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Pennzoil/VIP Discount Auto Center 200 Quotebook LOUDON, N.H. (Aug 2, 1998) Selected quotes from Sunday's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Pennzoil/VIP Discount Auto Parts 200 at New Hampshire International Speedway: ANDY HOUSTON No. 60 ...

Pennzoil/VIP Discount Auto Center 200 Quotebook

LOUDON, N.H. (Aug 2, 1998) Selected quotes from Sunday's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Pennzoil/VIP Discount Auto Parts 200 at New Hampshire International Speedway:

ANDY HOUSTON No. 60 Addington Racing Chevrolet "Awesome Chevrolet truck today. I can't believe the way this thing ran all day, it was flawless. I just got to thank all my guys, the Addingtons, T and L Motors and Goodyear and Chevrolet. We got behind the at the start, and you know, we just had to work to catch up all day. The thing was strong and Rick Ren made some great calls, he's an awesome crew chief. Well, I knew we were faster than they were because they we givin' me my times on the radio. But I didn't ever think I could catch Greg. Then I caught him on the back stretch, he run me down on the apron and I just let him go on in there. I 'cause I knew he was getting off there way too hard. He left me a lane underneath and by the time he tried to come down, I was there."

RICK REN (Crew chief) "I'll tell you what, this was only the second time in my career that a pit strategy and a hard drivin' race car driver won has won us a race. We short pitted him. We started off the race with a crossed plug wire and got lucky and caught a caution lap. We came in and fixed it and had to go to the tail end of the lead lap we were a half a lap behind when the race started. Man, he came plowin' back through the field. He told me it was a tick too tight and we fixed that. We put on rights and fuel and I said, 'you know what no one can make this thing all the way on fuel so let's short pit him. We can throw some lefts on it and at the end, we'll put rights and gas while everybody else just gasses. You know what, it fell right into our hands. It really helped us when Mike Wallace got underneath Biffle there with three laps to go. It washed him out, buddy, Andy was rolling."

MARTHA HOUSTON (Andy's mother) "I'm getting too old for this. I think it's wonderful. I'm proud of all my boys but today I'm most proud of Andy and Scott's on the crew and he helped. I just wish that Marty could have been here to witness it."

TOMMY HOUSTON (Andy's father) "I have never won a race in my life that felt as good as seeing that boy come down there for the checkered flag. He drove one heckova race. He drove a smart race and Rick Ren called a smart race. You couldn't ask for a better crew, everybody on the team. Goodyear and Chevrolet it's an awesome effort. It's been a long time coming but well we're here, now.

MIKE ADDINGTON (Team owner) "This is the greatest I ever saw. This was the greatest moment of my life except for when my daughter was born. That was so exciting. Hey, he's a great driver, that's all I've got to say about it. That boy can drive.

GREG BIFFLE No. 50 W.W. Grainger Racing Ford "It was a great race. The crew did a great job, good pit stops, good everything. We just didn't know Houston was coming. I thought Joe was the next guy back, and then they told me Houston was the next guy back. He was too close. And then I couldn't do anything. I was taking it easy up front in case of a caution. But we had a good run. The Grainger Ford F-150 was perfect today. Just a little bit short on tires at the end of the race."

MATT CHAMBERS (Crew chief) No. 99 Exide Batteries Ford "We're real happy. Randy (Goss - crew chief on Biffle's truck) and I worked real close on the set-up this weekend and got both trucks really close. Both drivers did a really great job. We're happy with the two, three finish. The 99 truck gained on the 16 and the 24 in points too, so we're happy about that. The race went pretty much on schedule. It is hard to make a plan for the pit stop strategy, but we did the best we could. The tires lasted a lot longer than we thought they would which was a big help to us. It worked out pretty good."

TONY RAINES No. 19 Pennzoil Ford "We were almost there on that last long run when I got past Carelli and caught Andy (Houston). Then he got by, and I knew he was the one because on old tires he was the best. We were really loose. Then we got our gas stop. I'm happy with fifth with what we had there at the end. It was a pretty good run from where we started. We'll take it. I see the 16 (Ron Hornaday) and the 24 (Jack Sprague) ain't here so that's good."

JIMMY HENSLEY No. 43 Cummins Dodge "We fought the truck all day. Fred (Wanke) would correct one side of the Cummins Dodge and then the other side would get loose. Our pit stops were really good and the Petty Enterprises team worked hard all day and we had to work for every position we got at the end of the race."

STACY COMPTON No. 86 Royal Crown Cola Ford "We didn't have a chance today the way our motor was running. We've got something wrong. I don't know what. But these guys with the RC Ford got us in and out of the pits, and the pit strategy was great. We came up from about 23rd. The chassis was good. We came up on the outside in an unorthodox groove, but the motor seemed to run a little better out there. The guys did a tremendous job in the pits. That's what got us the ninth place finish, I really believe. We were in seventh, and then Jack (Sprague) got us in the corner over there, and I hated that. We'll take it. We're not by any means happy, but we'll go on to next week and see if we can get our motor program straightened out."

MIKE BLISS No. 2 Team ASE Ford "We just missed the set-up and we were real loose there after the second set of tires. After the first stop we were real loose. First we were tight and then we loosened it up. We were real loose from then on. We were about ready to go down a lap, and Barry (Dodson) made a call, which was a great call, because we needed something extra to make up. We came in for four tires, and we were still a little loose, but we were running good at the end. We just missed the set-up a little bit. This track with the sealer threw everybody for a loop. When it got hot out, the sealer got greasy. And this is the truck we want to run at Flemington. We've got other trucks, but this is the one we want to run, and we got it out of here."

BOB KESELOWSKI No. 29 Mopar Performance Dodge "The Mopar Dodge got better as the race went on. The truck really never became a great race truck, however. The last set of tires that we put on just didn't work for the set-up. I do think that the truck was better than our 16th-place finish reflects. I do have to say that it feels great to be back in the race truck and my back feels just fine."

RICK CRAWFORD No. 14 Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford "The Circle Bard Ford was running great when our engine went away around lap 110. Roland (Wlodyka) and the crew did a great job getting this truck ready and our strategy was coming to us when we had our problems. We've been having a lot of engine problems over the past month or so and that's about to change with a new program. We know we can win in this series, and our goal in the second half of the season is to prove that."

KEVIN CYWINSKI No. 31 Concor Machine & Tool Ford "We had a pretty good run going I think. Right at the end there we ran out of gas. It lost us a lot of positions. But all in all it was a good run for us. We got to run with the leaders, and we got to put in 200 laps here at this facility. There was some great racing going on with a lot of different guys. It was a good learning experience for us, and we'll go on to the next place."

LANCE NORICK No. 90 Dana/NHL Dodge "We dropped a cylinder early in the race so we couldn't do anything but ride around and hope that the race ends soon. This team works so hard and it is just frustrating that we can't seem to get any luck. I ran good at Flemington the one time that I ran there. I just hope that the NHL Dodge can pull off an even better run and maybe find a little luck."

BUTCH MILLER No. 18 Dana Dodge "We lost fuel pressure in the truck, fixed that problem and took the Dana Dodge back onto the track and we were faster. But we were so many laps down that we decided to park the truck rather than get in a wreck. There were no more positions for us to gain."

BRYAN REFFNER No. 66 Carlin Burners & Controls Ford "The motor let go. We were pretty loose. We just kept trying to tighten it up every pit stop. We were going to do one more stop for right sides and hopefully tighten it up a little more, but not today."

RANDY RENFROW No. 78 MCI Dodge "I lost the brakes in the corner and just ran straight up to the wall. I knew that my brakes were going away since the start of the race. I would pump the brakes on the straights so I could have a little in the corners. This MCI Dodge was good and fast enough to win this race today."

TONY ROPER No. 55 Icehouse Beer Ford "The Icehouse Ford was running good, and on the second lap of a 200 lap race a couple people got together. It's a real shame. It wasn't time to be racing like that. And that's what happened. I had no place to go. As fast as we were going out there, I just couldn't get her stopped."

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