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Ron Hornaday, Jr. and Rick Ren No. 33 Camping World Silverado Ron (Hornaday) a very dominating performance out there today. How did it feel to be in such a good position? RON HORNADAY, JR.: "I was just telling my boss DeLana that if you get...

Ron Hornaday, Jr. and Rick Ren No. 33 Camping World Silverado

Ron (Hornaday) a very dominating performance out there today. How did it feel to be in such a good position?

RON HORNADAY, JR.: "I was just telling my boss DeLana that if you get a truck that good sometimes you just don't know what is going to happen. I tell you; Rick Ren and these guys just built an unbelievable truck.

"I also have to thank Kevin and DeLana Harvick first of all, but also Camping World, Chevrolet and everyone that supports us including the guys back at the shop. You hear a lot of people say that but these guys are working over the weekend to get ready and we are going to turn this truck around and take it to Las Vegas with us. It takes all the guys back at the shop to get these things done and they work their guts out. They built a brand new truck for this race and it got done but we found a problem with it and elected not to bring it and brought this one that's finished second three times and now we've won with it.

"Rick has a lot of faith in the stuff he builds and the stuff he's bringing over here and Kevin and DeLana don't complain about anything. He's doing such an awesome job with the guys and our crew just had some awesome pit stops. It's so cool to have a great truck like this and do what we did. If we didn't do that, then (Mike) Skinner is going to do that. We are just going to try to dominate, lead every lap, and win every race we can."

Rick (Ren) talk about how you viewed the race today. Obviously you had things dialed in pretty good. "Yeah, we have been working really hard on our qualifying package. Unfortunately it got rained out today, and we felt like we were going to qualify really good. That's what we are trying to do. Qualify good, lead laps, and win races because Skinner is one tough cookie. We came here today and we worked really hard on this truck. Our guys got this truck ready a day early and we spent the extra time on the surface plate with it and she fell out of the truck really good.

"We always thank the Camping World people and KHI, but some of the people that help us are the guys at Richard Childress Racing where we get our engines and they don't get many compliments so I want to say a special thanks to them. Also, we get our transmissions from G-Force and they build our rear end gears. You know those are people that help make this package so good and they are behind the scenes so I wanted to say thanks to those folks as well.

Ron, it's been over ten years since you won your last race here and you are the first driver to win twice here. Were you kind of surprised by that?

RON HORNADAY, JR.: "No. The last time I won here it was sheer luck. We had a seventeenth place truck and we had a lot of yellow flags. That is probably why they changed the green/white/checkered finishes. We were a seventeenth place truck and Skinner blew up and I was shifting the truck in the corner because I was so tight. They had a couple green/white/checkered finishes and I ended up winning that one. This is actually a win that is going to stick with me for a long time because this was a championship-caliber race right here. If we can do that every week then that is what we need to do. We set our goals high and if we don't hit them then that if fine but we're going to run every lap as hard as we can and that is what Kevin and DeLana want us to do is to run that truck until t here is nothing left of it. We are going to do that every week."

Ron, you guys have been putting a lot of emphasis on poles here lately. Are you disappointed that you didn't get to show off how good the truck was on your qualifying run and see if you could get the pole?

RON HORNADAY, JR.: "You know, we did two qualifying runs yesterday. One on scuffs and one on stickers and Rick Ren asked me if we had a truck that could win the pole and I said yes. You aren't going to show everything when you go out there in practice and in qualifying runs. Those things don't pay anything. Rick Ren came to me about four weeks ago and asked me what it was going to take to get this truck qualifying better. I told him that when he gets a better back up truck that can win races that is when I am going to start doing that and taking more risks. If it's too free or the sun is out, I am not afraid to wreck the thing now because he has done that and we have a great back up. There is another great truck sit ting up there in the hauler now and thanks to Kevin and DeLana and everybody for putting this deal together. We are going to have more brand new trucks the rest of the year as well."

Ron, starting next week you are going to be racing against Jacques Villeneuve and I wanted to know what you think about that?

RON HORNADAY, JR.: "You know, everybody complains about everyone coming over here from Nextel Cup and Busch. But if we go out there and find out that we are the best that's good, but sometimes we need someone to put us in our place because if I don't learn something every week of racing then its time for me to quit. If he can come in here and show us something then it will be cool."

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