GM Racing LMS test notes 2005-04-27

Silverado Drivers Test New Surface at Lowe's Motor Speedway Notes and Quotes From NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Testing CONCORD, NC -- Chevrolet Team Silverado drivers Jack Sprague, Ron Hornaday and David Starr along with Bobby Labonte were...

Silverado Drivers Test New Surface at Lowe's Motor Speedway
Notes and Quotes From NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Testing

CONCORD, NC -- Chevrolet Team Silverado drivers Jack Sprague, Ron Hornaday and David Starr along with Bobby Labonte were among the first drivers to make laps on the new surface at Lowe's Motor Speedway. Labonte was testing the No. 47 Chevrolet All Star Silverado his Joes Gibbs Racing teammate Tony Stewart will drive in the May 20th Quaker Steak and Lube 200 for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

Track management recently completed a process called levigation. In layman's terms, the track has been polished smooth which will give it more adhesion. Officials expect to see a second racing grove that will create more side-by-side racing.

Although testing was cut short by rain, Team Silverado drivers were able to get some laps under green conditions.

Jack Sprague, No. 16 Chevy Trucks Silverado:

"It's hard to tell if it will create more side-by-side racing, we only were able to run 6 laps before the rain came, hopefully we will be able to run some more and get a better idea. I'm going to say what I think, which always gets me in trouble, but I like the way it was. The bump gave it character, now there's no bump. It's got huge grip, wide open like Texas, Atlanta and California; I like a little slip in it. Now it's got a lot of grip, and you can run wide open. The side-by-side deal remains to be seen. If the bottom stays as grip-y as it is right now it will be fast than the second lane. I think there's a lot of grip up top also...I just like it how it was before. The big bumps used to make you lift and now you don't have to, and before you would slide around, I would rather be sliding around, because the track has character then and as it's going the track will have a lot of grip, but that could change by race time."

Ron Hornaday, No. 6 GM Goodwrench Silverado:

"It's going to be really good racing, hopefully up on the top groove. Up in 1 and 2 it's normally tough to drive, but now it's fine. With it being smooth, it's going to create more racing. I was a little nervous about it being ground, that it was going to be a cookie cutter track, but it still has it's characteristics like Charlotte always has had. It has defiantly increased the speeds."

David Starr, No.75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado:

"There is a ton of grip out there, back when we came from the truck race last year, it was a great race, 1 an 2 you are defiantly on the bottom and 3 and 4 you are bottom and up top you can run high and you can run low. It's just great racing here at Lowe's Motor Speedway whether you are in a Busch, Cup or NASCAR Craftsman Truck. One thing about growing and watching racing on TV you always here about the "Humpy Bumps", I didn't realize how big the "Humpy Bumps" were until you come here and race here. So last year, we won the pole, but I learned to get through the "Humpy Bumps", and now when we come back to test here today, the "HB" are gone.

They are still there, I was just talking to my crew chief, Dave McCarty, you still have to arc it in, before you had to arc it in, you drive into tune 3 as deep as you can possibly drive it and then you have to get the vehicle cut down with you left side tires underneath where the "HB" where, there is a mark where they where, cause there is concrete there. We only got 9 laps in, but you still need to get your left side tires under where the "HB" where. It's really much faster with way more grip. There are still a lot of the characteristics you had with the "HB" still here today, but It's going to make it, how ya'll ground the track, and how much grip it has it's going to make one heck of a race no matter what series. There's grip down low, and the "HB", if you don't get through the "HB" you would lose control a little bit, but now you can drive right through them, so that's going to be great. And now there is a lot of grip up top, I think everything you've done to the race track is great; I can't find anything negative about it.

You have a groove that goes from the apron to the wall; you have just made it where it's four grooves instead of last year when we ran here it was two and a half grooves. With just little laps we've had here, there is jus a ton of grip here.

With the "HB" gone before you would hit them and you could lose control of your truck and someone could pass you, but now you can go right over them and stay on the gas, before you would have to let off the gas going over them, and it's going to be a great race. I think what you have done with the track will make it better racing, and I never would have thought you could make the racing any better here at Charlotte, because it's already so darn good. It's going to be more competitive.

It would have completely changed the track if you would repave it, but now that you ground it, it still maintained the characteristics of the "HB". I love Charlotte; I love the "HB".

Bobby Labonte No. 47 Chevrolet All Star Silverado:

"It's obviously faster, and more grip and when they ground it, it created more side-by-side racing. I have a date with Lowe's Motor Speedway the next two Tuesday's after this, I'm testing today, then in a Busch car and in a Cup car. Obviously with the twelve laps I ran we couldn't get a whole lot of information, but for myself I'm making metal notes. As for the No. 47 truck team, I'm not able to help them out yet, at least not until we get more laps on the track. As for pulling out and testing today, I'll have that much more information for next week, it's that much more information in my head. It's not as smooth as I thought it would be, it's smoother, but not as smooth as I thought. It needs to have some character."

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