Martinsville II: GM Racing race quotes, notes

Martinsville, VA - It was a typically wild NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (NCTS) race short track style for Ron Hornaday, Jr., No. 33 Camping World Silverado, at Martinsville Speedway. After on-track contact slightly damaged the two-time NCTS ...

Martinsville, VA - It was a typically wild NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (NCTS) race short track style for Ron Hornaday, Jr., No. 33 Camping World Silverado, at Martinsville Speedway. After on-track contact slightly damaged the two-time NCTS champion's truck on lap 168 of the 200-lap Kroger 200, Hornaday battled through a tight condition to finish third charging from fifth in the order to the top-three with just three laps to go. The strong finish kept the battle for the 2007 driver's championship tight - at only 11 points separating Hornaday from race winner and points leader Mike Skinner with four races remaining in the season.

Matt Crafton, No. 88 Menards/Pittsburgh Paints Silverado, looked to have a sure top-five finish when a multi-truck wreck on the last lap relegated him from fourth in the running order to 18th.

Raybestos Rookie of the Year contender Willie Allen, No. 13 ThorSport/Pork Board/Music City Nashville Silverado had a strong top-10 run going until the same last crash that Crafton was caught in relegated him to 14th in the final order. Allen will stay on top of the rookie standings as his nearest rival, Tim Sauter, was taken out of the running in an accident on lap 192 of the race.


Brendan Gaughan, No. 77 South Point Hotel Silverado, Started 33rd, Finished 11th:

"I hate Martinsville, I am not as bad as I say I am here. The boys in the shop let us down a little bit, we lost our practice time because of some stuff that happened. We knew we had good stuff. John McQueen from Chevrolet has been helping us out a bunch with our short track stuff. You know when you miss most of practice you have no chance. So Bryan (Berry) crew chief took a chance and found what was wrong at the end of practice, qualified kind of bare and that wasn't that great. That is why Chevrolet wanted our team because this is a team that just doesn't give up. We just don't quit. At one point during the race, Bryan popped the hood and made adjustments on the front jack bolts. That is how far we will go to try to keep getting our stuff better. In the end, maybe with a green white checkered we could have brought our Chevy home with a top-five."


Willie Allen, No. 13 ThorSport Racing/Pork/Nashville Music City Silverado, Started 21, Finished 14th:

"It is very disappointing because we had a solid top-10 going there until the last lap. I feel good about how well we ran cause we made the truck a lot better. There at the beginning, we had a 35th place truck. Lance Hooper (crew chief) and the guys kept working on it and made it a ton better. Man I thought we were going to get another top-10 - that would have been two in a row. I got caught up in that wreck off turn four. There was a truck down low, I went high and had him cleared and he put it in gear, spun it around and hit us. It is one of those deals; I think we gained some rookie points so we will take our Silverado and head to Atlanta."


Denny Hamlin, No. 15 Flanders Beef Patties Silverado, Started 3rd, Finished 19th:

"Wow, these guys are just crazy out there. They just stick in gear and go. In the wrong place at the wrong time - I was fine after that flat tire then we checked up and were hit in the rear. It was a lot of fun out there until it started to wreck each other all over the place. I had a great time working with Billy Ballew Motorsports and mixing it up with Kyle (Busch) we are good friends on and off the track and that was a lot of fun."


Tim Sauter, No. 07 Lester Buildings Silverado, Started 15th, Finished 27th: NOTE: Involved in multi-truck incident on the front stretch on lap 93 of the 200-lap race.

"I just hate it for Lester Buildings, Green Light Racing and all my guys. They work really hard. We don't have the biggest budget, we are doing our best, and we were looking for a top-10 here today. There just isn't no givin and takin, I guess from now on, I am going to get them before they get me. I think Todd Bodine is an idiot, I think he caused a lot of that. I think he got in to Kvapil and Kvapil got in to me, and nobody lifted. The yellow flags are so inconsistent and nobody lets up. I got hit about eight times about eight different trucks, frankly it is crazy. I am just sorry for all of my sponsors and my guys."


Kyle Busch, No. 51 Flanders Beef Patties Silverado, Started 25th, Finished 31st:

"We aren't even close to the end of the race, we were just out there kinda riding around. Our truck wasn't that good in practice yesterday and we just couldn't seem to make any gains on it. We worked on it all day, we just couldn't seem to find anything that would make it turn the way we wanted it to. We weren't that great but were trying to make the best out of if in our Chevrolet. We had made some gains on restarts; I thought I kinda had something going out there. It was kind of a struggle out there for a while but this race is kind of pathetic, it isn't really a race, more like bumper cars out there. You can't pass anybody; I don't think I have seen a single clean pass out there all day today. You guys running into you in the corner on the bottom and other guys taking it three wide out there for no reason. Guess that is just a product of truck races and why everybody loves it so much.

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