing in me and giving me an opportunity. Chad Kendrick (crew chief) for sticking with me when neither one of us knew what would happen in our future. Chip Lofton with Mike Smith (track public relations) and Clay Campbell (track president) -- I can't say enough about these guys for the show that they put on not only for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series here at Martinsville Speedway but the Balley's 300 also, a Late Model stock race. It's been bitter sweet -- a long time coming. This was is for my dad."

Were you worried that you would run out of fuel?

"I was a little worried about that in the beginning. What a great call Chad (Kendrick) made at the beginning to come down pit road to get tires. We were just so loose on forward bite on the beginning of the run in this, Red Horse Racing Toyota Tundra. I can't thank these guys enough. Everybody involved with us. The No. 1 was number one today."

What were you thinking the last few laps?

"The last 10 laps, I was saying my prayers. 'C'mon Lord, let's go 10 laps.' Thank the Lord above. This right here is awesome to win at Martinsville for my Dad, who I lost in (2001). I have a lot of memories right here. I'm speechless."

Did you feel anything special this morning that made you think you could win?

"It's nothing out of the ordinary other than I wanted to race today really bad because I knew in race trim we had a real good truck. We were just a little too free in qualifying and didn't get the starting position that we like, but again, the beginning of the race, we were just a little too free as far as our drive off. We came down pit road somewhat out of sequence. Chad made great calls. Nothing is any different. I got up and put my clothes on the same way I do every day."

What did it mean to have veteran drivers congratulate you in victory lane?

"I had Todd (Bodine) and Ron (Hornaday) come up. I thought I was going to have a heart attack from that cold Gatorade he dumped on me. Terry Cook, Stacy Compton, all the guys that have had success in this sport, especially Todd and Ron with their championships -- it's an awesome feeling. Tom (DeLoach) talked about the last time that he had been victory lane was '06, and the last time I was in victory lane was '05 and it was here. It feels great to be in victory lane. Four years is a long time, especially when you come off Saturday night short tracks and you're used to winning week in and week out. We knew we had to get the respect of these guys because they're professionals. Hopefully they see that with us."

CHAD KENDRICK, crew chief, No. 1 Strutmasters Toyota Tundra, Red Horse Racing

What were your thoughts in the final laps of the race today?

"Since Vegas this race right here - I have a calendar in my office and this race was marked. So as soon as Vegas as over our thought concentration and everything went into this race. We went and tested and tested and went to the seven-post and we put a lot of effort. We also put a lot of effort into the fuel because we were here in the spring and was running fifth with eight to go and ran out. So we sat down and we looked at it and looked at it and in practice we probably spent just as much time on the fuel mileage stuff as we did getting the truck prepared to win. When the race started the truck was actually a lot freer than I anticipated it being and it was almost to the point where I could visually see that he (Timothy Peters) didn't have a truck to win at the front of the race and he was telling me that he didn't have a truck to win at the front of the race. When that caution fell we had planned from the set of the race that we were going to do one stop and we knew we could go all the way so when that caution came out it kind of came out exactly where we kind of planned. Came down pit road, took the four tires, came back for fuel and made some big swings at it and was just hoping it was going to be enough. When he fired off back racing he was running his fastest time like every tenth lap. I knew we had a good truck. At this point it was just a little tight off but it was free rolling the center better than any truck here and I could see that so I told Timothy (Peters), 'If you take your time and get to the lead I really feel confident we could win this thing.' He did the rest."

TOM DeLOACH, team owner, No. 1 Strutmasters Toyota Tundra, Red Horse Racing

How happy are you for your race team?

"I'm thrilled with these guys. It was a real pleasure for me to get to know Timothy (Peters), get to see the passion and the drive in this guy. Many of you don't know -- Timothy comes down to our shop every day. He is there in the shop every day working on his truck and T.J.'s (Bell) truck. You don't see that in drivers today. You tell me any other driver that is going into any shop and participating with the guys building those trucks. It doesn't exist and that's what is so special about this guy. He can get out there, he can get up on the wheel, he can race hard but he's one of the team. And you keep saying there's no I in team, well there's a little bit of me in team and Timothy (Peters) is the me in that team. He gets out there and he gets it done. He works together with these guys. He and Chad (Kendrick) have a special relationship. Sometimes you hear them fussing at each other and you think it's two brothers about to get in a fight but that's just the way it is. They communicate that way and it works and you see the relationship and it's just really pleasing to me to see this thing kind of come to fruition at a track like this. We were here in 2006 with David Starr. It was a thrilling time then and I've got to tell you, there's something about a win - you go three years because you're looking for that next win - and when I ran into this guy I knew we'd get a win. The question was when not where."

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