Mansfield: Dodge teams race quotes

BOBBY HAMILTON (No. 4 Square D Dodge Ram) -- Started sixth, Finished Fourth "We're happy. It was a good day for Square D. We had a huge bunch of people in our hospitality tent, and I'm sure it was a good race for them. It was a good points...

BOBBY HAMILTON (No. 4 Square D Dodge Ram) -- Started sixth, Finished Fourth

"We're happy. It was a good day for Square D. We had a huge bunch of people in our hospitality tent, and I'm sure it was a good race for them. It was a good points day for us. We had a brake duct break at Martinsville and finished 33rd, so to come back at a short track and finish fourth, we're really happy with that.

"We spent the time running around under caution. I don't know how many laps it takes -- when there's nothing on the racetrack -- to get going green. I guess it's busy up there, but I don't know. I'm going to get some of my people and let them hire some more help."

TED MUSGRAVE (No. 1 Mopar Performance Dodge Ram) -- Started third, Finished 13th

"That's just it. We never raced here at Mansfield, and right now it looks like it's very, very hard to make any type of passes. Track position made a lot of difference. We got out there and got track position early when everyone else pitted, and we were able to hold the lead there. But when it came time for us to pit, we just couldn't get back through the traffic. It was pretty much the same way I saw for Hamilton and a few others. They were having a tough time. They couldn't get back through the pack. I don't know what kind of show it was. I hate to slash and bash this place, but I hope we don't come back here. We need to race at places where you can run side-by-side and make passes. It's kind of a wide racetrack, but it's just the way it is. For some reason it doesn't work out. You could see where people would try the bottom and it didn't work out. There was no passing going on. You just never know until you try."

MARK McFARLAND (No. 59 Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. Dodge Ram) -- Started 14th, Finished sixth

"We got behind early when someone got into us on the restart and knocked a piece off of our bumper, and it didn't come off all the way. So we had to come in and pull that off. This Dodge had been good all weekend, so we knew we had a good truck for the race. We just had to get our track position back. We were able to do that, make some adjustments and it felt pretty good there at the end.

"The track slickened up as we ran, but our truck was tight from the get-go, so it kind of helped us. It was really hard to pass out there today. It's just like any other short track. It just wears you out to even keep up. It was really hard to pass, but it was a nice racetrack and we're looking forward to coming back here."

STEVE PARK (No. 62 The Orleans Hotel/Dodge Dodge Ram) -- Started fourth, Finished 27th

"The Orleans Dodge was a great truck. We played our cards right, pitted early and we were coming back up through there and save our tires to the end. I can't get a break. These guys have been working really hard at giving us good racetrucks, and we just keep getting involved in stuff on the racetrack. I don't want to say the wrong thing. I'm just glad to be in Ohio. There are a lot of great race fans here in Mansfield You can tell by this crowd that Ohio needs a place to race, and the Craftsman Truck Series is definitely here to say. We'll be back.

"Guys were just racing too hard. It's just the lapped cars running up on the inside. This place is tough to pass. When you've got guys that are a few laps down starting up in the front on the inside it just causes a melee. We're going to race again in Ohio, though. We love coming here. It's a great racetrack."

CHASE MONTGOMERY (No. 8 Spitzer Dodge/Atlas Electric Dodge Ram) -- Started 15th, Finished 29th

"It's unfortunate. We've got about 10 guys out there racing smart, and just another 30-something idiots. This stuff happens -- we're short track racing. But we were three- and four-wide coming off of turn two and that's just not what you do at a half-mile racetrack. It's unfortunate. We were in position to move up in the points, but we'll just go to Charlotte and get them then."

CHAD CHAFFIN (No. 18 Dickies Racing Dodge Ram) -- Started 12th, Finished 31st

"It was really what we expected. It's a fine little track, but it was just a little hard to pass on. Our Dickies Dodge was pretty fast. It probably wasn't perfect, but it very fast. But track position was really important. It was really hard to pass. We started 12th and we were able to kind of jump on them early. We got up to seventh within just two or three laps. But I was having trouble getting around the No. 2 truck. He was really loose, but I was just loose enough that I couldn't pass him. I think if I ever got around him I think I could have went on and run better. But two guys got together -- Matt Crafton and Hank Parker Jr. The 21 truck was all over the place. I don't know what his deal was. Matt got into him a little bit, and he think he hit the wall and he just stopped. I ran into the back of him, and Travis Kvapil ran into the back of me. It put Travis out of the race, and it made me have to come into the pit to change a radiator. We lost about 50 laps on that deal.


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