Martinsville: GM teams qualifying quotes

In his first-ever appearance in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and at Martinsville Speedway, Clint Bowyer put the No. 07 Jack Daniel's Silverado in the third starting position for the today's Kroger 250. *** Dennis Setzer, No. 85 Chevrolet...

In his first-ever appearance in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and at Martinsville Speedway, Clint Bowyer put the No. 07 Jack Daniel's Silverado in the third starting position for the today's Kroger 250.


Dennis Setzer, No. 85 Chevrolet E85 FlexFuel Silverado, Starting 23rd:

" We were just a little tight, in our Silverado, which is unfortunate. We are just going to adjust on the FlexFuel Silverado, and have to work extra hard during the race this afternoon."


Ron Hornaday No. 33 Kevin Harvick Inc. Chevrolet Silverado, Starting 14th:

"The brake pedal fell out from under my foot on my qualifying laps; so the entire time I was worrying about that. I had to keep my Silverado under control so I didn't lose it and back it in the wall. We're lining up 14th today, which isn't that bad, but I was hoping that I could have put it at least in the top-three if not on the pole. I feel confident for this afternoon's race, my Chevrolet Silverado was pretty good last night in final practice.


Kyle Krisiloff, No 15 ditech.Com/Krud Kutter Silverado, Starting 18th:

"It wasn't too bad a lap for us. Having never been here before, we got off to a slow start yesterday. I had to learn the track. We got it good at the end of practice and that was at 6:00 p.m. Now here just after noon, the track was a little bit different and made our truck a little tight. With one or two little adjustments, I think we could have turned a little better. But overall, it has been a good day for us so far for our first time here and I think we will be pretty decent in the race.

"If we can finish on the lead lap and stay out of trouble, that will be a good race for us. If we can take this truck home in one piece to take to Gateway, that will be a big plus. Veterans are veterans for a reason. I am sure they are going to be good in the race so if we leave here with the truck in one piece, we will be happy. I am used to bumping and banging after the ASA races I have run. I am sure I am going to get hit a few times out there. That is what it is all about."


Aric Almirola, No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado, Starting 16th:

"We were pretty good, better than what we were yesterday. We were just tight in the center, but we have 250 laps to work on it, and will hopefully work our way to the front."


Kraig Kinser, No. 29 Ginn Club & Resorts Silverado, Starting 33rd:

"Our laps were okay, but not what we were hoping for. I am hoping to get some longer runs during the race, and I think that we will be alright. Being my first time at this race track, we are just going to work on the #29, and work our way to the front."


Matt Crafton, No. 88 Menards Silverado, Starting 21st:

"I was hoping we would run a little better than that, but we got tight. I don't know why but it got tight up off the corner and I had to pedal it both laps off four. Hopefully we will race a little better. We will make our changes allowed after qualifying and see what we have when the race starts."


Mike Bliss, No. 16 Xpress Motorsports Silverado, Starting 12th:

"We freed the #16 IWX Racing Silverado up and the race track is just getting tighter. We are just going to have to work on it during the race, and will have to work hard."


Kerry Earnhardt, No, 13 ThorSport Silverado, Starting 24th:

"We could have been a little bit better, someone keyed the radio when I was in Turn 3, and that always messes me up, especially at a short track. I was hoping that we could get into the 20.00, but with the radio being messed with broke my concentration. We will just race hard this afternoon, and hopefully get the #13 ThorSport Silverado up to the front."


Johnny Sauter, No. 02 Team Copaxone Silverado, Starting 30th:

"We got the call to come run this truck pretty late, but I will race anything, any time, any where so when the call came, I was pretty excited about doing it. We struggled in qualifying trim and I really don't understand why, but we were pretty good in race trim so hopefully we can survive all afternoon and get a good finish."


Clint Bowyer, No. 07 Jack Daniels Silverado, Starting 3rd:

"Not too bad. Just having fun with it. Just looking forward to the race and learning as much as we can to put forth a good effort on Sunday in the Cup car. Sunday is what it is all about, we have to get our Cup car running a little bit better. I am hoping to learn a lot, racing with these guys and put it to good use."

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