Kansas City: Ford Racing race quotes

TERRY COOK-29-Power Stroke Diesel Ford F-150 (Finished 6th) DID YOU GET INTO THE FLUID LAID DOWN BY THE 14 TRUCK? "Yeah, and it's a shame for the Power Stroke Diesel Ford. We played our cards right and had a great restart with six to go, and...

TERRY COOK-29-Power Stroke Diesel Ford F-150 (Finished 6th)

DID YOU GET INTO THE FLUID LAID DOWN BY THE 14 TRUCK? "Yeah, and it's a shame for the Power Stroke Diesel Ford. We played our cards right and had a great restart with six to go, and moved up to fifth and thought we had something for fourth, for the 46. Unfortunately, when the 14 blew up, it blew an oil line or something; all I know is that there was a lot of oil on the track. It just put a bunch of oil down. I saw the 2 go sideways, I saw the 18 in the mirror, and I was sideways and hit the wall with both ends. I guess I should be thankful for a sixth-place finish after that deal. It's disappointing when you can get up into the top five with less than five to go. It wasn't the best day for the Power Stroke Diesel Ford, but we were going to salvage a top-five, but it looks like we salvaged a top-10. We'll just go on from here and go to Kentucky."

PIT STRATEGY PUT YOU IN THE TOP FIVE AFTER YOU SUFFERED FROM AN EARLY SPIN. "It was a real good call. Crew chief Bob Keselowski used his head on that, and we just spun in turn 1; it was just an aero deal. I was on the bottom of a three-wide situation going into the corner. It took the air off the spoiler. I got pinched down quite heavily by the 8, and unfortunately just went around. Thank goodness we were able to keep it off the wall and finish sixth."

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford F-150 (Finished 12th)

WHAT HAPPENED? "We had the truck to beat today. I was able to keep the 2 truck in my mirror all race long. With three laps to go, something flew off the race track and broke the filter going from the rear-end pump to the rear-end and it broke the gear, and, plus, it lost all of the fluid. The Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford was unbeatable today. I don't know where we need to change our luck, or whatever we can do to change our luck. We tried to get back in that points race today. We were 50 out of the lead and it would have been a great points day. Ray Stonkus, Ernie Elliott engines under the hood, the whole Circle Bar gang, the people behind this team deserve all of the credit. We'll win next week in Kentucky."

CARL EDWARDS-63-Mittler Brothers/Blazin' Pits Ford F-150 (Finished 8th)

"YOU HAD A CLOSE CALL WHEN YOU GOT TOGETHER WITH THE 11 TRUCK. "The truck just got tight in the draft. This is the first time that I've ever been in the draft, and, boy, you go in there and it's like taking the front-end away from the deal. And so they kept going down and down with the wedge, and we got it close in the end. I could drive in there and turn, but we just didn't have enough for the really fast guys; we had enough to make the team happy."

THIS IS YOUR THIRD TRUCK SERIES RACE. DID YOU EXPECT TO HAVE EARLY SUCCESS? "These guys are some of the hardest working guys in the garage. They're probably doing the most with the fewest resources. This is the happiest that I've seen Mike Mittler (owner/crew chief). He's sweating more than I am. Man, we had a good time."

DID YOU FEEL EXTRA PRESSURE TRYING TO PERFORM IN FRONT OF THE HOMETOWN CROWD? "I was nervous, period. It's a big track and I almost crashed the whole deal in practice over there (turns 1 and 2), just going for too much too quick. Mike (Mittler) kinda talked me out of that mode and we got faster. I'm just so happy now. This is the best that this team has finished in two years. They're so happy. Mike told me 10th place is like winning, so this is great."

RICK BICKLE-15-Dickies/Popeyes Ford F-150 (Finished 13th)

"At the end of the race, the truck got a whole lot better. We got it within three, four or five tenths instead of being eight tenths off the pace. Still, we have to cut the body off of this to make it a speedway truck. We brought a squirt gun to a battle, and you can't have any fun doing that."

JON WOOD-50-U.S. Navy Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 9th)

"The breaks didn't go our way at the start of the race, but then they did at the end of the race. We were way too loose early on. We came in and made the right call by coming in and pitting and putting wedge in it under the first caution. Then, we had a rear-end cap come off or something and had to go to the tail end of the line one more time. We got back up in the top 10 one more time and then broke, I think we broke fourth gear. On that last restart, it just wouldn't go into fourth gear and I had to pull on the apron. That last caution is what really saved us and gave us the top-10 that we needed. Given the bad luck that we had all weekend, it wasn't all that bad of a finish; I was pleased. We've got something wrong with our speedway qualifying and our short-run package and we've got to figure it out and in a hurry. We're going to Kentucky next weekend, a track similar to this and we're going to have a hard time finding it."

RANDY BRIGGS-93-Extreme Grafix Ford F-150 (Finished 23rd)

"We were a little bit embarrassed today. We had problems all day long, and, especially, the driver made some rookie mistakes. We were a little rusty on pit stops, but we brought it home to a finish. We started way in the back, so we really couldn't go backwards. The track is very smooth and very fast. We were on and off all day. We had some major problems, so we just tried to finish the race and stay out of the way of the leaders when they were coming and just finish. It's tough to run with the caliber of these guys week-in and week-out. Just being a hometown race, we had to do this, and, actually, I believe we're going to go to Kentucky next week and try it again."


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