Iowa: Winning team interview

MIKE SKINNER , No. 5 Toyota of Des Moines Toyota Tundra, Randy Moss Motorsports Finishing Position: 1st How good does it feel to win tonight? "This one only took us a couple of hours, the last one took three days. I'll tell you, this Tundra,...

MIKE SKINNER , No. 5 Toyota of Des Moines Toyota Tundra, Randy Moss Motorsports
Finishing Position: 1st

How good does it feel to win tonight?

"This one only took us a couple of hours, the last one took three days. I'll tell you, this Tundra, Jon Dysinger (engine builder) and those guys up there at Triad, they do such a fantastic job. This team, David Dollar (co-owner, Randy Moss Motorsports), Randy Moss (co-owner, Randy Moss Motorsports) you better call me! It was just awesome. Toyota of Des Moines, Exide Batteries, PC Miler Navigator folks are up here tonight and they were nice enough to help out Tayler (Malsam) on his truck. Man, that was awesome."

Was your truck as dominate as it looked tonight?

"I tell you, all I did tonight was ride on a thoroughbred. I think I hurt Eric's (Phillips, crew chief) feelings a little bit yesterday because we took an old backup truck that our teammate gave us that Jeff Hensley and I actually built a couple of years ago and it was faster than this truck and I was struggling to not keep that truck out and race it. And Eric (Phillips, crew chief) said, 'Just work with me. Just give me a chance and I'll fix this thing and get it going.' He went in there and he started building shocks and he really, really won this race. The driver screwed up on pit road but the crew chief did a fantastic job with the truck. Man, it drove good. All of the adjustments and everything was just really, really good. We struggled on pit road this year a lot and tonight they were flawless. The only flaw they had was the driver and we overcame it."

How important was your win tonight?

"Every win is important. Probably one of the proudest moments in my whole racing career other than the first ever points race at Phoenix where we had to pass Terry Labonte sideways on the last corner to win, the Bristol trophy stands out -- that's huge. I've got a trophy at Daytona that's huge, but we've been very, very blessed in our career to get the first of things. We won the first championship, we won the first points race and tonight we won the first race at Iowa. We've just been very, very blessed with being able to do that. I'm all for adding some more new tracks. This is pretty cool. Really, I'm all for coming back to Iowa two or three times. I just love this place. We came up here and tested a couple years ago before they banned the testing policy and we were just really, really fast. We took that truck to Kentucky and didn't really do anything to it and won the race. So I knew when we came back to Iowa this style of track suits my driving style. Obviously it suits Eric (Phillips, crew chief). He did a fantastic job setting the truck up."

Were you out of gas at the end of the race?

"Well, the motor died coming off of (turn) four there. I don't know if it was a pick up thing or vapor lock or what it did. It just quit and it quit off of (turn) two and then it quit off of (turn) four. The pressure went all the way down. I think it might have boiled some fuel or something. I just nursed her along there and this thing was so fast through the corner it didn't matter what it was doing on the straightaway."

How did you feel on the final restart?

"I was really, really nervous. I started the race in the same place all night and I figured the competition would be thinking, 'Well, he's going to change it up. He's going to do something different.' So I started it in the same place. Sometimes the biggest surprise is no surprise. We got a really good restart and we came off of (turn) two over there and got back around there and I came off of four and the thing ran out of gas and I looked at the gauge and the fuel pressure was at zero and the thing picked back up. I shook it around a little bit. I yelled at Eric (Phillips, crew chief) and said, 'I think we're out of gas, we're out of gas!' He's like, 'Well just keep going. What do you want me to do about it?' It picked back up and she made it back around and had enough left for a burnout. So it obviously wasn't out of gas. Maybe it vapor locked or got hot or something. Maybe my nerves got some air in it, I'm not sure."

ERIC PHILLIPS , crew chief, No. 5 Toyota of Des Moines Tundra, Randy Moss Motorsports

What did you think of Mike Skinner's win tonight?

"I knew we had a good truck yesterday. Like Mike (Skinner) said, he liked that other truck but we've run this truck a lot. It's been really good to us. It seems to be really good in race mode and I told him to just stick with me and we'd work on it. And we did make it a lot better. All of my guys did a good job. I knew we had a good truck last night. I've been about half sick today, it seems like it's been so long with the race starting at nine. I'm just really proud of all of the guys on this Tundra and Mike (Skinner) and everybody working on this thing all weekend."

-credit: Toyota motorsports

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