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COLIN BRAUN -- No. 6 Con-way Freight Ford F-150 (finished 16th, qualified 5th) WAS THE RACE WHAT YOU EXPECTED? "It makes racing pretty boring and not really much fun when you get wrecked early on like that. You look up to these veteran guys for...

COLIN BRAUN -- No. 6 Con-way Freight Ford F-150 (finished 16th, qualified 5th)

WAS THE RACE WHAT YOU EXPECTED? "It makes racing pretty boring and not really much fun when you get wrecked early on like that. You look up to these veteran guys for how to race and how to handle yourself and I don't think some of those guys did that this weekend. It's just disappointing."

WHAT DID YOU LEARN THAT YOU CAN CARRY ON TO THE NEXT RACE? "You've just got to keep your truck clean. We had a truck there that was real fast. The No. 6 Con-way Freight guys did a great job. It doesn't really matter how fast of a truck you have if you get torn up there early on and put in the back. It's just a disappointing day."


RICK CRAWFORD -- No. 14 Power Stroke Diesel by International Ford F-150 -- (finished 13th, qualified 27th)

ON THE CONDITION OF HIS TRUCK. "That's the definition of being built Ford tough. I know you can't put it on TV, maybe you can put it on the website. Look at that, the roof is dented. I have no idea how the roof got dented. I didn't turn over, all four wheels stayed on the ground most of the day. Our Ford Power Stroke Diesel by International F-150 Circle Bar guys in the pit did at fantastic job. To come from where we started to where we finished, that says we passed probably half the field. I appreciate Dan Davis and Todd Eckert being here from Ford Motor Company. I can say this is a true testament to built Ford tough."

THE RACE SEEMED CLEAN EARLY ON, AND THEN THE RACING CHANGED. "It's the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and that's how we roll."


KEVEN WOOD -- No. 21 Air Force Ford F-150 -- (finished 22nd, started 18th)

"It was an exciting race. It had a little bit more action than I would like, but that's just racing. We had a really good truck overall. We had really good pit stops. Our pit crew has been criticized a little bit for being young and new, but I thought they did a really good job this time. I told them that I'd take them over any other pit crew any day. They needed a boost of confidence and they did really well. John Monsam [crew chief] did a good job calling the race. He made some good changes. We changed the truck in a positive way. We probably had a solid top-15 truck if we hadn't got into the accident early, but that's how it goes."

WHAT DID YOU LEARN HERE TODAY? "I got a new lesson in how to run short tracks, but I wasn't quite ready to make any enemies. Other than that it was just another short track race with a little bit more horsepower and a little bit heavier vehicle. I'm ready to go to Milwaukee and see what happens there."


JOHN WES TOWNLEY -- No. 09 Zaxby's Ford F-150 -- (finished 27th, started 23rd)

"We started out coming here pretty optimistic being my first race. We got out here and got in some bad situations. Fortunately, we didn't get in any big wrecks. We just got held up by a couple of trucks out there. It just really hurt us, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I got in a little racing incident with the 16 [Brian Scott]. There's always the next race."

WHAT DID YOU LEARN THAT YOU CAN CARRY OVER TO THE NEXT RACE? "Just experience. That's all you can take from races. You learn so many different things that you can't really even pinpoint. You get there and you're better next time."


BRENDAN GAUGHAN -- No. 10 MAXX Force Diesel Ford F-150 (finished 30th, qualified 20th)

"There was no respect out there today. We had probably one of the top five trucks. We were the best Ford all day. We ran up in the top Ford spot the whole time. The guys on pit road, Bryan Berry [crew chief] had a great strategy. All that was great. We got no respect. We had young drivers hitting us, we had rookies hit us, we had veteran hit us and the only guy that came down and said something was Matt Crafton. He came down and talked to me and felt bad about it. So appreciate Matt coming down. Our Ford was good. Our boys built me a good one. I told the fab shop to reserve me a spot after this race and it's gonna take a little more than one spot in the fab shop right now. My guys are good. We had good power. We had a good truck. We just couldn't get any respect out there today."

YOUR FRONT TIRE WAS SMOKING DURING THE LAST COUPLE OF LAPS, WHAT HAPPENED THERE? "The left front fender was into the tire. Under the caution, I kept trying to hit the brakes and turn real hard to get to kind of push away. We got it to where it at least made it to the finish. Bryan Berry made some gutsy calls at times and I'm not afraid to make them with him. We both decided to keep on digging. We went from 28th to 12th, I think, three different times. I guarantee you nobody passed as many trucks as us tonight. I guarantee nobody had as good of a truck out there tonight. We should have been the best Ford, but unfortunately, we suffered from a lack of respect today."


BENNY GORDON -- No. 66 Samuel Ford F-150 --(finished 31st, qualified 21st)

"It was a great race for us. We didn't qualify good because it was a brand new truck and the first time the team has ever been to a truck race. We bought a motor off of Roush Yates. The motor ran really well. I know there's a lot of complains among the whole garage area about who has what and all that stuff, but I think they gave me as a good a piece as anybody here, as far as a Ford. We were right there. We were up to seventh with about 20 to go and the truck really wouldn't really go on restarts and it took me about four or five laps to get it to go and a couple of trucks got around me. I started running them back down and got right back in the hunt of that and ran out of fuel. We've been rushing to get this thing together. I don't know if it picked up all the fuel or what. We calculated that we were able to make it all the way. It kind of ruined a great day for us, but I tell you what, we were really happy with the way we ran. I think the guys know what we were here to race."

YOU SEEM VERY PLEASED. "Yeah, I am very pleased. I'm not happy with our outcome because of what happened, running out of fuel, because there's a big difference from finishing in the top seven or eight, to where we finished. Anybody that was here know we had a good truck, a good piece, and we were up in the hunt."

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