Martinsville II: GM teams race notes, quotes

Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin Score Top-10 Finishes in NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Race at Martinsville Team Chevy NASCAR Nextel Cup Regulars Have Fun in Kroger 200 Martinsville, Va. - Team Chevy NASCAR Nextel Cup Series (NNCS) regulars Kyle ...

Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin Score Top-10 Finishes in NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Race at Martinsville
Team Chevy NASCAR Nextel Cup Regulars Have Fun in Kroger 200

Martinsville, Va. - Team Chevy NASCAR Nextel Cup Series (NNCS) regulars Kyle Busch, No. 15 Sound and Speed Silverado and Denny Hamlin, No. 46 Econo Lodge/Rodeway Inn Silverado took their afternoon off at Martinsville (Va.) to race in the Kroger 200.

The pair began their stellar NASCAR careers in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (NCTS) competition. Busch finished sixth today while Hamlin took the checkered flag in eighth position.

NCTS Silverado regulars had a typical beating and banging day at the .566-mile track. Ron Hornaday, NO. 33 AES HR Solutions Silverado, rebounded from a cut left rear tire early in the race to finish 13th.

Jack Sprague (Toyota) won the race followed by David Starr (Toyota), Erik Darnell (Ford), Mark Martin (Ford) and Johnny Benson (Toyota).

NCTS manufacturers points stand as follows: Toyota 150 points (11 wins); Ford 135 points (7 wins); Chevrolet 102 points (3 wins) and Dodge 73 points (0) wins.

Race 22 of the 2006 NCTS 25-race schedule will be October 28, 2006 at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Kyle Busch, No. 15 Sound & Speed Silverado - Qualified 9th, Finished 6th: "There was plenty of beating and banging, it's Martinsville though. I've got to thank Billy (Ballew) and Richie (Wauters, crew chief) and all the guys for letting me have some fun here on Saturday at Martinsville."

ON IT BEING HARD TO PASS: "Yeah, if NASCAR didn't black flag the 9 (Ted Musgrave) you would have seen him win the race. He had a pretty good truck but for not pitting, geez, that's pretty impressive. It's good to see that but on the other hand it's bad to see that. There wasn't much passing. You couldn't do anything."

COULD YOU GO UP TOP AT ALL? "You could go up there for about one or two corners on a restart just as long as the bottom groove was all mixed up but other than that, Nah. You'd get shuffled out there. It's too tight. You couldn't do anything."


Denny Hamlin, No. 46 EconoLodge/Rodeway Inn Silverado - Qualified 19th, Finished 8th: "It was a lot of fun. I wish we could have got these guys a little bit better of a run but still it was overall a good day for the whole team. The truck came away clean. That's a good thing and hopefully I'll get to run with these guys again."

DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING THAT WILL HELP YOU FOR TOMORROW? "Yeah, you just learn about the track condition and what lines work better than others. I think I found something that will help me for tomorrow and that's all I can ask coming out of today."


Ron Hornaday, Jr., No. 33 AES HR Solutions Silverado - Qualified 6th, Finished 13th: "I must have made NASCAR mad when I caused that yellow for my flat tire. If we can't do nothing about lapped trucks, I mean there's nothing we could do about it. Every incident I've had out there today was a lapped truck. That's what hit my left rear tire. They're just stupid things. After the race I can't figure out why they pulled our motor apart when we finished 15th or 20th or wherever we finished. It was a good Chevrolet Silverado. It ran good, we just couldn't catch a break. That's Martinsville though."


Aric Almirola, No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado - Qualified 12th, Finished 16th: "Our Spears Silverado was tight all day long. Dave (McCarty, crew chief) and the guys worked hard to get us freed up. Then you just couldn't pass out there today. The top groove just wouldn't hold you if you stayed up for very long. I really like racing at Martinsville, it is a pretty typical NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race. We are going to keep working hard to get good solid runs in the rest of the races this season."


Dennis Setzer, No. 85 E85 FlexFuel Silverado - Qualified 16th, Finish 23rd: NOTE - Setzer reported to the crew he had lost a cylinder on lap 125
IT WAS A TOUGH DAY FOR YOU AT ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE TRACKS? "Yeah, we had a decent truck today and could have had a really good finish. But about lap 25 I started noticing that the motor had a different tone in it. Then I guess we just started losing power and were running on seven cylinders from that point on. It's a shame because I feel like we could have been there in the end and had a shot at the race. However, it's also a tribute to how good our truck was that we were able to stay on the lead lap with just seven cylinders."


Matt Crafton, No. 88 Menards/Energizer Silverado - Qualified 10th, Finished 34th: NOTE - Crafton blew an engine on lap 125: "Man, we had a really, really good truck. The guys brought a really good truck again; it was the same truck we finished third with here in the spring, and the truck that we ran at Loudon. We were just sitting there, buying our time, and were trying to save our tires. I think the motor dropped a valve or something, and we just couldn't run it at all. It is a real shame for our Chevy Silverado."


Mike Bliss, No. 16 Xpress Motorsports/ Silverado - Qualified 18th, Finished 22nd

Robert Richardson, No. 1 Silverado - Qualified 33rd, Finished 24th

Chad McCumbee, No. 08 GPS Store/Garmin Silverado - Qualified 26th, Finished 27th

J.C. Stout, No. 91 Hunter's Hope Foundation Silverado - Qualified 36th, Finished 28th

Tam Topham, No. 70 Suzuki ATVs/Cook's Cleaning Centers Silverado - Qualified 32nd, Finished 29th

John Mickel, No. 07 Dudman Group/DSI Group Silverado - Qualified 35th, Finished 31st

Kerry Earnhardt, No. 13 ThorSport Silverado - Qualified 27th, Finished 33rd: NOTE - Earnhardt blew an engine on lap 129

Shane Huffman, No. 40 Key Motorsports Silverado - Qualified 24th, Finished 35th

-credit: gm racing

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