Indy IRP: Edwards, Roush race press conference

CARL EDWARDS -99-Roush Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 1st) WERE YOU WORRIED WHEN YOU SAW THE NO. 14 RUN OUT OF GAS? "Yeah, big time. I'm about to be sick, I was so nervous. I thought I was going to run out of fuel and I didn't know what to do.

CARL EDWARDS -99-Roush Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 1st)

WERE YOU WORRIED WHEN YOU SAW THE NO. 14 RUN OUT OF GAS? "Yeah, big time. I'm about to be sick, I was so nervous. I thought I was going to run out of fuel and I didn't know what to do. Doug said to take it easy and I started doing that and Kvapil starting catching me and then I got real nervous. It's just great to race with these guys, it's unbelievable."

WHAT WAS THE BIG KEY IN GETTING TO VICTORY LANE? "The big key was Doug Richert, Steve McCain and those guys getting the truck where it was good off the corner. I drove a Silver Crown car here last night and I've been wanting it too free all day. They're trying to ween me off of that strategy and it's working; they're getting me tighter and tighter. It came off the corner great and that's what kept us out front." H

OW CLOSE WERE YOU ON FUEL? "I don't know. I only spun it around once. At Kentucky, we ran out of fuel doing doughnuts. I've got to thank all of the guys in the fab shop. Roush engines are unbelievable. We got on the chassis dyno last week and we got the big smoke. Once we get the bodies right next year, it's going to be awesome in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series."

JACK ROUSH , Owner-99, 50-Roush Racing Ford F-150s

"We're really proud of Doug Richert (crew chief) and this whole team; they've just done a great job. Carl Edwards is the real deal. He's motivated, he understands what's happening with the car and he saved his deal and saved his gas tonight and was able to bring it home."

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A DRIVER ADAPT SO QUICKLY? "Yeah, Kurt Busch matured really quickly from a driving point of view, but Carl Edwards had to wait a long time for this. He had to stand in line and did a lot of things that made him really want to have a chance to get on and get in a good program or a program what Doug and the guys have done for him and here we go."

YOU HAVE A GOOD TRACK RECORD OF PICKING TALENT. "The guys did this. I never met Carl until he was in the truck. I have to thank Max Jones and all of the guys in Michigan for laying the groundwork for this. Carl is doing a great job. We look forward to getting a sponsor for this truck and taking him all the way to Winston Cup. It may take a while, but we're on our way."


"The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series is just an awesome series and to win in it is just a dream come true for me. This is an unbelievable race track. I watched Thursday Night Thunder every week when I was a kid and just dreamed of even seeing the place. To win a race here is unbelievable."

"I wasn't trying to conserve fuel, we were really trying to conserve the tires. The setup was prefect all the way until trying to come off the corner; it was too loose. Driving Mike Randle's Silver Crown car last night I think was really the difference. Being able to get the power down and not spin the rear tires real helped a lot."

"I'm not used to wining, so I have a hard time as a leader how hard to push it. Your brain starts going through all off these scenarios and I couldn't decide to run it as hard as I could or try to conserve something if there was a yellow. But, those guys were back there and Doug Richert, my crew chief, does a really good job of keeping me up to date on our lap times versus the guy behind me. We just kinda use that and it worked out; I can't believe it."

"I was kinda looking in the mirror a little bit there and I could see what was going on. He was faster but at that point they told me to conserve a little bit of fuel. It was just one of those deals where I knew there was X amount of laps left and he was so far behind me that I felt like I could backpedal a little bit and make sure we didn't run out of fuel."

"It's been good. These guys are all so smart. You can't just outsmart them there as a driver. I feel that I'm gaining ground on them and building confidence, but I understand how much I don't know and that's an awful lot."


HOW WOULD YOU COMPARE CARL TO KURT BUSCH AT THEIR RESPECTIVE STAGES? "We haven't got as experience a team for Carl as we had for Kurt. Kurt was blessed with having a championship effort next to him and the two programs, him and Greg Biffle's, being run out of the same shop which was at its peak. We've rebuilt this team this year. We moved it from Michigan to North Carolina. We've got two new crew chiefs. They're new to Roush Racing, they're new to the drivers. Jon Wood was with us last year, but Carl wasn't. We haven't had the support for Carl that we had for Kurt and for that reason it's not fair. Carl was doing a fantastic job. The truck series is in a change, a change in circumstance with what Dodge has done and minimizing the cost to the sponsors of their cars through their heavy involvement from a support and financial support point of view. We're working with Ford to find out if the prize is really worth the cost. I fit isn't then we'll have to go run the Busch Series. In the meantime, Jon Wood and Carl Edwards are the real deal and we're with them and they're with us for the long haul and we will make the sponsorships work when we can. But in the meantime Roush Industries and Roush Racing is going to make them the investment to get them the tire, to get them people, to get them the cars and to get them the time so that these programs can development."

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