Kentucky: Ford teams race quotes

Kentucky: Ford teams race quotes
Jul 11, 2004, 11:18 PM

CARL EDWARDS-99-Superchips Ford F-150 (Finished 33rd) WHAT PUT YOU BEHIND THE WALL TONIGHT? "We had a tire going down on the first run, a left-rear, and I think we had a parts failure of some kind. The guys at the Mooresville (N.C.) engine shop ...

CARL EDWARDS-99-Superchips Ford F-150 (Finished 33rd)

WHAT PUT YOU BEHIND THE WALL TONIGHT? "We had a tire going down on the first run, a left-rear, and I think we had a parts failure of some kind. The guys at the Mooresville (N.C.) engine shop do a great job putting these things together, but something is vibrating real bad and we cut the clutch line. Hopefully, they're going to pull the tranny out and see if they can get it put back together. We're going to get it fixed, get back out there and run as much as we can and use it as a test session and gain points. Anything we can do."

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford F-150 (Finished 16th)

"It was just a hard truck to drive all day. You were facing a scenario with the way it was driving and you pitted and that set of tires was different from the previous set of tires. Then you were immediately in traffic so you were trying to save the truck and losing time on the people ahead of you, and by the time you got your truck straightened out or it came to you then they were long gone. It should have been a top-10 run. We ran over some debris off of the Terry Cook crash. He was probably the best running Ford out there and I don't know what happened to him. We ran over a piece of pipe and flattened both right-side tires and had to make a pit stop with 12 laps to go and there was no way to get the Circle Bar Ford back up to the front. We should have had a good, solid top-five finish, but instead we're 16th."

JON WOOD-50-Roush Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 12th)

"All day we were great, and I don't know if running over something from Cook's truck caused that problem or what, but it just wouldn't hook up in the closing laps. Several other trucks seemed to have the same problem at the end, though. It's fun to run up front, and we did. It's a good feeling and I'm glad we're back being competitive again. We got run into by the 10 truck there near the end, and I think we would have been in the top five otherwise. We have something to build on next week and at the upcoming mile-and-a-half tracks."

TERRY COOK-10-Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l Ford F-150 (Finished 30th)

WHAT HAPPENED AND ARE YOU OK? "I'm fine. I really hate it for the Power Stroke by Int'l team. We weren't very good in morning practice and crew chief Jamie Jones told me we would be good for the race and we were. We drove ourselves from 13th all the way up to fourth there with about a handful of laps to go, and thought we were in contention to at least have a solid top-five, and hoping to be best in class for Ford. The Fords just didn't seem to have it quite tonight for the other makes. The right-rear tire blew off in turn four there and just put it in the fence."

WITHOUT THE SAFER BARRIERS IN PLACE HERE, WAS IT A HARDER HIT? "It was. My shoulder is a little sore and my neck is already starting to get a bit sore, so I'm sure by the middle of the week I'll be doubling up on the Advil."

YOU MADE CONTACT WITH THE NO. 50 TRUCK A FEW LAPS EARLIER. COULD THIS BE THE SUBSEQUENT RESULT OF A TIRE RUB? "It's possible. I got side-by-side with Jon Wood there and we touched. It's possible that we could have had a tire rub, but it's hard to say. I thought we hit tire to tire, but I'm not sure. The right-rear tire blew coming off of the corner and just got up in the fence."

BRANDON WHITT-38-Cure Autism Now/Werner Ladders Ford F-150 (Finished 14th)

"Bobby Hamilton set a pretty quick pace tonight, so starting 21st and staying on the lead lap all night is a big feat. We just kept making the truck better and better as the night went on. When we finished Happy Hour we were kinda concerned with what we had, but we found out the A-arms were bottoming out, so we got that fixed and it made big difference. The only thing we had with that is we weren't sure how the truck was going to handle when we started the race, so we tuned on it all night and it was pretty good."

WHAT WERE THE TRACK CONDITIONS LIKE AT THE START OF THE RACE? "I don't think there was a problem starting when we started. It was plenty dry. There were a couple of wet patches, but they dried up within a couple of laps and they weren't in a danger zone where the trucks were turning."

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