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BRENDAN GAUGHAN (No. 62 Orleans Hotel/Dodge Dodge Ram) -Second "As anyone who reads the (Dodge.com/Motorsports) website knows, I hate qualifying. This is Shane's (crew chief, Wilson) and a bunch of our guys' home track. They've got wives, moms,...

BRENDAN GAUGHAN (No. 62 Orleans Hotel/Dodge Dodge Ram) -Second

"As anyone who reads the (Dodge.com/Motorsports) website knows, I hate qualifying. This is Shane's (crew chief, Wilson) and a bunch of our guys' home track. They've got wives, moms, dads, brothers and uncles here. These guys treat Las Vegas as well as they do for me, so I've got to treat this as their Vegas. The guys just gave me a good piece. We've been struggling in practice. We did just about the same time as our qualifying, but we were just barely one-tenth quicker. I'm pretty excited about starting second, especially without a rainout. It's good to be starting in the front row here. We're not totally happy with our Dodge yet, so we're going to be working hard on making it better in the final practice.

"Shane Wilson, my crew chief is really good. We've been fighting tight in practice, so I don't feel that we have that good of a Dodge Ram yet for the race. But Shane and the guys have a lot of experience up here in the Vermont/New Hampshire area, and they said that when they go out to the Busch North and Busch South races that you loosen up really bad in qualifying. We were so tight, that we figured we might be all right. It ended up working out okay. We gained a little bit, and that's all you can ask for. I've been getting lucky lately in qualifying. We've stepped up our qualifying program. I'm pretty happy about that. We're not starting fifth or sixth tomorrow, we're starting up front.

"Poles are overrated. My dad can wear the same damn Bud Pole hat for the next five years for all that I care. He can go buy one up at the trailer or something. Really, we've just been qualifying a lot better. The driver is tired of listening of everybody making fun of him for qualifying fourth and ninth, so he decided to pull it up a few spots. I like it when it rains, personally.

BOBBY HAMILTON (No. 4 Square D Dodge Ram) -Third

"The racetrack slowed down. We thought everything would be a little bit faster, but it slowed down everybody. We just did our same deal. When we were fast in practice today, we were running race-run stuff. So, we think our race setup is in good shape. We just don't put a lot of emphasis on qualifying. This place is tough to get your truck to run good, and the guys have done that on this Square D Dodge. Track position is still going to be tough. It'll be tough to pass here, so whoever makes the right pit calls should be able to stay out front all day. You're going to see a lot of these guys do this stuff in one stop. I don't think we're going to see a lot of pit stops tomorrow."

"Our day went really good today. This is the same Dodge we had at Richmond, and we unloaded basically with the same setup. We hadn't touched anything on it. We were very good in practice. We had some information from a couple Winston Cup teams that contributed to our qualifying. We felt like we'd end up sixth or seventh, because we were doing race-run stuff. That's sort of what you do in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. You don't do too much for qualifying, at least we don't because time is so limited. Happy hour is always time permitting, so we have to use all of the time we can for race run stuff. So, to qualify where we did, we're pretty happy with that."

"I've said, since I very first started driving trucks, that I think the reason the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series is such a good training ground for Cup drivers is because they drive virtually identically to me. Whereas a Busch car doesn't drive anything like a Cup car. The only thing is they (the trucks) have got so much drag and the motors have a small carburetor that it causes a lack of straightaway speed. But we drive to so many races where our corner speed is actually faster than the Cup cars because we don't enter the corners as fast. So, it's pretty much identical to me."

CHAD CHAFFIN (No. 18 Dickies Racing Dodge Ram) - Seventh

"Well, our Dodge actually felt like it was a little bit tighter. I hit the wall on our last qualifying run during practice. I'm probably kind of kicking myself a little bit, because there's always the "What-ifs." The guys did a great job fixing the truck, though. It looks like most of the guys slowed up out here too. I think we're going to have a really good truck. Our guys found some stuff to really pick us up. We were really stout today in early practice. Even though we might not start up front, we're going to have a good truck and really won't matter. 20 laps into the race it won't even matter who qualified in the fourth or fifth spot anyways.

TED MUSGRAVE (No. 1 Mopar Performance Parts Dodge Ram) - Eighth

"That lap didn't feel really good. We've been working on our race setup so much. We're here to try and win the race. Our lap times were good consistent laps, so we knew this would kind of happen. This Mopar team is looking for the championship. The poles don't mean a lot, but I'm definitely glad to see my teammate up there. I think that our race-setup is going to pay off. Yeah, starting position has it's value too, but as long as you can see the leader and keep him in sight, you'll be fine here.

ROBERT PRESSLEY (No. 59 Harris Trucking/Melling Engine Dodge Ram) - 15th

"This is a new truck. We haven't ever run it, so we're really just working the bugs out of it. Heck, this racetrack here, you've really got to be able to get around it. We're worried more about the race. We would have liked to have qualified better, but starting position isn't everything. It's going to get slick out there tomorrow."

STUART KIRBY (No. 7 Dodge Motorsports Dodge Ram) - 17th

"Our Dodge was just really loose. What we changed, we thought we'd make it a little bit tighter. I guess the racetrack got a lot quicker. We really worked on our race-trim in the morning practice. I've never been here before, so we spent a lot of time on that. I'm excited about the race. I think this Dodge will race a lot better than it qualified, so I'm looking forward to that."

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