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RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Truck Corral Ford F-150 (Finished 6th) WAS THIS RACE DECIDED BY PIT STRATEGY TODAY? "It probably was. You had A and B and we went with A. B was to short pit, and we had too many cautions there during the race and...

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Truck Corral Ford F-150 (Finished 6th)

WAS THIS RACE DECIDED BY PIT STRATEGY TODAY? "It probably was. You had A and B and we went with A. B was to short pit, and we had too many cautions there during the race and kept doubling up two wide. We went with Plan A, and Plan A was to run that first set as far as we could, and we had a good set there at the end to only pit once. We did that and that sure was fun driving that Circle Bar Truck Corral Ford. Kevin Starland and the whole crew did a super job all weekend with the weather. I've got to thank the fans for coming out and we had a packed house here again this year. What a great race for Ford and the F-150. It's Built Ford Tough and you can tell that by looking at it."

IS IT FRUSTRATING WHEN YOU HAVE A GOOD TRUCK AND THE RACE IS DECIDED BY PIT STRATEGY? "In a way it is, but you have to realize you put yourself there and the cautions didn't. The cautions worked out for Hamilton and Sprague and it didn't work out for me. It was fun racing at the back, but you have to realize that and you have to keep your focus on a good finish and try to win the race, and maybe they would have wore out their tires if it went green, you never know. We got in a battle here I think for ninth and 10th between David Starr and Dennis Setzer and caught both of them in a mistake and passed them and then went on and capitalized on a couple more. A sixth-place finish today is not too bad."

TERRY COOK-10-Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l Ford F-150 (Finished 31st)

THIS ISN'T THE FINISH YOU WANTED IN YOUR HOME STATE THIS WEEKEND. "It sure isn't. The Power Stroke Diesel Ford team had high hopes this weekend. We got up to the top five and had to come in to take tires and fuel again and just got back there, and it's so hard to work your way back up here without rooting people out of the way. We were doing our fair share, as everyone was, and they had a wreck off of turn four and we just got caught up in it and knocked the oil cooler out of it, and unfortunately had to spend too much time behind the wall repairing it."

BRAD KESELOWSKI-29-K Automotive Ford F-150 (Finished 13th)

YOU HAD A LITTLE EARLY TROUBLE BUT STILL MANAGED A 13TH-PLACE FINISH. "Yeah, I think if we would not have had that problem we would have had a good shot at least a top-10. I felt like we were a fourth or fifth-place truck today if we could have stayed out of trouble. But, we fought our way back and got up to 11th there with the green-white-checkered and just tried a move to get to 10th and caught a bad break there with the oil dry they had in turn four and got stuck in third there running with Jimmy Spencer and Ted Musgrave, and eventually got a 13th out of it. I'm pretty happy with that."

WHAT HAPPENED AT THE START OF THE RACE TO GET YOU TURNED AROUND? "I'm not real sure. Somebody got in the back in the back of me. That's all I could tell. I was going straight and I was leaving a little bit of room in front of me and I could feel I got hit from behind. It's just one of those short-track deals, and you can't really be mad about it. It's just the way this deal works."

TODD KLUEVER-50-World Financial Group Ford F-150 (Finished 4th)

YOU EARNED YOUR SECOND TOP-FIVE FINISH THIS SEASON TODAY. "In California we were just playing the track position game and we didn't pass too many people there. Here, we had a really good truck. The World Financial Group truck was awesome. My guys did an excellent job with it right from the moment that we got here. We were real competitive today passing trucks and honestly drove our way up to the front."

YOU SEEMED TO HAVE JELLED WITH CREW CHIEF JOHN MONSAM. "Me and John get along awesome and I think he proved that he's the master of pit strategy today. We've got a good relationship and me and all of my guys have a really good relationship. I came in wanting to show what the 50 team was really all about. I know we're going to be spectacular here as we get going. Hopefully this builds some momentum when we get back to the mile-and-a-half stuff where we've been really fast so far."

HOW MUCH PRESSURE WAS THERE FOR YOU TODAY WITH JACK ROUSH BEING IN YOUR PIT? "Any time that Jack is here I want to run good, and we haven't really given him anything to smile about the last couple of weeks, so it was cool to run good with him here."

HOW DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR PIT STRATEGY? YOU WENT WITH A DIFFERENT STRATEGY FROM THE NO. 99? "We talked about a couple of different scenarios right away at the beginning because we knew it was going to be tough to pass. I told John, 'You just do what you need to do on the pit box, and I'm sure you'll have the right strategy.' And, it worked."

ARE YOU SURPRISED HOW IMPORTANT PIT STRATEGY WAS TODAY? "Yeah, there were probably about 20 trucks that were really good and track position was real key. We had a good truck with good track position, and got a good finish."

RICKY CRAVEN-99-Superchips Ford F-150 (Finished 8th)

"We had a good truck today, but had a problem in the pits and we were forced to come back in and you can't give up that kind of track position in these races. You saw what it did to Hornaday and it did the same thing to us. You just can't give that up."

I wasn't surprised; I expected it would be.  I was surprised by how the
lapped trucks acted.  It's always an issue on short tracks, but there was no
courtesy today.  It was really interesting."

ARE YOU FORCED TO POINTS RACE WHEN SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPENS? "No, we have to go for wins or we're going to be in trouble. That's the bottom. We have to race to win and we have to try to stock away a few points and that will help the cause, but with the level of competition in the top five I don't think you can ever points race."

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