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Kevin Harvick Puts Chevy Silverado in Victory Lane at Martinsville Ron Hornaday Moves Up in Point Standings with Runner-Up Finish Giving Kevin Harvick, Inc. One-Two Martinsville, VA -- Kevin Harvick, No. 2 KHI/Bounty Silverado, led one time for...

Kevin Harvick Puts Chevy Silverado in Victory Lane at Martinsville Ron Hornaday Moves Up in Point Standings with Runner-Up Finish Giving Kevin Harvick, Inc. One-Two

Martinsville, VA -- Kevin Harvick, No. 2 KHI/Bounty Silverado, led one time for 11 laps to capture the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series victory in the Kroger 250 at Martinsville Speedway.

Coming from the sixth starting position in the race delayed by weather from Saturday, Harvick took the lead on lap 241 to capture his fourth NCWTS career victory behind the wheel of his KHI-owned truck. It is the second consecutive win in his company-owned race vehicles coming on the heels of his Bristol Motor Speedway win in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Three-time NCWTS champion Ron Hornaday, No. 33 Longhorn Silverado, finished second behind his KHI team owner. He led once for 16 laps in the scheduled 250-lap race that ran one lap over to 251 after the 13th caution of the race. The race ended with the caution/checkered flag fell after the 14th and final yellow flag flew simultaneously with the white flag.

The runner-up finish moved Hornaday to third in the standings with four races of the 25-race schedule in the books.

Dennis Setzer put the No. 8 Malcolmson Construction Silverado in the seventh finishing position and Matt Crafton, No. 88 Energizer/Menard's Silverado finished ninth. Crafton sits fifth in the standings after today's race.

Chad McCumbee, No. 07 SS Greenlight Racing Silverado, dropped three positions in the standings to eighth after finishing a disappointing 28th place.

Next on the schedule is April 25, 2009 at Kansas Speedway.


KEVIN HARVICK, No. 2 KHI/Bounty Silverado, Winner:

THAT WAS A CRAZY FINISH AT THE END "Yeah, everybody was trying to save gas. But the first thing I want to do is thank Kroger and Bounty. They put this deal together on Monday. And it's a pretty cool looking truck and I also want to thank the guys at the shop. They guys in the fab shop built this truck in about ten days. It's a brand new truck.

"But man, that was fun. We got to push and shove a little bit and make Kyle (Busch) race hard there at the end. I didn't know if any of us were going to make it on gas, but it was a good day for KHI and (Ron) Hornaday and his Longhorn truck and Ricky (Carmichael) got his first laps here so it was a wide gamut of things but still a great day to be here in victory lane, so close to home."

YOU SAID YOU SOMETIMES ARE THE GUINEA PIG AND JUST EXPERIMENT WITH THE TRUCKS AND HERE YOU ARE IN VICTORY LANE "Yeah, well, they make me do all the R&D stuff with the trucks and it's just one of those deals where all the new stuff we've been trying for all of our new stuff coming out, and it all works.

"The other thing I want to do is thank the fans for coming out on a Monday. What a crowd for a Monday afternoon at Martinsville. It's just a lot of fun."

TALK ABOUT YOUR DAY. "That was a lot of fun and our truck was really good. I just want to thank everyone in the grandstands today. To come out here on Monday to watch a truck race. A lot of these people are my neighbors so it's fun to win close to home and to finally win here at Martinsville, I felt like we've been close. I want to thank Kroger and Bounty for putting this deal together on Monday. That's when we got the okay to put the decals on the truck. The guys did a great job. A brand new Triad chassis here and they built this truck in 10 days to come here and try a lot of new things out. It all worked out. The truck was pretty tight but in the end it was good enough to win."

TALK US THROUGH THE LST 20 - 25 LAPS, YOU WERE BUSY NOT ONLY IN FRONT OF YOU WITH KYLE (BUSCH) BUT ALSO WITH (RON) HORNADAY BEHIND YOU. "I wasn't worried about what was behind me. I knew Ron would take care of me unless I really, really screwed up. There at the end I was just focused on getting by the No. 51 (Kyle Busch) and as the laps wound down the left rear quarter panel kept getting a little further caved in I finally was able to get up underneath him. I didn't want to wreck him but the closer it got the more pressure we had to put on him so you never know what would have happened. Just a fun day. These trucks are fun to race and that makes it fun to come here."

YOU MENTIONED YOUR NEIGHBORS AND A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO YOU DECLARED THIS YOUR HOME TRACK, YOUR FAN CLUB DID A BIG DEAL WITH TICKETS AND PROMOTIONS, TALK ABOUT WINNING HERE AT MARTINSVILLE. "Well it's pretty cool. There's a lot of fans that come to our shop, a lot of people from the community that work at our shop and around this area. We have some people that work for us from Martinsville and to come here a win this is KHI's home track. We're 35 minutes from here and its fun when you can have all of your family and friends come here and watch."



"Well, I didn't know whether to pit or not to pit. But the guys did a great job again. We needed fuel and I just didn't know how the No. 51 was going to do it again and Kevin, you know, he pitted before us. Mark Smith does a great job on the motor. We tried a little different carburetor strategy and it seemed to work. This truck is the one I wrecked in Phoenix and I've got to thank Longhorn and Chevrolet and everybody for what they've done. It's just pretty cool to come back. We had a pretty good truck and I used it up a little bit to get back through there. And then I watched Kyle and Kevin running pretty hard and I figured I was going to save it and then (Mike) Skinner started catching me and I ran back up on them. But darn, I was so worried about Skinner on the restart and I laid back too far and let Kevin get away. But I might have had to move him the last lap if it stayed green going in there going for the white.

"But you guys haven't been over to GM lately, get to your local store; they're a lot of fun to drive."

WILD RACE ON A MONDAY AFTERNOON HERE IN MARTINSVILLE, YOUR PERSPECTIVE ON TODAY'S EVENT. "Well first of all I had to go down and apologize to Johnny (Benson). I got under there and hit the curve and spun him out but I hated to see it happen. (Rick) Crawford was running a heck of a race and the lappers got me underneath him. I've just got to thank Longhorn, VFW and just everybody. What a great day for KHI to finish one-two behind the boss. Kyle (Busch) was slowing us up. I burned my brakes up following him and when I got to him I had to let him go a little bit to run him back down. Heck I'll take second. I was too busy watching (Mike) Skinner on the restart and he laid back so I laid back and then (Kevin) Harvick took off and I spun the tires. Well take second. It's great for the Longhorn Chevrolet. If you haven't driven a GM lately get to your local store because they are pretty fun to drive."

WHAT ABOUT THE LAST RESTART KNOWING THAT YOUR BOSS (KEVIN HARVICK) WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU? "Like I said, I knew that the boss wasn't going to do nothing to mix up the start. When I looked in mirror to see where Skinner was laying back I tried to lay back another second and the boss already took off. I didn't let him have that one, I kind of ran in on him in the corner. One more lap I might have had to move him for the win."

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