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LANCE NORICK -- #90 Aventis Behring Choice Chevrolet Silverado

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series - Milwaukee Mile - June 30, 2001

13th in NCTS Points, 14th in Owner Points

Driver Lance Norick #90 Sponsor Aventis Behring Choice Crew Chief John Monsam Owner Ron Norick

The Truck

This truck is called "SUGAR MULE" because it's a workhorse. It's been run many times over the past few years.

#90 Quotes on Milwaukee

Crew Chief, John Monsam: "Milwaukee has flat, long straight-aways. The tight, flat turns are something we all grew up on--it's the kind of place where Lance, in the equipment that we are giving him, should really shine. We are taking "Sugar Mule." It's the same truck the team raced at Homestead this yearI wasn't part of the team yet, but I did admire this truck from the next spot over! When we were evaluating the equipment for the Milwaukee race, I knew it had to be this truck."

Spotter & Team Manager, Gus Primm: "We ran really well last weekend at Memphiseven lead the race for about 5 laps, and that's just a sign of good things to come. The team is really pumped, they are all working so hard to get to the track and to make this a successful weekend. Our expectations for this race are high."

Driver, Lance Norick: "After Dover, Texas and Memphis where we ran really well, I can't wait to get back to the Milwaukee Mile. John [Monsam] and the guys are ready to get to the track, too. Since we ran well there last year, I anticipate a strong finish this year."


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