It's been a long season for Rob Morgan

Dearborn, MI (October 3, 2000)- The 2000 NASCAR Craftsman Truck season has been a long one for Rob Morgan. After being involved in the "Big One" at Daytona in the season opener, it seemed to just get tougher. After acquiring former Winston Cup...

Dearborn, MI (October 3, 2000)- The 2000 NASCAR Craftsman Truck season has been a long one for Rob Morgan. After being involved in the "Big One" at Daytona in the season opener, it seemed to just get tougher. After acquiring former Winston Cup crewchief Bill Ingle, the waters seemed to get a little smoother and the team has begun to show their determination and dedication to making this work. Rob has been strong at both Texas and California and looks for strong finishes to finish out this rebuilding season.

You are returning to Texas the sight of your first ever front row start. Do you feel like the team has a good shot at taking the pole for this race?

"I am really excited about this Texas race. We were fast in June, we brought a brand new truck and it was fast right out of the gate. We missed the pole by a couple hundredths of a second to Greg Biffle. I think we have a great shot at the pole, we were not far off in June and I am sure we will go out with the same setup and work to get it better."

You had a great run going at Texas in June before being caught up in someone else's accident, how do you feel about returning to Texas?

"We were running really well during the race. We ran second for the first 50 laps and were running in the top ten for most of the night. Then, like our luck this season, I came off turn one and Jack Sprague was sitting right in the middle of the track. I had no where to go and destroyed our new truck. I think I hit harder at Texas than I did in the big wreck in Daytona. That one was hard to take. The guys worked really hard and the truck was the first one that Bill Ingle had helped us build. The guys have really worked hard and have put that truck back together for this Texas race."

It has been an up and down year for you this season. You have run well but always seem to be caught up in some type of misfortune, what are your feelings about how this season has gone?

"Where do I start? It has been a long year for the Acxiom Racing team. We have had some really strong runs going this season only to have something go wrong. The monkey has been on our backs the entire year and we can not seem to shake it. We have had some top-ten runs going only to be caught up in an accident or have a mechanical failure."

You and Bill Ingle have put together some impressive runs this season, what has he brought to your team as far as knowledge and experience go?

"He has brought a lot of things to our team this season. He has so much knowledge from Winston Cup that it really gives the ability to try so many different things. He has been a big help to me. He sets up the truck so that I can go out and find the line and get faster with each lap. The guys on the team have really learned a tremendous amount from him. He has so much experience from all of his years in Winston Cup that he knows what to do before it even happens. He helped us in building our Texas truck that we sat on the front row with in June. This was the first truck that he helped us build, and it was fast right out of the gate."

Texas and California are the last two races left on the schedule this season. They are tracks of more than a mile in length, which you seem to run well on. How do you feel about these last two races and what do you think your chances are on these two tracks?

"Texas and California are my favorite two tracks on the circuit. They both fit my driving style, I learned to drive smooth when I was in road racing and you have to be smooth to get around those places fast. I feel like we can come out of Texas with a strong run and carry that over to California."

With the season almost over and your chance for the championship out of hand, what do you look to accomplish during the last two events of the season?

"I want to put two solid runs together for this team. These guys have worked really hard this year and deserve to finish the year off strong. I think that we can put together some good runs, I like both tracks we are going to and know that this team has what it takes to run towards the front. We really need to finish the year strong so that we have something to build on over the winter. Next season really looks promising for us and I hope to go out this year with some momentum that will carry us through to Daytona."

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