Kansas: GM Racing preview


TEAM: #46 Morgan-Dollar Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado

ON KANSAS SPEEDWAY: "Kansas Speedway is a great track. It is very smooth and wide with room to race and pass. The weather shouldn't be too bad there; I think they are predicting 90 degrees. As hot as that sounds, it is much better than 110- degree heat we have raced in at previous events. We are taking a truck that is a past winner to Kansas. This truck has really brought us good luck in the past. As for Morgan Dollar Motorsports and myself, Kansas Speedway has been great to both of us. We have always qualified well there and finished inside the top-three. "

ON 2004 SEASON SO FAR: "This has been an incredible season so far for this Silverado team. Danny (Gill, crew chief) and the crew have put awesome trucks under me each week. We have had great race strategy; good pit stops and the results have been there for us. It is a total team effort for us; everyone knows their job and does it perfectly. We work together as a unit. Plus, we have the benefit of the great support from Chevrolet giving us their support from every technical aspect. We are going to keep racing each race as we have and let the points take care of themselves."


TEAM: #16 IWX Motorsports Chevy Trucks Silverado

ON KANSAS SPEEDWAY: "Kansas Speedway is an awesome racetrack. It is smooth and wide with plenty of room to pass. The 2001 race is the only time I have run there in a truck but I was leading the race by a pretty good margin when we had an engine failure. Those things happen from time to time but until that happened, we were looking pretty good for a strong finish. I know I will have a great handling Chevy Trucks Silverado. Chevrolet has done so much to assist us this year with tools to improve our performance with technological assistance on many levels. There isn't as much banking here as there are on the other mile and a half tracks we run like Atlanta and Texas so you have to be able to really get in the corners well but have the power and the ability to get it to the ground to get off strong to head down the long backstretch."

ON THE HEAT USUALLY ASSOCIATED WITH RUNNING AT KANSAS SPEEDWAY: "It is just a fact that it is usually pretty hot when we race there. The heat is hard on equipment, engines, crews and drivers. You just have to prepare for it physically and mentally as well as take care of your truck so you are there at the end. The heat and humidity are hard on everyone so you have to plan for it."

ON THE 2004 SEASON SO FAR: "Man, we just can't seem to catch a break this year. We have been in a position to win several races and have had something mechanical come around and bite us. It gets frustrating but we just have to keep digging every week, learn from what happens and start getting the finishes so we can climb back up in the point standings."

TEAM: #75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado

ON KANSAS SPEEDWAY: "I am really looking forward to the upcoming race at Kansas. It is one of those high-speed tracks that I like. This was another event that I was forced to sit out last season and so I am looking forward to running here again. I find the high-speed tracks fun and ideally suited for our Spears Chevy Silverado. I really want to put the Spears Chevy in Victory Lane and Kansas would be a great place to get it done."


TEAM: #6 Kevin Harvick, Inc. GM Goodwrench Silverado

ON KANSAS SPEEDWAY: "Kansas City has a really nice facility. The surface is really smooth but not quite old enough yet because it is still more of a single groove racetrack. It is a really fast racetrack; however, this is a place you have to lift. You are not going to be able to run wide open. Down in turn 1 you have to lift just a little bit and in turns 3 and 4 you have to lift quite a bit and let the truck roll a ways before you get back into the throttle. In the past I have run pretty good here but just do not have the finishes to prove it. I have blown up the last 2 out of 3 times I have been here. However, I am really look forward to going there and would consider this one of my favorite tracks. I am ready to end the curse."

WITH IT'S SINGLE GROOVE, HOW IMPORTANT WILL PIT STOPS BE? "Pit stops are going to be really big this weekend. The guys back at the shop are working hard. The first pit stop we had in Milwaukee was pretty good but the second stop we lost a couple spots. They are striving hard to get better to pick us up spots each time and I need to work on our qualifying effort. Wally (Rogers) and I need to work on making the truck qualify instead of making the truck race in the top-10. I need to qualify in the top-10 every weekend so we can contend for a win."

TEAM: #88 Menards Silverado

ON KANSAS SPEEDWAY: "I've never been to Kansas. I understand it's similar to Chicago, and we got to test at Chicago a few weeks ago, so I think we should be close when we get there. I know the team has run well there. Matt (Crafton) has run pretty good there. I figure I'll ask him for some pointers."

ON 2004 SEASON TO DATE: "We haven't gotten the finishes we want the last couple of weeks, but we've been able to recover from getting wrecked in the middle of the race, stay on the lead lap, finish 14th and gain a little in the points. The guys have done a great job the last two weeks fixing wrecked trucks during pit stops. As much as I appreciate that, I don't want to make them make it a habit. We want to run all day at Kansas, keep the truck in one piece and get a top-10 finish."

TEAM: #02 Team Copazone Silverado

ON KANSAS SPEEDWAY: "We're really looking forward to our first trip to Kansas. Our sponsor is right there in Kansas City, and has been so supportive of the team over the years, so I'm sure there will be plenty of fans cheering at the track and watching at home. Kansas is a fast track, and seems to be very smooth, so each adjustment is critical. I'm driving my favorite truck, the chassis from Texas and Milwaukee, and with Tim Shutt on board as our crew chief, I feel confident we'll have a good set-up and a great race for the Team COPAXONE Chevy."


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