Mansfield: Ford teams race quotes

CARL EDWARDS-99-Superchips Ford F-150 YOU PITTED FOR TIRES WITH 50 LAPS TO GO. TALK ABOUT THE DECISION TO PIT. "We were going back pretty fast. We wore out the rear tires and we were running seventh and we only went back to 19th or something,...

CARL EDWARDS-99-Superchips Ford F-150

YOU PITTED FOR TIRES WITH 50 LAPS TO GO. TALK ABOUT THE DECISION TO PIT. "We were going back pretty fast. We wore out the rear tires and we were running seventh and we only went back to 19th or something, and I thought we'd make it back to 10th and I was worried if we stayed out there we would end up 15th."

WAS TODAY A CASE OF POINTS RACING AT THE END OF THE RACE? "Yeah, we were just trying to create the best scenario for ourselves and it didn't work out. I don't know how they wrecked over there at the end. The guy was on the bottom and I was going to miss him, but he just kept rolling up the race track. That was very frustrating."

DID YOU THINK THERE WOULD BE AS MANY CAUTIONS AS THERE WERE TODAY? "I thought there would be just because it's a new track and everything. We just didn't have things go our way today. It's just very frustrating."

JON WOOD-50-Roush Racing Ford F-150

YOU HAD PROBLEMS AT THE START OF THE RACE. WHAT WERE THEY AND DID THEY HAMPER YOU THE ENTIRE AFTERNOON? "We had a little bit of mechanical issues. Once we got that stuff worked out we had such terrible track position that we couldn't get it going. We had a great truck. We caught every break we needed at Martinsville, but we didn't catch them today. To come out of here with a top-10 finish, in the whole scheme of things, that's probably not too bad."

THERE SEEMED TO BE TWO DISTINCT PIT STRATEGIES TODAY. DID YOU MAKE THE RIGHT CALL? "Yeah, either strategy seemed to work. It looked like pitting when we pitted was the best decision. Had there been a lot more green-flag runs I don't think Terry Cook would have been as good as he ended up; the short runs saved him."

DID THE TRACK CONDITIONS CHANGE DRASTICALLY WHEN THE SUN CAME OUT? "It stayed the same. The track itself is good, but it's so hard to pass here and that's the biggest issue."

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford F-150

THERE SEEMED TO BE TWO DISTINCT PIT STRATEGIES TODAY. "Yeah, and the other one won. We practiced this morning in quick spurt sessions and tried to scuff in some tires. We had a set we were saving because it was a lot better than what we were on. We ran that middle part of the race and I wanted that set of tires, and we were going to pit if the 4 pitted and the 4 pitted, and we shouldn't have. But, we learned and we got a decent finish. I think it was a decent points day for the Circle Bar team. It's about finishing races and that's what we need to do to get back in the points."

DID YOU EXPECT AS MUCH BEATING AND BANGING TODAY? "No, I really didn't, but after I saw some of the action out there on lap 60, I tried to kept the fenders on as long as I could and then I had to make some passes. I had to beat mine up as bad as they were beating theirs up."

WAS IT DIFFICULT TO PASS TRUCKS TODAY? "It was tough when the sun came out. When the sun came out, the groove would move up higher and you couldn't get that bite off the bottom. As long as it was overcast you had a bottom groove you could work with. I wish it would have stayed cloudy and I wish we hadn't had pitted, but we finished seventh and we'll go to Charlotte."

BRAD KESELOWSKI-29-K Automotive Ford F-150

YOU RAN SECOND IN THE EARLY STAGES OF THE RACE. "We took advantage of some pit stop strategy. I thought it would play out for us, hoping nobody would pit around 150 and we were going to pit around lap 100 and not pit from there. The way the race just played out, the cautions fell against us. We got back there in traffic and I was trying to play it safe because I knew they would wreck big at least once, and they did I was in the right spot and that kept us there at the end. Towards the last lap there I made a mistake in traffic that cost us about three spots, but other than that, it was a good race."

THIS IS ONLY YOUR SECOND TRUCK SERIES RACE, BUT DO YOU FEEL YOU EARNED THE RESPECT OF THE OTHER COMPETITORS WHEN YOU WERE RUNNING UP FRONT? "I think so because I ran them clean. I showed that we could run, but we could run smart and clean at the same time. I hope I earned a little bit of respect."

TERRY COOK-10-Power Stroke Diesel Ford F-150

YOU HAD A STRONG RUN, BUT DID YOUR TIRES GIVE OUT AT THE END? "They did. It was a great race call by crew chief Wes Ward there. We pitted on lap 50 and stayed out the rest of the day. We had 200 laps on our tires there at the end and trying to hold those guys off and everyone was using the bumpers to pass, including me. What a great day here at Mansfield. This is an awesome facility and it was a great race today."

YOU HAD TRANSMISSIONS PROBLEMS AT THE END, BUT YOU WERE ABLE TO HOLD OFF BOBBY HAMILTON ON THE FINAL RESTART. "It was a great race call by Wes Ward to get us in that position. We pitted at lap 53 and we stayed out the rest of the race. On one of the restarts we were vapor locking and with about 20 to go we broke the transmission. We were running in third gear to get the final drive where we needed. We broke that and had to shift back to fourth, and on that last restart we had to go from second to fourth, so we had all kinds of issues going on, bit the Power Stroke Diesel Ford is finally getting back on track. We struggled with it the last two races, but we're now starting to rebound, and I think Charlotte should be a good race for us, too."


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