Homestead: Winning team interview

MARK MARTIN -6-Scotts Ford F-150 (Finished 1st) "Well, to start with, this is the storybook ending, almost. This is the first segment. We lacked two feet last year of winning this race with Biffle beating us by two feet. It would be pretty ...

MARK MARTIN -6-Scotts Ford F-150 (Finished 1st)

"Well, to start with, this is the storybook ending, almost. This is the first segment. We lacked two feet last year of winning this race with Biffle beating us by two feet. It would be pretty incredible to be in contention again for that. This is sweet. Jack and I have done this a lot together and Sunday is our last chance, for a while anyway. You never know what'll happen in the future. I've seen a lot of crazy things happen over there.

Anyway, this is sweet. We had a huge effort from Mike Beam and from Roush-Yates engines. We had an incredible engine under that hood and all year long, and really good Ford trucks. It was really awesome to have Scotts come on board. I remember back in January testing, I had no plans at all of running Daytona, and we made the deal that if they'd sponsor us that I'd run Daytona. We got the pole and won the race, so that was a pretty good way to start it off. We've been on a roll all year with that thing. It's just pretty special. It's great people and great equipment and it's been a lot of fun."

JACK ROUSH -Team Owner

"I listen to Mark and I've learned things that sometimes that he says publicly that I haven't heard privately. I would look forward to negotiating with Mark for a return back to the Ford world and Roush Racing for anything that he would be interested in running for a championship. He's a championship man.

It's going to be pretty hard to win the Cup championship. I've held out hope that we would get this one done, but we've had several things happen and we were off a little on performance and we just didn't get the deal closed. Again, it's more my fault than his. But, 19 years we've been doing this in Busch cars, Cup cars. Of course, Cup cars first and then Busch cars and now trucks, and, of course, this year it was all three. To win the first race for the F-150, to win the last race with the F-150, and to win six races with the No. 6 truck, there's some kind of karma there. I'm not sure what all that means, but it's pretty special.

Mark is leaving Roush Racing, but he's not leaving Jack as a friend. We'll be friends as long as we live, I'm sure. It was a particular joy that we were able to share that here tonight with our friends from Ford. Ford had been through all their trials and tribulations, and they've done everything they could this year to support us by giving us parts for our engines and time in the wind tunnel for our aero, and, of course, helping with tooling where we needed to have things tooled to get competitive with what was happening in this series. Ford is very much a part of this, too, and we enjoy having them here since this was the Ford 200 tonight. It was awesome to share that with them.

I look forward to trying to make a run it win the race Sunday night, and I guess Mark will be taking tomorrow off. Are you sure you need to take tomorrow off? At any rate, it's been a great run. I'm not going to get a tear tonight, but certainly I can tear up. It's been real special, and it's been sad."


"I think it's great for Todd. I raced against all three of them and all three of them are fierce competitors. Coming from a guy who's never won one, I would have to say that they don't need a title to make them (Bodines) great. Geoff Bodine did tremendous things in this sport, as well as Brett. Todd has been phenomenal this year. I would like to point out that I think our truck was second in the owner's points. Mike Beam mentioned that we only missed the championship by 30 points with four different drivers. You might want to check those facts before writing them, but I'm very proud of Roush Racing in all. On that note, it was nice to see. Todd and those guys certainly earned it. I saw them sweat pretty hard for it.

In 2007, I'm not going to worry about points so much. It's been a long, hard road, and I would have to say, and with Jack's disappointment, maybe in the outcome of our year, one of my proudest moments was with five races to go, we were five points out. That was pretty special to me. All I wanted was a chance and we had a chance and things turned for the worse. I'm very proud of the effort that has been made by Roush Racing and especially by the 6 team all three years. The last three years have been phenomenal. We won't finish as high in the points this year as we did the other two years, so on paper it may not look as good, but believe me, the effort was spectacular. The effort was probably better than the last two. Sometimes the results don't show the true effort and sometimes the performance."


"That was a good way to do it. We were in a situation where we didn't have somebody from behind us really pestering us, so we were able to make it fun and exciting for the fans. I had to make sure that I made that pass without making a mistake. Brendan was rolling around the top really well, and he didn't need me wrecking into him, and I didn't need to mess up another truck like I did like a bonehead at Atlanta at the start of the race. I was being very careful with that pass, and it was a lot of fun. This race track has matured greatly, and it's a fantastic place to race. He was riding right up by the wall and I was right down on the white line, so I was just trying to figure out a way to get it done where I could do it clean and safe and not jeopardize either one of us."

"This is the best program that I think I've ever been involved in, with Mike Beam and all of the guys there. It has kept me awake at night quite a bit, the decision to not be able to continue in that truck. It's just an incredible opportunity to drive such fantastic equipment and work with such incredible people. For some reason, the chemistry really worked with Mike Beam and Hal (Rolston, engineer) and the guys between us. I think it's pretty cool, pretty exciting to drive the Wood Brothers truck next year, the No. 21. History means an awful lot to me. I knew those boys when I was a boy. When I first came in 1981, I was 21 years old and that's probably about what those boys were, too, if that. We've been around a long time and I've admired them, and this is our first chance to work together on any project and it's a real special honor and a real special opportunity for us to do something together. Between five and 10 (races in 2007 in the No. 21 Ford F-150), probably closer to 10 than five. We're just working on all of the details. They haven't secured sponsor for it, but they've made a commitment to do a minimum of five races. They're working right now. They're pretty close on some things and hopefully it will work out."


"Well, it would be real special to just win for Jack. I know everybody thinks it probably won't be, but this could be the last time that I ever win a NASCAR race, so the challenge is on. I'm faced with greater challenges going forward than I probably have been in many years because I'm interested in doing anything less that what we did tonight. That was some of the most fun that I've ever had and this is what it's all about. Some day it will come to end, but I hope it didn't come to an end tonight. This size, this shape of race track in this kind of equipment is a dream come true. I felt like I was 21 year old again out there tonight, and I'd like to latch on to that some in the future, so there's our challenge."

-credit: ford racing

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