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TEAM CHEVY SILVERADO ON THE TRACK: Dayne Pierantoni, GM Racing Silverado Program Manager, NCTS: "Wow, what can you say going into Homestead? With the unbelievable turn of events last Friday night in Phoenix it was really a roller coaster for...

TEAM CHEVY SILVERADO ON THE TRACK: Dayne Pierantoni, GM Racing Silverado Program Manager, NCTS: "Wow, what can you say going into Homestead? With the unbelievable turn of events last Friday night in Phoenix it was really a roller coaster for the KHI teams and for all of us at Chevrolet. I am not aware of another NASCAR points battle that has gone to the final event this close. With only three points separating Ron and Johnny it is a heads up battle to the end. There are still a few scenarios based on laps led where Ron could beat Johnny to the finish and not win the Championship so it will be imperative for both to run up front and lead laps. This is going to be exciting!

"If you want to compare numbers, on the 1.5 mile tracks Ron has won 3 and Johnny has won one (1) so I like our chances. But looking for the win, we can't forget about KHI's 2 truck. They have won two (2) of the last three (3) races and will have Kevin Harvick back in the driver's seat following his win in Phoenix last week. Hopefully this week's race will be a little less eventful than last week and we will see great racing all the way to the end.

"No matter how it turns out, I really have to thank our partners at KHI. Rick Ren and Ernie Cope have put together a great group of guys that really just want to win races. With eight Silverado wins between the two teams. They have done an incredible job all season long."


RON HORNADAY, NO. 33 CAMPING WORLD SILVERADO: "Nobody has the advantage anymore in this point battle. I think this championship is going to go to the guy that has the least amount of bad luck. I've been saying for the past few weeks that this thing is going to come down to Homestead and here we are. We're three points behind Johnny Benson, but I have all the confidence and faith in the world in Rick Ren (crew chief) and everybody at KHI. We know what we have to do and we just need to treat this week like it's just another race."

KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 2 AMERICAN COMMERCIAL LINES SILVERADO: "Miami is one of those race tracks that you don't know when it is going to stop aging. Every time we go there it loses a little grip, which is a good thing. Miami is one of my favorite race tracks since they repaved it. Just for the fact that you can move around and it is kind of hard to get a hold of. There are a lot of different places where you can make your car/truck work. For me it has been a lot of fun to race."

"I am looking forward to going to Homestead this week and racing in the NASCAR Truck Series again. The win at Phoenix last week was just another real boost for this team. It was nice to finally get a win in the truck after watching Ryan and Ron go out and win. Homestead is a pretty good track for me and I have had some great runs there in the Nationwide Series and Sprint Cup Series. I will be driving a newly rebuilt truck again this week, just like the one we drove last week on our way to my first Truck Series win this season. Everybody at the shop puts a lot of effort into this truck program for us, so I am confident that this truck will be good when we unload it."

"I feel good about their (Ron Hornaday, Jr. in championship battle) chances. The No. 33 team has worked hard all year long. It seems this entire season the battle between Hornaday and Benson has been up and down. One week one does well and the other does badly and then the other will do badly and the other will do well. Luckily, last weekend they synchronized their bad nights. I told Hornaday that there's got to be a lot easier way to shave three points off the lead than that. From the driver's seat watching your truck wreck that's racing for a championship on lap one and the other truck still running is not good. Luckily it worked out the way that it did. Things happen. That's why those guys, I can speak for Ron for sure, that's why he is where he is because he races hard every lap and really lays it all out there. It's going to come down to the last lap this weekend; hopefully we will be the one's celebrating at the end."

MATT CRAFTON, NO. 88 MENARDS SILVERADO: "These guys have worked their tails off all season for me, and I'm thankful. We've done some good things this season, and I'd like nothing better than to finish at Homestead with a win or a top-5 day. I love racing at Homestead; it's a great track; it's fast and wide, and you can run in multiple grooves. With the loss of grip at Homestead over the past few years, handling is that much more important. I think Homestead is unique in its own right, because of its high banks and speed. You can run pretty much all the way thru the race around the top side. You'll see guys running up against the wall the whole time, but it's wide enough that you can go to the bottom and pass. They just keep making improvements and making this track better. We have a lot to race for at Homestead; it's important that we finish strong and build on that momentum, because Daytona will be here before we know it."

DONNY LIA, NO. 81 NATIONRIDES.COM SILVERADO: "I have some experience at Homestead as I ran it last year. It was a lot to take in though as it was my first start on a 1.5-mile track. I definitely made some gains that day and learned quite a bit. Hopefully I can take what I learned there and apply this weekend. I am definitely optimistic going there this week as we are taking what we learned at Vegas, Atlanta and Texas and making some changes to our truck that should help my driving style."

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