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Peters and the #17 Strutmasters team battled handling issues for much of the 200-lap event and earned a 19th place finish in the Heluva Good 200.

LOUDON, NH. (September 19, 2009)- Timothy Peters and the #17 Red Horse Racing team were looking forward to hitting the track at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. After two practice sessions on Friday, the team knew they had an up hill battle with the handling of their Toyota Tundra. Making several changes before qualifying, Peters was optimistic about the race. He put the #17 in the 19th starting spot and told the crew it would be great for the race. Unfortunately when the race started, Peters had his hands full with an ill handling truck. The crew made several big adjustments throughout the race but couldn't seem to get the Strutmasters.com Tundra to respond favorably. Peters and the team didn't give up; they continued to work on it until the final laps. Peters fought hard to bring home a 19th place finish in the Heluva Good 200 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

The #17 Strutmasters.com team worked hard during two practice sessions on Friday afternoon to get their Tundra handling good for the race. Peters put the #17 in the 19th starting spot and told the crew that his Toyota machine would be good for the race.

When the green flag dropped, Peters could tell almost immediately that the handling issues were still there. He picked up a few spots in first laps of the race. By lap five he was running in the 17th position. Peters radioed the crew that his truck needed to be a little freer in the center of turns three and four, but it felt perfect in turns one and two. Just a few laps later he reported that the front tires seemed to be bouncing on the track getting into turn one.

The first caution flag flew on lap 37 and Peters headed to pit road for help with his Toyota Tundra. He asked the team for a big adjustment on the stop. Hitting pit road on lap 39, Peters picked up four fresh tires and came back in the following lap for fuel, a track bar adjustment and shock adjustments on both front ends of the truck. Despite all the time consuming changes, Peters picked up one spot on pit road and restarted 16th.

During the next green flag run, Peters could tell that his truck wasn't any better. He began slipping back and found himself in the 21st spot on lap 49. He told the team that the front end of the truck felt like a dump truck, coming up off the ground and then slamming hard back down on the track. Struggling with his #17 Toyota Tundra, Peters went a lap down to the leader on lap 67.

Another caution flag flew on lap 91 and gave Peters another chance to hit pit road for adjustments. He pulled into his box on lap 93 for four fresh tires. He returned the following lap for another shock adjustment and another track bar adjustment. He restarted 20th.

Knowing that he was the second truck one lap down, Peters was working hard to put himself in position to be the first truck a lap down and earn the "lucky dog" award on the next caution. On lap 99, he reached that spot and waited for a caution but the race went green for the next 90 laps. Running out of fuel, the other competitors had to hit pit road under the green flag. Peters made his green flag pit stop on lap 185. Taking only a splash of gas, he merged back on the track in the 20th spot. Peters got shuffled up on the green flag stop and was no longer in the "lucky dog" position. A caution flew on lap 189 and set the field up for a mad dash to the finish. With just seven laps to go when the field went green for the final time, Peters refused to give up. He picked up another position in the final laps and crossed the start finish line in the 19th spot.

-credit: rhr

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