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Martinsville, VA - Team Chevy driver Matt Crafton posted a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series career-best finish taking the checkered flag of the Kroger 250 in third behind the wheel of the No. 88 Menard's Silverado. Mike Bliss brought the No. 16 ...

Martinsville, VA - Team Chevy driver Matt Crafton posted a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series career-best finish taking the checkered flag of the Kroger 250 in third behind the wheel of the No. 88 Menard's Silverado.

Mike Bliss brought the No. 16 Xpress/IWX Silverado to the finish at Martinsville Speedway in fifth position. Clint Bowyer, No. 07 Jack Daniel's Silverado finished seventh and Dennis Setzer brought the No. 85 E85 FlexFuel Silverado home in ninth.

David Starr (Toyota) was the winner followed by Ted Musgrave (Toyota). Mark Martin (Ford) finished fourth between the Silverado drivers of Crafton and Bliss.


Matt Crafton, No. 88 Menards Silverado, Started 21st, Finished 3rd:

"I am really happy with the Menards Chevy, it was horrible on the first run, just really tight and we came in on around lap 70, and got our tires. We were hoping to get enough cautions for our plan to work out. When I saw Mark Martin in my rear view mirror, I knew that I couldn't have anyone better behind me. He said that he wasn't going to move me for third, and he had fresh tires and we didn't. There is no bigger gentleman out there than Mark Martin, he could have very easily moved me out of the way, but he didn't.

I can't thank Chevrolet and my team enough, and we have been adding people here and there, and I really think that we are building a lot of momentum for the rest of the season."


Mike Bliss, No. 16 Xpress Motorsports Silverado, Started 12th, Finished 5th:

GOOD DAY FOR YOU GUYS "It was really hot out here today. I didn't know whether it was supposed to snow, sleet or be eighty-five today. This IWX Silverado was really good today. This is by far the best truck or car I have ever had here. But between traffic and cautions, we just couldn't get a break and couldn't get the long runs that we needed. The truck really got better and better as we went on.

GOOD MOMENTUM FOR YOU GUYS "We just need to keep doing this and we need to go Monday and try to get going for the next race. You know, its always one race at a time and Martinsville was a good points day for us.

YOU MENTIONED THE TRAFFIC OUT THERE. YOU KNOW HOW DOES IT AFFECT A RACE WITH SO MANY ROOKIES OUT THERE? YOU KNOW THERE WERE THIRTEEN BOYS OUT THERE THAT HAD NEVER SEEN THIS PLACE BEFORE. HOW MUCH PATIENCE DO YOU HAVE TO USE? "You have to use a lot, on restarts especially. These guys were using the bottom groove; you know they were using the bottom so much and wouldn't move up and use the outside. You know, they were racing for the lucky dog and I've got my spotter yelling at their spotter, and I know how it is but that's kind of embarrassing to have this many cautions."


Ron Hornaday No. 33 Kevin Harvick Inc. Chevrolet Silverado, Started 14th, Finished 14th:

"What a day; I struggled in my Silverado all day. From the beginning my truck was tight and then within the first 30 laps my brakes started acting up. I would be braking at the start finish line and it would finally slow up in the middle of Turn 1&2. I just can't believe for the day that we had, we finished 14th. Just really disappointing for my team and Kevin and DeLana; they've given us everything we need and we just can't get the finishes we need."


Dennis Setzer, No. 85 Chevrolet E85 FlexFuel Silverado, Started 23rd, Finished 9th:

"Our truck was loose on the early runs, but then came in after about thirty to forty laps. Eric and the guys made a good call early in the race to stay out, and it gained us a lot of track position. But there were so many cautions, we just couldn't take advantage of it.

We got tight there in the end and it was hard to stay up under somebody and complete the pass. There were tons of times we were under or beside a truck and the caution came out and we had to do it all over again. I dont think I remember ever running that many laps under caution."

WHAT ABOUT THE LATE RACE CONTACT WITH THE 17 TRUCK "I got a run under him a couple of times. On that last deal, I got under him, he chopped back down across the front of me and I had to lock the brakes up and it spun us both. I hate it for David and it cost us several positions too. Then on the last restart we just didn't have anything left for the other trucks.

We brought it home in one piece but this was not the kind of race we like to have here."


Kyle Krisiloff, No 15 ditech.Com/Krud Kutter Silverado, Started 18th, Finished 23rd:

"It was tough. You know right off the bat someone got into our left rear and we got a flat and lost two laps changing it. With the lucky dog and so many guys a lap down its just tough to get our laps back. Its obviously a problem, but towards the end of the race we had to run a lot of laps on old tires that we changed early on and I wore out my tires and it just wasn't any fun out there today. Overall I'd just say its okay, we finished on the lead lap."


Aric Almirola, No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado, Started 16th, Finished 18th:

TOUGH DAY FOR YOU OUT THERE TODAY "Yeah, typical Martinsville. You know we had a decent truck today, probably top twelve or thirteen but just got wrecked. We got all the way from twenty-eighth to eighteeth and that's about all we got out of it today."


Kraig Kinser, No. 29 Ginn Club & Resorts Silverado, Started 33rd, Finished 29th:

WHAT TO YOU THINK ABOUT YOUR FIRST EVER RACE AT MARTINSVILLE? "There aren't too many friends out there. Its a tough track and we got a couple of laps down from some early spins."

DID YOU FEEL LIKE YOU HAD A TARGET ON YOUR BACK OUT THERE TODAY? "Sure a little bit, but I saw a lot of bumpers, front and rear torn off out there today. So I'd say there are a lot of people leaving here today that thought they had a target on their back. Any laps are good laps at this stage and we're looking forward to going to a little bigger track in a few weeks to Gateway. Hopefully we can go out there and get some better finishes than the one we got today."

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