Las Vegas: Ford teams race quotes

JON WOOD -- No. 21 Smith's/Air Force Ford F-150 -- (finished 3rd, qualified 14th) "It's frustrating to lead that much and finish third. But, I think that's a pretty nice night. We definitely had a dominant truck. When you can pull up...

JON WOOD -- No. 21 Smith's/Air Force Ford F-150 -- (finished 3rd, qualified 14th)

"It's frustrating to lead that much and finish third. But, I think that's a pretty nice night. We definitely had a dominant truck. When you can pull up to Travis Kvapil with eight laps to go for the lead, I think that's pretty impressive. These guys are pretty sharp and I think my guys did an awesome job."

YOU MUST BE PRETTY EXCITED WITH THIS TEAM AND WORKING WITH JOHN MONSAM. IT SEEMS THAT YOU WHEN YOU QUALIFY IN THE BACK; YOU WORK ON THE TRUCK AND WITH YOUR AGGRESSIVE DRIVING AND THEIR HARD WORK YOU GET TO THE FRONT. "I think you are giving me more credit than I think I deserve. We definitely had a good truck and we do, week in and week out. My results show that, but our qualifying doesn't. But qualifying doesn't really pay anything, but the race does. I'm really proud of everybody and I'm proud of Monsam. I'm looking forward to the Cup race next weekend."


ERIK DARNELL -- No. 99 Northern Tool + Equipment Ford F-150 -- (finished 5th, qualified 5th)

"We had a pretty good night. It started off as a bad night. We qualified well, but our Northern Tool + Equipment Ford wasn't real good when the race started. We were fighting being real free, but I made a bunch of pit stops and came down pit road when nobody else did to tighten the truck up. We made a big adjustment on the final stop and we hit on something and I was able to get the truck working well on the outside lane and we were able to get our second top-five finish in a row."


RICK CRAWFORD -- No. 14 Power Stroke Diesel by International Ford F-150 -- (finished 9th, qualified 25th)

"That's not too bad for that Ford F-150. We made some bold moves out there tonight in our Ford Power Stroke Diesel by International F-Series pick-up. We started 25th and finished ninth. It was a great night for Ford and Roush Yates engines. I think there were three or four in the top-10 and I'm proud to be one of them. We've had a good year this year. We really haven't had any problems. We're going home to sweet home Alabama and see if we can take it there.

WAS TRACK POSITION REALLY THAT IMPORTANT? "Yes, track position was very important. If you noticed when we were running single file there towards the end, I didn't need that last caution because we were running in the top-five. As long as they were nose-to-tail behind me, I was okay. When you get nose-to-tail, you sort of tighten up behind somebody and I did the same thing. They were surrounding me out there and I just had to bring it home."


DAVID STARR -- No. 10 MAXXForce International Diesel Ford F-150 -- (finished 14th, qualified 26th)

"We finished 14th, but our MAXXForce International Diesel Ford F-150 was good at times. It seemed like I could race up to the sixth or seventh position, but seemed like when we got spread out or just by myself, I couldn't get in the corners like I need. I would get loose and spin out and crash by myself. We worked on it, we pitted on it real late because I couldn't get it in the corner. I think we made it up to about seventh, but then once we got spread out, we got going and lost seven or eight spots. Then Dennis [Connor, crew chief] called me in and we put some air pressure on the right front and tried to put a spring rubber on the right front. We didn't get the spring rubber in, but we rebounded back to 14th and it was pretty good. We just had a hard time getting into the corners tonight. It was not a bad job by Circle Bar Racing, but we just need that little bit and we'll be up there. This series is just so competitive. If you're off a little bit, you're off a whole lot. It was right there in front of us and we couldn't take advantage of it. But we are going to continue to work like we always have been. We'll see if we can't get our MAXXForce International Diesel Ford F-150 back near the front. I'm little disappointed but we'll just keep digging and hold our chins up."


T.J. BELL -- No. 50 Heathcliff's Cat Litter Ford F-150 -- (finished 31st, qualified 10th)

"We started racing three wide there. This place is big, just not that big. We came around and put myself in a tough racing position and we didn't come out like we wanted. It's just a shame for these guys on the Heathcliff team; they made the stuff on the F-150 truck so good tonight. It's too bad we had to finish this way. We've just got to keep our heads up and move on to the next week. We'll go to Talladega and get 'em there. The team did an awesome job this weekend and it showed by qualifying in the top-10. I still have a lot of confidence in the team and in me. We just need stuff to go our way. We can qualify well. We've got the trucks, I've definitely got the team, and we've got the organization and we got the manufacturer. Now, I just need to my job a little bit better.

-credit: ford racing

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