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Diehard 200 June 2-3, 1999 West Allis, Wisconsin Dana Racing Notes Joe Ruttman's Milwaukee Mile NASCAR ...

Diehard 200                
June 2-3, 1999                                                                
West Allis, Wisconsin                                                         

Dana Racing Notes

Joe Ruttman's Milwaukee Mile NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Results

Date        Start        Finish         Laps                 Status                 Money Won
7-1-95        4        6        125 of 125        Running              $  4,000
7-6-96        10        17        166 of 200        Running                 5,325
7-5-97        20        9        199 of 200        Running                 7,700
7-4-98        5        7        200 of 200        Running                 8,350

Total 690 of 725 (95.1%) $ 25,375

* Joe Ruttman and the entire Dana Racing team enter this weekend's race at the Milwaukee Mile looking to rebound from their first engine failure of the year, It was also the team's only DNF (Did Not Finish) of the season. "It's safe to say that last week was a big disappointment," said Ruttman. 'We had a truck that was going to contend for the win but those things happen. It did make me feel good about our chances at winning a race later this year. Maybe even at Milwaukee." Ruttman has been racing and winning at the Milwaukee Mile for a number of years. He first started coming here with his dad and brother. Over the years he has raced about ever type of stock car that has ever been run at the track. And back in the days he raced with the United States Auto Club (USAC), Ruttman was one of the best at getting to the front at this historic midwest facility. Unfortunately, Ruttman has never been able to win here in a truck. He has had some great runs but each time something or someone prevents him from getting the ultimate prize. "It would be nice to win one here, just because of how I ran before the truck series began to race here," said Ruttman. "Realistically though, if the Dana team came out of here with a top five run I think we'd be pretty happy. Not satisfied, but happy."

* Joe Ruttman and the Bobby Hamilton Dana Racing team are running the same truck (Catfish) at The Milwaukee Mile that they ran last week at Watkins Glen. It is also the same truck that Hamilton drove at Martinsville and Memphis earlier this year. "This is a good truck and it gives us an opportunity to see what type of trucks we want to run later this year at this type of track," said Andy Dunlap, General Manager of Bobby Hamilton Racing."

* Joe Ruttman moved up one position to 28th in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series driver standings, even though he finished 25th last week at Watkins Glen. He has a chance, with a good run this week to move into the top 25 in points.

Ruttman's Quotes for Milwaukee Mile

"Every year I look forward to running Milwaukee. I have had the greatest success at the Milwaukee Mile that I have ever had at any other track we run. Just not in the trucks. It's been kind of rough even though I have three top 10s."

"Dad and I used to take the a race car over there and I have great memories of the place with my dad."

"It did not seem to be a very hard track back years ago but now every part of it seems to be hard to get around. It used to be like sitting in my easy chair at home now it is like my vibrating chair."

"The key to running in the top 10 here in my case is not to have any rule infractions, like last year. They (NASCAR) said I passed the pace truck coming down pit road. It ought to be a piece of cake, so we'll find out if I can bake it or not."

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