Kentucky: Sprague, Starr press conference

With six laps to go, the race restarted with Jack Sprague in the ...

With six laps to go, the race restarted with Jack Sprague in the #16 Chevy Trucks Silverado running second. He passed Bobby Hamilton in turn two to lead with five to go on lap 146. The caution flag flew again on lap 147. The race restarted on lap 151 for a green-white-checkered finish. Hamilton took the lead on lap 152 to take the win.

Jack Sprague , No. 16 Chevy Trucks Silverado (Started 10th, Finished 2nd):
(Jack was suffering all weekend with flu-like symptoms)

ON PASSING BOBBY THERE IS WITH TO GO: "I know it had to shock him as much as it shocked me. He was the class of the field all night but he just must not have gotten his tires cleaned off when we restarted and he was wobbling in the corner. I got a good run on the outside and he came up to protect the spot so I dove down and got underneath him and I got in the lead. I thought man this can't be happening. I looked back and saw David racing him pretty hard and I thought 'Man I could luck in to this thing and win it.' I have lost a few this way. But the caution came out again and I thought he (Hamilton) is a pretty smart old guy and he isn't going to make the same mistake again and he didn't. We took off on the restart and neither one of us even cracked the gas, we both went into one wide open and never lifted. He got underneath me and motored me off through two. I was able to hang with him but it was unbelievable."

ON SECOND PLACE FINISH: "This is an incredible finish for our Chevy Trucks Silverado tonight. We weren't very good this morning, our truck wasn't happy and the driver wasn't happy. I am so proud of Chris (Showalter, crew chief) and Dave (Fuge, team manager) and the guys made a ton of adjustments and we had a heck of a truck. That turkey would drive around that white line and it was awesome. It was a little loose but I had to have that way in order to run good. When I got to fourth I thought man I will take this, be happy and go to the house. I just want to thank Chevrolet Silverado, Vortec Engines, Allison Transmissions, XM Radio and everyone who is involved in this program. I am like David, man we have had the worst luck in the last five races. We have had a truck that was capable of winning the last few races and I didn't think this was one of them but it ended up being a great night for us. Nothing happened, it was uneventful and turned out good.

ABOUT BACK RUNNING IN THE NASCAR CRAFTSMAN TRUCK SERIES: "It is just fun. It is like 100th of the pressure of Cup and 100th of the backstabbing that goes on over there. There are 25 races a year and you have a life outside the circuit. This series provides drivers a way to have a career and a life too. Instead of having just a career and missing out on everything else.

I have a nine-year old little girl that I live for and she is my rock. I love my wife very much too and I don't mean to slight her in any way. But your wife follows you around but your kids are only there for a short time and aren't going to follow you around all their lives and I don't want to miss the great years of her life. There is going to be a day I am going to look up and she will be gone and there will be some other man in her life and I just want to be the one that is there until that happens. This provides me a way to do that and that is honestly how I feel."

ON KENTUCKY SPEEDWAY: "This track is awesome but it has evaded me a little bit. I actually had this race won in 2001 and lost a cylinder and ended up finishing third. So next year I am coming back with my guns loaded and try to win this thing."

IF YELLOW HADN'T COME OUT, COULD YOU HAVE BEAT HAMILTON: "I had a better shot at it because David was racing him hard and when you run side by side it slows you down pretty good. Several times in the race when I got side by side with some one, it makes you slow enough to have to race trucks not as fast as you. When I looked back and saw David racing him, I said 'Yes, stay there David and keep him busy.' But he was so strong, he was the class of the field and that was my only shot at beating him. When I went by him I thought I could luck into it. But the fastest truck won and that's the way it should be. He drove a great race and I am happy for him that he won and I am sure he would feel the same if was me."

ON FRUSTRATION OF ALL THE RAIN: "Sure it is frustrating. We have had a lot of rain the last two races. But it worked out for us tonight and the fans saw a great race."

David Starr , No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado (Started 15th, Finished 3rd):

ON THIRD PLACE FINISH-BEST OF THE SEASON: "Our Chevy Silverado was pretty good tonight. We started 15th and were taking out time working our way up through the field. We were just picking guys off one at a time. Dave (McCarty, crew chief) and the guys made a couple of adjustments on the first pit stop and the truck was working pretty good. In turn three we would get tight on entry and lose the nose a little and that hurt us a little bit but what an exciting race. We have just had such bad luck recently and we just needed to get the monkey off our back and we finally got us a top-five finish tonight.

ON RACING WITH HAMILTON ON LAP 144 RESTART: "I was trying to help out my Chevy teammate Sprague when he took the lead, I was racing with Hamilton right there at the end. I got underneath him there in four and thought I had him cleared in turn one but man he drove that baby in there deep and pulled it back by me. I wanted Jack (Sprague) to win the race if we couldn't but Hamilton was strong all night so we got third. I am just happy to be back in the top-five with our Spears Chevy Silverado. This is like a win for us with the luck we have had recently. We sure would have loved to be in victory lane but since we aren't, it wasn't because of lack of effort. Jack was trying and I was trying and it was just an exciting race."

COULD YOU HAVE CHALLENGED FOR THE WIN IF THAT LAST CAUTION HADN'T COME OUT? "When Jack and Bobby got to racing there, I thought I got by him there in four and was going to be able to go up and race with Jack but like I said, Bobby drove that thing in there so hard I don't know how it stuck but it did. Still, this is almost like a win for us. We are excited and looking forward to going to St. Louis next week."

ON KENTUCKY SPEEDWAY: "This place is awesome, you can run high, you can run low and it makes for exciting racing. I want to win one here to like Jack says so we will come back next year and see if we have a bigger gun than he does."

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