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Report from Motorsport News International NASCAR Public Relations Link-Belt 225 Post-Race Quotebook LOUISVILLE, Ky. (July 12, 1997) The following are post-race quotes from selected drivers at the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series' Link Belt...

Report from Motorsport News International

NASCAR Public Relations

Link-Belt 225 Post-Race Quotebook

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (July 12, 1997) The following are post-race quotes from selected drivers at the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series' Link Belt 225 from Louisville Motor Speedway:

RON HORNADAY No. 16 NAPA Chevrolet

"I'll tell you what, this NAPA Chevrolet ran great all day long. We found something this morning and Fred Graves (crew chief) keeps finding the winning secret and this NAPA crew gets the job done for me. We just kept bumping away all day and brought it home. We just changed four springs this morning and Fred asked me what we needed to change for the race and I said "let her alone."

JOE RUTTMAN No. 80 LCI International Ford

"The first half we were a little tight, and the second half we got it better. Ron was just a little better than us today. It took me a lap and a half to get my rhythm on the restarts, so the cautions probably hurt us most. I needed some long runs to catch him, but you just don't get many long runs at this place. Turn one he was better, everywhere else we were about equal. We're gonna have to go home and think about it. Our best opportunity to try to beat him was to get a long green late in the second half, but we didn't get it. We're happy with second."

JIMMY HENSLEY No. 43 Cummins Dodge

"I didn't get a very good start at the green flag, but we hung in there and had third all day. We got a few little bumps and bruises, but we managed to stay out of trouble and be there at the end. It was a tough race, and the track got slick towards the end, from a combination of the heat and the tires wearing down, but the Dodge Ram stayed good."

TONY RAINES No. 19 Pennzoil Dodge

"It was a very tough race, with the heat and the weird track, but the Dodge made it the whole race. We hung in there and tried to drive smart, and it worked. The day's over and we made it home. It was a good day for Dodge."

RICH BICKLE No. 17 DieHard Chevrolet

"It was a championship run. We didn't have a very good truck at all but we came home in the top-5. We gained a little bit on Jack Sprague in the championship points chase and that's always our goal every weekend. We got our top five here and I hope we can stay in the points lead. We weren't very good off the truck and we put three or four setups under it and it still wasn't right. We made some more changes at half-time and we still weren't right but to come out of Louisville with a top-5, that's the 10th one this year out of 13 races ... and we won the $10,000 Gatorade money. This Waltrip crew gives me great trucks every race and they give me the best equipment I've had in my whole career and I can't thank the crew and the DieHard people enough. It's all up to them."

STACY COMPTON No. 86 Valvoline Instant Oil Change Ford

"How about that David Hodson and these Impact Motorsports guys? We had a good run today. Valvoline Instant Oil Change - this is their home town. It couldn't have been a better weekend. We had such a good truck. It got a little bit tight there at the end. We've never been to this place, but we'll take. Early in the year, I said the first half of the year we're learning. We're still learning. The thing about it, I told these guys look, if we can get to midway through the season we'll be good. I'm getting more used to the truck and the guys, and the guys are gelling so good. We're really excited about the rest of the year. The only two tracks we've ever seen are Martinsville and Richmond. We get to these places, and we've never seen them. Hats off to Troy (Selberg) and the guys for how good a truck they can put under a rookie, and we can come out and run as well as we do."

JACK SPRAGUE No. 24 Quaker State Chevrolet

"The guys did a great job. The Quaker State Chevrolet was a good truck ... I just couldn't pass. When I'd get in the clear, I'd run some good times, but then I got into Rick (Carelli) and that cost me a couple of spots but we survived and didn't lose too many points. There are only a couple of race tracks like this where you'll have the situation (lapped traffic) like you had today."

MIKE BLISS No. 2 Team ASE Ford

"Ah, the same old crap, just a different race. I'll be glad, and you can quote me, when they take this race off the menu. You can't race. It's just a lot of beating and that 18 Dodge just stuck me. I mean we were running in the groove. You only pass when someone screws up, and he just hit me. It's just a shame. He knocked us out of the race. The rear end is all bent up. It killed us. We're probably down in points."

RICK CRAWFORD No. 14 Circle Bar Motel and RV Park Ford

"I passed Hensley there going into third place, and I was knocking on Ruttman's door. You can blame it on one thing - NASCAR came out there and patched the track for the driver's safety, but whatever was used made it slick coming off of four. We passed some lapped trucks on the outside, and I let my brain overload my foot, and we got sideways, and I let my brain overload my foot. It's a shame."


"The Dodge was dodging, but not enough. NASCAR said I forced the No. 2 out, but I beg to differ. I felt I was clearly underneath him and had the line. The only mistake I made, was when he spun, I spun. He was holding me up."

KENNY IRWIN No. 98 Raybestos Ford

"We got a flat left rear and we got something in the left front that may have gotten hit. That's what made us just pathetic today."

CHUCK BOWN No. 99 Exide Batteries Ford

"We had a really good truck. We just started way deep in the field. I thought we had gotten past the worst of it, and late in the race there they wrecked up in front of us, and I didn't see it quick enough, and the seven truck (Tammy Jo Kirk) did see it, and I ran into the back of it, and we had to stop to change the radiator which was the end of a really good day for us. But we had a really good truck, and I was happy with it."

BRYAN REFFNER No. 66 Carlin Burners & Controls Ford

"It was just another one of those bad scenarios to our season. We have a great run and we're not there at the end. What can I say. We had a great truck. If we had been up front I don't think anybody would have been able to pass us. It's a tough place to pass. We were just hoping we'd be there at the end, and it just didn't happen. Carelli let it roll up a little bit, and by the time I saw it there just wasn't time to get around him. It's a shame."

BOB KESELOWSKI No. 29 Mopar Performance Dodge

"We were leaking oil from somewhere. The Dodge was handling pretty well, but it just wasn't our day. We'll be back and ready to go in Colorado."

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