Loudon: GM Racing preview

DRIVER: DENNIS SETZER TEAM: No. 46 Morgan-Dollar Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado NOTE: Setzer heads to NHIS second in points only 57 points out of first. Has one win and three additional top-five finishes in five previous NHIS NCTS...

TEAM: No. 46 Morgan-Dollar Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado

NOTE: Setzer heads to NHIS second in points only 57 points out of first. Has one win and three additional top-five finishes in five previous NHIS NCTS starts.

ON NEW HAMPSHIRE INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY: "New Hampshire is a great track. I personally like it because it's like a large Martinsville. I have always been able to run well here, and the race in 2000 which was my worst finish was a race where I felt that I had the best truck. Our one-mile (track) program has been pretty good so far this year and we sure could use a good finish to go with a good run."

ON FINISH AT RICHMOND INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY: "We felt that we had a top five truck in Richmond. We didn't start as well as we would have liked, but we made some adjustments and were headed in the right direction. I believe we had just raced ourselves into the top ten and were turned by another truck. I was under the 52 truck, and didn't have any room for the 16. He got into us in turn one and we were spun out. Its unfortunate, but that is how its been for us lately."

TEAM: No. 16 IWX Motorsports Chevy Trucks Silverado

NOTE: Won last NCTS race ran at NHIS in 2001 from the pole. NHIS average starting position: 6.2; NHIS average finishing position: 9.2.

ON NEW HAMPSHIRE INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY: "I am really excited about heading back New Hampshire. It has been a great track for me, I love that it is a driver's track. Being virtually flat, it is a very technical track and corner entry speed is critical to setting up passes. Track position is key so having great pit stops keeps the whole team on their game the entire race. I feel like we will have a great setup for New Hampshire and I am looking forward to getting a solid qualifying effort and a great race under our belts.

ON 2004 SEASON TO DATE: "I don't exactly know how to describe this season. It has certainly been a learning and growing experience for everyone on the #16 Chevy Trucks Team. We have had some great trucks and been in contention for several wins and top-three finishes. We have had some bad luck with mechanical issues and a few other things that haven't helped our finishes but we have run well and have a win. There are teams that would give anything to have a win and several top-five finishes in their first season together. I believe we have the right people and the right program to get to the front of the field and stay there. We are working to build consistency this last part of the season to get to the top-ten in points."

TEAM: No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado

NOTE:  Has consecutive top-ten starting and finishes (2002 and 2003) at
NHIS in NCTS competition.  Currently 8th in series point standings.

ON NEW HAMPSHIRE INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY: "New Hampshire is a unique track due to how flat the corners are. We took an 8th last year and a 3rd in 2002 and hopefully we can do even better this time out. To do well, you need a good handling truck...one that cuts good in the center and has good forward bite off the corners. The track is just a little over a mile so you also need some good steam. We know our Spears Chevy is the right truck and we have some awesome power from Ron Hutter so we should be good to go. All we need is a little smile from Lady Luck and we be right up front when the Checker falls."


TEAM: No. 6 Kevin Harvick, Inc. GM Goodwrench Silverado

NOTE: Is fourth is series point standings only 160 out of first place. Has two top-10 finishes and one top-15 finish in three previous NHIS NCTS starts.

ON NEW HAMPSHIRE INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY: ""I actually like New Hampshire a lot. It is flat and the place does have two grooves. You can run two wide and race very well there. Where as, at Milwaukee, it is single file racing. I believe it is the Bahre family who owns the track in New Hampshire and they have done a lot of work to get the track multi-grooved. For awhile the track was a single-groove track, but thanks to the Bahre family's hard work because they have the place a lot better now."

ON PREPARATION FOR SYLVANIA 200 AT NHIS: "We participated in the Chevy test at Milwaukee and focused on some things I think will help us this weekend. New Hampshire and Milwaukee are very similar. They are both very flat racetracks. We went back and tested at Milwaukee and learned a lot from when we actually raced there. We were terrible when we raced Milwaukee so we went back there during a Chevy test and left feeling that we were the best Chevy out there. We went to focus on our set-up because we just missed it when we raced. We could run good for 10-15 laps, but on a long run we were horrible. I'd push the right front tire so bad; I had it down a cord. We were extremely happy with the results of the test, but we have decided to take the truck we raced at Richmond. Our truck this past weekend turned really good in the middle of the corners and responded well to our changes. We weren't perfect during the race by any means, but it did practice very well and bottom line is that Wally made the call. I think it is a good decision and I am really looking forward to the race."

TEAM: No. 47 Morgan Dollar Motorsports Acxiom Chevy Celebrity All Stars Silverado

NOTE: Craven is the fourth of seven drivers in the #47 All Star program. NHIS is Craven's home track. This race will mark his debut appearance in the NCTS.

ON FIRST NASCAR CRAFTSMAN TRUCK SERIES RACE: "It's a Series that has come a long way in the 10 years. I've been thinking a lot about it this week and this being my first race, and I'm not quite sure why it has taken so long to participate in a Craftsman Truck event, but I can tell you that there is no better scenario than what I have going into New Hampshire and racing with this group of people that have really put up some great numbers. I'm looking forward to it. I'm not taking it lightly. This is a very, very tough series as it relates to the drivers and the teams. But I'm going into New Hampshire with the idea of having fun and really not a lot of pressure because it is a one-race deal, and it is with a team and equipment that has a pretty darn good record so far.

ON RACING IN THE NCTS AT HOME TRACK NEW HAMPSHIRE INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY: "I've got a lot of confidence in this group. I expect that they'll have a very good set-up for the track. What I will do is I will reference my experience, and there are markers on the track, there are places where I know I need to be with the left front tire and places I know I need to go back to the gas and braking points and I will work on that early on in practice. But where we go from there will be a product of the experience that Randy Goss has and some of the notes that they have got from racing with Dennis Setzer and the success that they have had, and combine that with maybe some of my in-put. But I think that this team statistically obviously has done some great things. I'm look forward to it.

ON EXPECTATIONS FOR THE RACE: "The biggest challenge anytime you go into a Series or you go into somebody's backyard is to try and beat them at their home game. I can assure you that the guys that I am most focused on are the Top 10 drivers in the Craftsman Truck Series because they do this every week whether they are testing or racing they are in one of these trucks every week. The repetition of racing this type of vehicle and working with their team to improve, that pays big dividends. So I am not taking it lightly. Going into their Series and trying to match them is going to be my greatest challenge. The advantage that I may have is I don't have any points consequence and I don't have a lot to lose. I wouldn't want that to be misinterpreted that I am going to be reckless or anything else because I won't, but only that I can go there and race at a track that is very, very, very good to me and feels like home. It is home. That's an advantage that I will take this weekend. I am going back there to have fun, and I think that for some of these drivers, the pressure and the schedule may have caught up with them a little bit. For me, I go there with really my expectations are just to go and run the wheels off the truck."

TEAM: No. 15 Billy Ballew Motorsports Silverado

ON NEW HAMPSHIRE INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY: ""I won my second pole here in my rookie year in the Busch Series. That's a day I will never forget. It was pretty special especially since we led a lot of laps and finished in fourth place. This track is a lot of fun; you can really hustle a car around. It reminds me of when I raced at a little old bullring. You have a lot of grip here. I'm excited to see what the trucks will do on this track. Our trucks have been running really well and I'm excited to get up there and take some laps. I like this truck; we did really well with it in Bristol finishing second. Last week at Richmond we were able to bring home a top-10 finish even after gambling on a pit stop to try and beat Musgrave and McMurray that didn't turn in our favor. We've been lucky and haven't had much damage from those two tracks. We hope to keep our nose clean and focus on another consistent run and a finish in the top-5. I'm sure Ritchie will have this truck where it needs to be when we roll it off the trailer. Ritchie and the guys on the team really know how to put these trucks together."


TEAM: No. 88 ThorSport Racing Menards Silverado

ON NEW HAMPSHIRE INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY: "They came in and reconfigured the track to give us some more racing room, and from what I have seen since they have done that, it seems to have worked. I always like to talk to some people and see what they have to say about setups, and of course we have Dennis Connor with us now, and he won the race there last year. I expect we'll have a pretty good truck off the trailer, and we'll be competitive all weekend."


TEAM: No. 03 Team EJP Racing Joe Gibbs Performance/Decoma Silverado

ON NEW HAMPSHIRE INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY: "Our goal in Loudon is to run 200 laps. If we can stay on the lead lap, we'll have a pretty good finish. We've done that the first two races we've run in the Trucks, and we're going to work hard to keep that momentum going. All I know about New Hampshire is what I have seen on TV. I have raced it a lot on the computer, but I've never been up there. I talked to some of the JGR guys and they tell me it is a lot like Martinsville. It's bigger, meaning the straights are longer and the corners are wider, but you drive it pretty similar. I have always run good at Martinsville, so hopefully some of that knowledge will transfer over."

TEAM: No. 13 ThorSport Racing Menards/Microtel Silverado

ON RACING IN THE NCTS AT NEW HAMPSHIRE INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY: "Dennis (Connor) gave me a call a few weeks ago and asked me what I was doing the New Hampshire weekend. Obviously we're doing the NEXTEL Cup stuff, but other than that, I told him I didn't have anything going on. He told me he had started working for the ThorSport team up in Ohio, and they had some good equipment and good engines, and were looking for a driver for New Hampshire. I told him I'd have a seat there in the shop for me the next day. I know Duke Thorson has been in this series for a very long time and he's always fielded competitive trucks. He's brought Dennis on board to help bring the team to the next level, and I hope I can help too. We're bringing a brand new truck, and Dennis tells me they have a ton of horsepower. If we can get the truck to roll through the center, I think we have a good opportunity to go up there and do what we did last year and win the pole and win the race."

TEAM: No. 02 Team Copaxone Silverado

ON NEW HAMPSHIRE INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY: "As a rookie, you don't get to race too many tracks where you have prior experience, but I raced the truck at Loudon last year and came in 23rd. August was a bit bumpy for us, but we're bringing "007", which ran so well at Gateway back in July. The crew's been working double-time to get the truck so it's strong when we unload, so we can focus on bringing home a top-20. I think Loudon could be a track where we gain some momentum, and really pick things up as we head into the last six or seven races of the season."

TEAM: No. 07 Auto-Air Colors/Lucas Oil Products Silverado

ON RACING AT NEW HAMPSHIRE INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY: "I'm looking forward to getting up there and seeing what the place is like. When you go to these flat tracks, it puts a little more emphasis on the driver. It levels the playing field out a little bit for some of the smaller independent teams like us. The guys have been working 16 hours a day here the past couple of weeks to help get us caught up, and we'd like to go get a finish like we did at Milwaukee."

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