Indy IRP: GM teams race quotes, notes

Team Chevy Silverado Capture Two of Top-Three Finishers at O'Reilly Raceway Park Dennis Setzer and Ron Hornaday Finish Second and Third Clermont, IN - Dennis Setzer, No. 85 E85 FlexFuel Silverado, finished second in the Power Stroke Diesel 200...

Team Chevy Silverado Capture Two of Top-Three Finishers at O'Reilly Raceway Park

Dennis Setzer and Ron Hornaday Finish Second and Third

Clermont, IN - Dennis Setzer, No. 85 E85 FlexFuel Silverado, finished second in the Power Stroke Diesel 200 at O'Reilly Raceway Park. Ron Hornaday, No. 33 Kevin Harvick, Inc., finished third in a battle that saw the top five trucks thunder in to turn one on the final restart of the race virtually five wide to settle the race with just four laps remaining in the 200 lap race.

Rick Crawford (Ford) won the race with David Starr (Toyota) and Mike Bliss, No. 16 Xpress Motorsports Silverado rounded out the top-five.

The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series manufacturers' standings are as follows with 15 of 25 in the record books:

Toyota  102 points  7 wins

Ford 97 points 5 wins
Chevrolet 75 points 3 wins
Dodge ` 54 points 0 wins

The next event is August 12th a Nashville Superspeedway, Lebanon, TN.]



DENNIS SETZER, No. 85 E85 FlexFuel Silverado, Qualified 7th, Finished 2nd:

"We had a good truck, we just couldn't get by the 14 (Rick Crawford, race winner) "Yeah, he had a really good truck and I can't say exactly where he had an advantage on us because made some runs at him in different spots on the track, but it seemed like he would pull away and then I would reel him in. I just couldn't figure out where he was beating me, he just eased away from me. I am proud of this bunch, our whole Morgan-Dollar Motorsports group, these guys do a great job week in and week out. It is a whole team effort on this program, with Eric Phillips and Randy Goss and the whole program put this together, so I am proud of the whole bunch. The long deserved top ten finish for this team, we appreciate the support of Chevrolet and E85 and everything that Silverado has put behind us."


RON HORNADAY JR., No. 33 Kevin Harvick, Inc. Silverado, Qualified 10th, Finished 3rd:

"There was no walking out there tonight, it was tough racing. My Chevy Silverado was awesome. I just have to thank Kevin and DeLana Harvick, Wally Rogers, Stacy Johnson, Danny, everyone on this crew. It takes a whole crew to do this. We started out tight and they kept working on it all night long and got it better and better. We were still tight in the middle. I could roll up there on them, but I couldn't get back in the throttle. We will take third and go on to the next race. It was another good points night for our Chevy Silverado. I won this in l997, seems like a long time ago since I won here. It is tough competition out there but that is what the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series is all about. I have to congratulate Rick (Crawford, race winner) he deserves the win. The guys just worked their guts out all night long. We didn't plan that restart four from the end being four wide but that is why it is so exciting to watch. There are multiple grooves here so you have to make your truck work earlier in the day all over so it will do it at night so you can move around. I want to thank all these fans who came out, that is what makes it so much fun to race here at O'Reilly Raceway Park."


MIKE BLISS, No. 16 Xpress Motorsports Silverado, Qualified 11h, Finished 5th:

"We started out really tight there and we had a plan that if we weren't very good, we were going to stop early and try and fix it and run the rest of the race. So the first stop, we hit on it. So the next yellow Dave (Fuge, team owner) said we could make it from there so we made the same adjustments again and it was awesome. Our Silverado was really fast there in the middle of the race. I think we drove up to fifth place. Then there was a yellow and everyone else came in and got tires. We kind of knew that was going to happen and it wasn't going to be good. I didn't think we could hold them off, but fifth, that isn't too bad. We'll take it, it was another good points night."


KRAIG KINSER, No. 46 U.S. Army Silverado, Qualified 28th, Finished 13th:

"It was a pretty good race for us. We were just fighting track position from where we started. We had a good truck. I made a couple rookie mistakes and hit the wall a couple of times but it was a good night. The guys gave me a really good Silverado and we were racing hard, the whole team was working hard. It was a good night for all of us. I am just really happy for Eric (Phillips) and everyone on the whole team. I just tried to turn left all night and go as quick as I could."


MATT CRAFTON, No. 88 Menards/Energizer Silverado, Qualified 14th, Finished 20th:

"That was an embarrassing night for us. That was the worst we have ever been. We started off terrible today and just could never get it any better. We were so tight, just couldn't get it where it needed to be.


ARIC ALMIROLA, No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado, Qualified 2nd, Finished 21st:

"We started out tight but the guys worked on it and we were getting better. We had a good shot at running top-five or top-10 tonight. I am so proud of my guys, they worked so hard on this Spears Silverado. Jack Sprague got in to me; guess he thinks he owns the whole race track. It is just a shame that one guy can ruin your whole night."



CHAD MCCUMBEE, No. 08 Green Light Racing, Qualified 32nd, Finished 17th

KERRY EARNHARDT, No.13 National Pork Board Silverado, Qualified 22nd, Finished 23rd

KELLY SUTTON, No. 02 Sutton Motorsports Silverado, Qualified 7th, Finished 25th

ROBERT TURNER, No. 07 Green Light Racing Silverado, Qualified 35th, Finished 26th

ROBERT RICHARDSON, No. 1 Silverado, Qualified 30th, Finished 30th

KEVIN GRUBB, No. 15 Sondivits Silverado, Qualified 15th, Finished 33rd

RYAN MOORE, No. 40 Key Motorsports Silverado, Qualified 34th, Finished 35th

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