Martinsville II: GM Racing preview

DRIVER: DENNIS SETZER TEAM: No. 46 Morgan-Dollar Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado NOTE: Setzer heads to Martinsville second in points, just 79 points out of first. Setzer finished second in the spring, 2004 race. On Martinsville ...

TEAM: No. 46 Morgan-Dollar Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado

NOTE: Setzer heads to Martinsville second in points, just 79 points out of first. Setzer finished second in the spring, 2004 race.

On Martinsville Speedway: "Martinsville is a very special place for me. This is by far my favorite track on the circuit. I have been racing here for a long time and have had some success in almost every thing that I have driven here. The track takes a lot out of the equation and when you boil it down, a lot of what makes you fast here is in the driver's hands. You have to have a good motor and gear selection, but the driver's ability to finesse in the corners will make or break you. This track is a lot like the tracks that I began my racing career at. Tracks such as Hickory and Caraway were great proving grounds for a facility such as Martinsville."

On Teaming Up with Bobby Labonte: "Bobby and I had some great rivalries in the late 80s and early 90s at tracks just like Martinsville. It's going to be great to compete with him again and even better that he is going to be my teammate this time. We actually are going to test together at Caraway, the site of our early battles. I got to test the #47 truck for him at Caraway a few weeks ago, but on Tuesday we are taking both the #46 and #47 Silverado's there together to get ready. I am sure working together we can make both of our trucks better."

On his finish at Texas Motor Speedway (10/16): "We had some handling issues early in the race with our Chevrolet Silverado but I believe Danny (Gill, crew chief) and the guys had our truck back on track after the adjustments on the first two pit stops. Unfortunately, we got together with another truck there in the last 40 laps. The nose on the left side was knocked in so bad that it made the truck incredibly tight in the final laps. We got an eighth-place finish but it wasn't a great day for us overall."


TEAM: No. 16 IWX Motorsports Chevy Trucks Silverado

NOTE: Sprague won the pole and finished third in the spring, 2004 Martinsville race.

On Martinsville Speedway: "We had a great run at Martinsville in the spring. No one was more surprised that I to get the pole there. It just never seemed to be a track that I had a real handle on for a pole. That is a testimony to how capable the guys on this Chevy Trucks Team are at setting up fast trucks. We raced good all day and were very happy with our third place finish. I am confident about how we will unload this weekend. We are coming off some strong runs on two of the bigger tracks so to keep our momentum going, we need to repeat our spring performance at Martinsville. The new surface will change things for us this time but it will be the same for everyone and probably make the racing even better."

On Remainder of 2004 Season: "This Chevy Trucks team has the talent and determination to win races and championships. We know we can't win this one but our goal is to get as far up the top-ten in points as we can in these last four races and be a serious contender for the 2005 title. The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series has matured and isn't remotely like the series was a few years ok. It is tough and competitive and every race there is 10 or 12 trucks capable of winning. It has always been a great place to race but now it is even better because of the support we get from Chevrolet Silverado brand and GM Racing. We want to give them a championship for their belief in our program."

TEAM: No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado

NOTE: Starr moved to seventh in the series standings following his fourth place finish at Texas

On Martinsville Speedway: "I'm really excited about returning to Martinsville for the second time this season. It is a great, fun little track. Over the summer they have resurfaced it and made some additional improvements, so it should really be good. This is our last short track race of the season and we really want to put our No. 75 Spears Chevy Silverado in a top position. We've always run in the top ten at Martinsville, but it would sure be good to get a top three. You need a good handling truck, good brakes and a lot of luck. In the past, we've had everything except the luck. Hopefully this time out, it will be different. This type of racing is a great show for the fans. The action is fast and furious with a lot of bumping and banging going on,"


TEAM: No. 6 Kevin Harvick, Inc. GM Goodwrench Silverado

On Martinsville Speedway: "I've had some pretty good runs here and I've had some pretty bad runs as well. It's definitely one of those tracks that bite you or you can love it. I really like the track and I know you are going to have some rubbings racing at these short tracks, but all in all I think it gets back to your roots. Racing the short tracks is what I grew up doing. I had never been on anything bigger than a mile until a few years ago. It's always neat to go back to the short tracks because you can lean on your competitors a little more. This place is honestly different than a lot of short tracks I have ever run on. It's got what they call two drag strips and two tight corners. So it is definitely a tough one to get a handle on. I have always raced pretty well here. We just need to work on our qualifying effort a little bit. The speeds have picked up three or four tenths here with the new surface. The late-models were the first to run on the new surface and a bunch of them broke track records. A few of the NEXTEL Cup teams have tested it out as well and they were on track to break some track records also. They have done an awesome job and the place looks really smooth. There are no bumps and there isn't a big transition from concrete to asphalt, so I am really looking forward to the race."

On Running As Companion Race to NASCAR Nextel Cup Series: "This year they have been a real advantage for me because I have been able to get some really good advice from Kevin (Harvick). It helps when you and your boss are running on the same track on the same weekend. Also, at a lot of these companion events we get some big crowds and Martinsville is a really good companion event that really brings the fans. The truck series has definitely grabbed the attention of more fans with more manufacturers like Toyota coming in. That has really made Chevrolet pick their program up which has ultimately made the racing better."

TEAM: No. 15 Trimspa Silverado

On Martinsville Speedway: "I am ready to go short track racing in Martinsville. It's an old NASCAR track with some cool history and a lot of great racing. I plan on improving the No. 15 Silverado's finish from the spring. We were running in the top five all day until a gear broke and unfortunately that was the end of our spring race in Martinsville. It will be a great race for fans. I'm sure there will some beating and banging going on. I just want to keep the trucks nose clean and bring home another good finish for Billy Ballew Motorsports."

TEAM: No. 02 Team Copaxone Silverado

On Martinsville Speedway: "Martinsville is a tough track for a rookie, and there are always a lot of good trucks looking to make the field. We're tested down at Caraway Tuesday, so we can unload with a great setup this weekend. I wasn't happy missing the field back in April, but the team has come a long way since then, and we're pretty determined to come back and get it right. The last three weeks have had some real ups and downs, and losing an engine on the third lap in Texas was a heartbreaker. With only four races to go, we want to get back on track and create some momentum as we close this season."

TEAM: No. 88 ThorSport Racing Menards Silverado

On Martinsville Speedway: "We had a great truck at Martinsville in the spring, but we had an oil line fitting back off. We had to come to the pits to get it fixed and it cost us a few laps. It was really a shame though, because we came out and ran lap times that were just as fast as the leaders. We have had five years' worth of bad luck this season. If we can just get through one race without some sort bad luck biting us, I think you'll start to see the potential this team has to be a top-10 and top-5 contender."


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