Indianapolis (IRP): Terry Cook press conference quotes

TERRY COOK-29-Power Stroke Diesel Ford F-150 "I kept complaining all night long. I kept telling them that you need to free this thing up; we can run away with it. It was a good truck all night long." "Our flat-track program is just on kill...

TERRY COOK-29-Power Stroke Diesel Ford F-150

"I kept complaining all night long. I kept telling them that you need to free this thing up; we can run away with it. It was a good truck all night long."

"Our flat-track program is just on kill mode. I don't want to say that we're unstoppable because anybody is, but right now, we're on our game on our flat-track stuff; flat track and short track. This is obviously a short track that's flat. You combine the two and we were pretty good tonight. Our speedway program is a little bit off. We're working on it; we ruined our best truck at Texas in a practice accident. We built our new truck and it probably wasn't as good as that one. We've got to get our speedway program up, but to come back and now be five points out of the lead, suffering a 100-point deficit in the first race. The second race of the year, we went to Darlington and finished 30th or something with a blown engine. We had two DNF point finishes in a row and now to solider back to where we are, that's pretty incredible."

"When you've got that big of a lead and you can't see second place in your mirror, you don't want a restart. You don't want a caution. You don't want to see anybody in your rearview mirror, but we had a great transmission restart package. You could get down to the hammer and you wouldn't spin the tires; you could get accelerated. We kinda used the same philosophy at Milwaukee and even at New Hampshire there with the restarts. It's just to get away from the field to be conservative to get through 1 and 2 and then hammer from there and drive away from them. I tried to do that on every restart. The 2 truck did a good job of staying with us for a lap or two, but we were just too awesome tonight. We had the field pretty much covered and we were able to drive away at will."

"I have absolutely no idea, other than as a package, our team has gotten better. Last year, Power Stroke Diesel came on board halfway through the season. We were unsponsored and an under-funded team. The trucks we were racing were converted Dodge trucks. This year, we were able to build brand-new trucks. We've got three brand-new trucks and we're on a great motor program with Ernie Elliott engines. Last year, we bought engines. We actually purchased four engines from him. He just kept rebuilding them and never had a chance to update and make them as god as they could be. This year, we're on a full-blown engine program with him so we get a fresh motor at every track, so our motor program is covered. We hired new people. We got a lot of new personnel and our pit stops have been awesome all season long. So, you mix all that together, and myself and Bob Keselowski, the crew chief, we're clicking and we're just on right now. We've just got a great program going on right now."

"It's pretty important. Obviously, your sponsor puts up the big money, they do this race and this is a tradition here. This is the fourth annual Power Stroke Diesel 200, so even before I was affiliated with Power Stroke Diesel, we always enjoyed racing IRP. But to come here and this is my home track - I live 10 miles from this track in Pittsboro, Indiana - to have the home track, the home-court advantage, the sponsor is sponsoring the race, your flat track, short-track program is together. To come here and not win would actually have been a disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I'd been happy with a solid top-five finish, a good points day for us, but to come here and just dominate like we did today, that's pretty special. I've got the new president, the CEO, the CFO; we have all the money people here, so you've got to put on a good show for them tonight and keep them enthused."

"You do. We've got some great tracks here in the Midwest. We were able to win obviously at Milwaukee and here and Gateway. Those are some off my favorite track and I've said it all along that we've got some of my favorite tracks coming up - Richmond, Phoenix, Fontana. We've got some great tracks coming up for the Power Stroke Diesel team. I think that each and every week we just keep getting better and better as a team."

"That was a lot closer than I wanted it to be. The spotter kept saying, 'go high, go high.' I went down into the corner and they were spinning and there was smoke, I really couldn't see where anybody was. The thing that you fear most when you drive into an accident like that is not so much driving into somebody because you feel confident, but is the guy behind you slowing down? You don't have time to look in the mirror, look ahead and try to figure out what you're doing all at the same time. You're trying to downshift so that if you do see a hole you can throttle up and got out of it, so there's a lot going on there. Fortunately, when I poked through the smoke, I could see the guy and he just missed us."

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