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SCOTT SET FOR SIN CITY SHOOTOUT IDAHO NATIVE LOOKS TO EXPAND RECENT SUCCESS WITH HENSLEY MOORESVILLE, NC (September 22, 2009) -- This weekend's Las Vegas 350 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway marks an important milestone for NASCAR Camping World ...



MOORESVILLE, NC (September 22, 2009) -- This weekend's Las Vegas 350 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway marks an important milestone for NASCAR Camping World Truck Series competitor Brian Scott. It was one year ago that Scott made the switch to the Toyota Tundra and added Jeff Hensley as his crew chief. Since that first race together in Las Vegas in 2008, the dynamic duo have proven to be one of the most effective combinations in the NCWTS garage area, posting 16 top 10's, 9 top-five finishes (including second place finishes at Homestead, Memphis and Nashville) and a win at Dover. As a result of their shared efforts the No. 16 Albertsons Toyota Tundra team currently holds the fourth spot in the NCWTS points chase.

"Racing with Jeff Hensley has been great," Scott said. "He has helped me a lot. He has helped the guys in our Xpress Motorsports shop a lot. He has moved our whole organization to the next level and then beyond that really. He's bridged a lot of gaps for us and he has helped us tremendously from a competition standpoint. I can't even believe we have only been together a year and I am really pleased with the amount of success that we've seen20together. The sky is the limit. I don't know where this thing is going to peak out but I hope it never does."

For Hensley, a seasoned veteran, the relationship with Scott has been refreshing. It has allowed the Horsepasture, VA native to show that he can have success with any type of driver, be it a veteran like Mike Skinner or a relative newcomer like Scott.

"Brian Scott is absolutely the real deal," Hensley says. "I think our success is owed to the ultimate trust between the two of us. He trusts me to let me do my job. If he tells me the truck is doing this, I don't second guess him. We work on it and try to make it as good as we possibly can make it. Right down to the last 30 seconds of practice. So I think that is the biggest thing. I think that's got to happen between anybody to be successful at this level -- it can't be all me, and it can't be all him. It has to be a group effort and I think that once the guys on the team see that, then they realize, hey, these two guys are serious about what they are doing and they work harder. The situation here is unique in the fact he trusts what I want to do or try and I trust his abilities, and it has just been a really good relationship. I don't know what to compare it to, other than just two people that are driven for the same goal. N either one of us may be the best, but together we are pretty decent."

Scott also sees the benefits of the year-old relationship with Hensley. He realizes that his own career has improved greatly from the time the two have spent working together.

"It looks like we get better and better and we learn more about each other every weekend," Scott added. "It's exciting to be in that type of relationship and to have that caliber of crew chief. I'm excited to go to every race track and to not even be worried about going to race tracks that I've never been to before or a race track the Truck Series hasn't been to before. To have that confidence in each other is truly great to have. The past year has been a real eye opening experience for me and it has given me more confidence in my own abilities. I now know each and every week we pull into the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series garage that we will have a truck to be reckoned with. "

"I think the thing we probably missed a little bit of last year in the 7 races we worked together was the consistency," Hensley said. "I think that was more equipment than anything because over the winter we had an opportunity to make all of our stuff the same so no matter what truck he got into it was the same environment and I'm a firm believer in everything being the same. Also just the confidence of coming off two top-five finishes last year and that building over the winter. You can't be successful in anything you do without confidence and you can't do it if somebody is beating you down. We have to be there to lift each other up when things are not going like they should be. Fortunately for us things have been going really good. I think 99% of that is just the atmosphere that we have around here. I haven't been fortunate enough to work with a lot of people that share my sentiment at that, but Brian does, which I think goes back to the trust issue. If you look at our deal this year, I mean, we crashed at Michigan and broke his wrist, which would have probably killed better teams. But we came back to Milwaukee and finished 3rd and went to Memphis and finished 2nd."

Chassis for Las Vegas Motor Speedway: Xpress Motorsports will bring chassis number 127 to the Las Vegas 350 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This Triad Racing Technologies chassis will compete in its fourth event with Brian Scott at the wheel. It previously placed 10th at Atlanta, first at Dover, second at Nashville and fifth at Bristol.

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