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JON WOOD-50-Roush Racing Ford F-150 (Qualified 30th) "We're just fighting it; that's about it. We haven't been good since we unloaded and we need to use every minute of Happy Hour to get it turned around. Passing isn't a problem here, so it's...

JON WOOD-50-Roush Racing Ford F-150 (Qualified 30th)

"We're just fighting it; that's about it. We haven't been good since we unloaded and we need to use every minute of Happy Hour to get it turned around. Passing isn't a problem here, so it's not as big of a deal to start in the back, just when it comes to pick pit stalls. This track is pretty easy to work with people on, with it being so wide, but first we need to get the truck handling where we can pull around people and make the pass."

TERRY COOK-10-Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l Ford F-150 (Qualified 35th)

"We say it every week, we've got a good race truck, but for whatever reason, we go into qualifying mode and we're terrible. We're going to go to work on it. Qualifying is behind us. It doesn't really matter where you start, it's where you finish. We just didn't want to be back there too far, but it looks like we're going to be back there a little ways at any rate. We'll get ready for Happy Hour, but just knowing we have a good race truck is somewhat comforting. Obviously, something we need to work on during the off-season is our qualifying packages. Knowing that we're going to impound the trucks after a lot of qualifying sessions next year will probably help a ton. We just need to figure out how to make it qualify and race fast, and we'll work on that during the off-season."

HOW HAS THE TRACK AGED SINCE LAST YEAR AND HOW IS TIRE WEAR? "Tire wear is fine. The track seems to have a lot of grip. I think it's lost a little bit of grip from last year, but it still has a lot of grip. Right now, it seems like the track is getting slicker the hotter it gets. If you're loose you're just going to get looser, and if you're tight you're just going to get tighter. It doesn't means it's going to be looser for everybody, it just means the track is losing overall grip and everybody is starting to slip and slide around a bit, and that was our problem in qualifying."

WILL THERE BE TWO RACING GROOVES TOMORROW? "I definitely think so. I'd like to see the top groove move up a little bit and I think it will. Unfortunately, we're the first to race, and typically during the race is when it moves up so by the time the Busch race and the Cup race gets around here they should have a great three-groove track. Right now, I think we have a solid two-groove track."

CARL EDWARDS-99-Superchips Ford F-150 (Qualified 3rd)

"The guys did great and we've just got a great truck and a great team. The way we've been running lately, we're a championship-caliber team, it's just we didn't run this way the whole season. The Cup car has really been helping my Superchips team a lot, as far as getting that experience. Hopefully we can stay up there and lead a couple of laps, so this will be fun. The neat thing about this place is the way the banking varies from the bottom to the top, I think you'll see a lot like what we see at Atlanta and everybody will go into the corner and fan out and run three wide."

DID YOU GET EVERYTHING OUT OF THE TRUCK IN QUALIFYING? "I feel really good about that. I feel like the track has slowed down quite a bit and we went a tick faster than we did in practice, so I feel really, really good about it. The guys did an awesome job of getting everything and all of their little tricks to get it to go as fast as it would go because I thought it was a really slow lap. As comfortable as it felt and as slippery as the track felt, I didn't think it was going to be that fast."

HOW HAS THE TRACK AGED SINCE LAST YEAR? "I really like it. The only thing that's hard about it is that it's so perfect and seamless that you can't see the seams; you can't tell where the banking changes. A couple of times I found myself loosening it up by putting the left-front tire on the seam. You can't really see it and you can just feel it; it's that good."

TALK ABOUT YOUR MENTALITY ENTERING THE RACE GIVEN YOUR CURRENT STANDING IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP? "We're just going to try to win the race and cap off the season right for Superchips. The championship isn't going to be won or lost right here in this race. It's the whole season, but this race can be lost right here, so we're going to make sure not to do that."

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Craftsman Ford F-150 (Qualified 26th)

"They really built a race track here at Miami-Homestead Speedway. I have had some success here in both configurations. I've won here, and last year we led to the white flag and got beat by Hamilton on the last lap. You can race here and have a good time and showcase the talents of your team. It takes the total package to win here. It's a good race track here and we hope the Circle Bar Ford sponsored by Real Tree Outdoors can get up front tomorrow. Maybe we can sneak up on them with this camouflage paint scheme."

TALK ABOUT YOUR QUALIFYING RUN. "My truck was a little tight. If you can tell what you're truck is doing and know how to adjust it, you know what killed off some speed and I think that's what hurt me a little bit. It's a good effort and it's a little bit better than what we did last week, so we'll just keep trying to get better at it."

GREG BIFFLE-44-Newspapers In Education Ford F-150 (Qualified 24th)

"That was pretty near to being flat out. I just lifted a little bit in the corners to kind of set the nose. We just need a little more time to work at it and we'll get it a little better."

HOW ARE THE TRACK CONDITIONS RIGHT NOW? "Right now the track isn't very slick, but with new tires you'll always think there's a lot of grip. We'll see in Happy Hour what it's like, and it might get a little slick. There will probably be a lot of three-wide racing in the corners tomorrow because the corners are real wide, and you'll need good grip to get the trucks to stick."

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